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In Venezuela

Things have stabilized. The Socialist dictatorship has not sent the army to kill the opposition because of dire warnings from both the US and Russia.

You never know when that may change, but for the moment, Maduro hasn’t accepted exile in Russia and the newly formed and recognized government has not been able to gain the traction necessary to oust Maduro and his band of thugs.

There are politicians in the USA that really want to turn the nation into a bad carbon copy of Venezuela. Riches to rags can turn them a quick buck and living out the rest of your life in Switzerland, spending what you were able to steal, watching your former country collapse appeals to them. None of them have American hearts.

The Green New Deal
Sometimes when people sit around a bar and drink shots, the talk gets outrageous and the more alcohol is consumed, the more crazy it gets. I think that’s how the Green New Deal came to pass. A bunch of progs drinking box wine and peyote had a bad reaction to the combination.

Kimberly Stossel (WSJ) By the end of the Green New Deal resolution (and accompanying fact sheet) I was laughing so hard I nearly cried. If a bunch of GOPers plotted to forge a fake Democratic bill showing how bonkers the party is, they could not have done a better job. It is beautiful. #GreenNewDeal

Eliminating air travel was a fun development that didn’t fly with the Hawiians. Sen Mazie Hirono (D-HI) on Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal & trying to eliminate air air travel. “That would be pretty hard for Hawaii.” No problem, if you want to see Hawaii, take a sail boat.
In fact much of the Green New Deal works to eliminate industrial society by taking things back to the 1800’s, all the while, establishing a socialist state with strict government control on everything. In exchange for giving up your freedom, they’ll “take care of you”. And that always works out, doesn’t it?
How good is the Green Deal? Spartacus Booker supports it. That sealed it for me.

The Progressive Movement 

In order for the progressive movement to work, everything you do needs to be controlled and managed by government. Everything you buy needs to be measured and metered to insure that it meets with the current standard of political correctness. All law is fungible, which means that the “living Constitution” needs to change with the whim of the day. And ignorance of the current trend (which is the law) is no excuse. Fortunately, you can go to a re-education camp and can be taught to love Big Brother, if you’re not too old. If you’re old, which means unproductive as the State views it, you fall into the ‘death panel’ category as the ObamaCare plan envisioned it. Denial of medication, denial of care until you die. Then you can be cremated and somebody else can live in the government apartment where you once resided.

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot
stamping on a human face – forever.” (Orwell)

Slaves are never armed by their masters, their betters. So you must be disarmed. If history teaches nothing else (Wounded Knee), you can’t retain the ability to defend yourself. If you retain that capacity, the government (which loves the little people like you) must neutralize you, because you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.
Example: It’s very progressive to wear a Che shirt in honor of a mass murderer. It’s not progressive to wear a shirt that says, “Make America Great”.
And now for the comic relief – 

37 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. The critical question remains: how many Che T-shirt wearing idiots vote compared to how many MAGA hat wearers show up at the polls.

    In 2018, Che was chique. In 2020, now that these Che T-shirt wearers are facing the impending loss of their Quarter Pounders with Cheese, their Chevrolet Chevelles and their Cancun tickets, that might prove different. That, and the MAGA hat wearing no-shows in 2018 may get up off the couch this time around and protect their Big Macs, their GTO's and their European vacations.

  2. They call it progressive and yet they'd take us back to that? I always thought progressive meant making progress not a return to the technology of a previous century. On the other hand I do admit a fondness for 19th century firearms. Last weekend a man brought a Model 1881 Marlin and a Whitney-Kennedy rifle, both of early 1880's vintage, to the range where I'm an RSO and allowed me to try them. Great fun. And you may be surprised how slick and fast a Model 1873 Winchester is.

  3. No more airplanes, no more automobiles, no more horses — so we're all afoot. No more homes that aren't government compliant, no need to work – just wait all month for that allotment. No need to raise food. It will raise itself. You're going to need a couple big windmills on your Texas ranch to keep you warm during the winter because no more burning a fire of any sort in the fire place. In fact, I'm sure that owning a fire place will be a felony. You'll have to brick it up.

    You'll just be sitting in your government apartment in the inner city, freezing under quilts as you starve to death, hoping for a chunk of free cheese. That's what the Democrats promise. And there will be a lot of fools who say, "THAT"S FOR ME!"

  4. I choose to own primitive firearms. I have a Brown Bess musket, and a couple of black powder rifles. I've hunted with all of them with mixed results. All can be lethal given the parameters of what they were designed to do. The Bess, for example, was a volley fire infantry weapon and you need to aim (hunting) using the rear tang screw and the bayonet lug.

    I own an OLD 1873 Winchester 44/40. When I acquired it (for free), it had a bulge in the barrel, so it's more for looking at. But the action is slick and fast and you could put a lot of firepower out very quickly.

  5. The Bess is an interesting arm that was issued from the early 18th to well into the 19th century. As you stated, it was a volley arm and the British army trained to get off four shots a minute, an incredible rate at the time. I understand versions of it were manufacture into the early 20th century for use by inhabitants of 3rd world countries and now we have reproductions.
    You may want to look into a restoration of that old '73. With a bulged barrel it's likely its collectability is minimal. Rebarrelling may be all that's needed to return it to service, or there are folks who will make it look new. It is, of course, up to you

  6. "THAT"S FOR ME!"

    Too bloody right, which is the really scary part.

    I recall a bit from the series "The Beast" starring Patrick Swayze. His character remarks words to the effect that the worst thing is "..what people can get used to". That line has always stuck with me.

  7. "In exchange for giving up your freedom, they'll 'take care of you'."

    Yeah, just like the UK "took care of" those people in the Grenfells Tower.

    Around here in Rhode Island, a lot of us older folks miss the days when the Mafia ran the place lock, stock, and barrel. Nobody in the State House ever seems to reflect on the idea that doing a worse job than organized crime is a bad thing, somehow.

    At least when Joey Knuckles and Vito the Shiv "took care of you", it was reasonably quick and clean… unless you were asking for it, or something.

  8. Not to imply that I haunt prepping web sites, but it strikes me that I have seen little to no mention of the Foxfire book series. I have book #5 which contains (among other useful info) instructions on how to make your own black powder. It's not for everyone. It involves soaking quantities of chicken poop, then running the liquid through stove ashes, to produce crystals of potassium nitrate.

    As to your 1873 Winchester, you might consider someone who does custom reloading. Have them load some ammo with hollow base lead bullets. If the barrel bulge is not too bad, you may be happily surprised by how well it will shoots.

    I have been casting and hand loading 44-40 since 1978.

  9. All you Brown Bess owners, better cement those memories of your FORMER firearms in your brain. Although the Green New Deal did not mention them, you better believe the authors of that 9th grade C- essay will certainly do away with those. Can't have the masses interfere with the enforcement efforts of their cow Nazis, their Airplane police and their Jack Booted Power Wagon haters. Uh uh, none of that.

    Your beloved smell of black power in the morning will be a fading memory, once these socialists start on setting things 'right.'

  10. Correction: powder, not power. Black power is the subject of a different discussion….

    Fat fingers Fredd

  11. I like the Green New Deal for its Year Zero clarity. The future?

    A rainbow wellie stamping on your face forever in downtown Austin.

  12. None of them have American hearts.

    They should be permanently exiled.

    Preferably on an ice floe…..

  13. It's the cooked frog scenario. If you drop a frog in boiling water, it hops out. If you heat the water slowly, the frog is cooked. The Progs/Dems have been heating the water for two generations now, you could argue three. They were hoping for the big pay off in the form of a totalitarian government, but they were screwed out of their victory by the 'deplorable' people who elected President Trump.

    There's still a plan, and they still have made significant progress. It's up to us to do or not do.

  14. I have the Foxfire series. It's excellent.

    My 1873 would need new parts except for the action in order to be functional. The magazine has a dent in it. You could load 4 or 5 rounds but no more than that, etc. I think that it will end up on the wall.

    In the world of lever actions, the Marlin 45/70 is more in line with where I'm headed.

  15. The Federal Govt./IRS did a RICO case against organized crime in Reno, NV and the Mustang Ranch brothel was seized because of its money laundering activities.

    The IRS took over the operation of the whore house and lost money. I don't know about you, but NOBODY could run a whore house for a lost except for the federal government.

    They ended up bringing back the previous owners to manage it so that the tax payers didn't loose their shirts.

    It's the same thing you mentioned.

  16. I would go into the shoe business in anticipation of the New Green Deal, but the government would take it from me without reimbursement, so why bother. We can all go bare foot.

  17. China will build an airport on a reef outside the US and Americans will paddle over to take airplanes to whatever destination.

  18. He moved it to Cuba.

    Now will the Cubans take it all and put him up against a pockmarked wall Che style? Maybe. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

  19. ELIMINATE MUSHY PEAS. They're wrong, just wrong. Even bringing up mushy peas is disgusting. It's like broccoli smothered in BBQ sauce…wrong.

  20. They can build a Death Camp on the same island for the "customers" whose Party Stooge Index isn't high enough to be allowed to buy airplane tickets; efficient!

    Two lines, no waiting!

  21. Just spitballin' as it is only Monday here… Maybe we could get Venezuelan presidente Maduro to step down peacefully by inviting him to run in the Democrat party primary in this country… he would feel at home and people would willingly send him money to keep him in the lavish life he is accustomed to while sycophants heap praise upon his failed ideas for socialiste utopia…

  22. Actually it appears he moved it to Turkey:

    No doubt he was afraid socialist Raul would redistribute it to . . . Raul.

    As Andrew Wilcow says, "Socialism is for the people, not the socialist".

  23. It's said Herb Parsons shot the coin in Winchester '73. I've wanted one for a while now.
    A while being since I've seen that movie the first time. And the 10th time.

  24. "You'll just be sitting in your government apartment in the inner city, freezing under quilts as you starve to death, hoping for a chunk of free cheese. "
    I saw that scene in Dr Zhivago.
    In fact, that entire movie seemed to be an example of all that could go wrong.

  25. That's not what Aunt Sally says. Mushy peas and BBQ smothered broccoli are what she calls delicacies. The trick is to freezer burn them first before serving, she says.

  26. Is there any infidel that a good Muslim is bound to respect? I think that Turkey would be every bit as bad of a choice as Cuba.

  27. Aunt Sally prepares the best food in the best way because it's how she shows her family that she cares. The chop suey (or is it chopped suet?) covered in chocolate sauce makes a fine snack for those with discerning taste?

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