Winter is Coming

Just a few miles north, across the border, in Utah.  The mountains don’t care about your personal success or failure, they’re just mountains. They make good neighbors.


Washington State Voting Behavior

(Gateway Pundit) It’s more or less the same thing that they are doing in California to insure that all elections are stolen/rigged for all time, or until the politicians are run out of town on a rail.

A recent election review training in Seattle, Washington has revealed several unbelievable voter procedures – including accepting a candidate’s name that is written on a napkin as a write-in ballot – which has left many people questioning how the state could possibly conduct free and fair elections with such lax measures in place.

Video of the training session that was posted online shows King County election officials reviewing examples of ballots that were filled out incorrectly, and it turns out they will accept just about anything as a valid vote.


Off with the Pixies

(From Sky News, AUS)

“The Charisma of a wet sock”


Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover


FBI Raids in Colorado

Mesa County Colorado Clerk Tina Peters knew that the Colorado Secretary of State was most likely committing a crime when she ordered voting machines cleaned of 2020 Election results earlier this year.  So Tina Peters made a backup of Mesa County’s 2020 voting machines.

Last Tuesday Tina Peters’ home was raided by the FBI. The Secret Police – FBI is now going after Tina for preserving the evidence of alleged election fraud in Colorado.

The FBI said that the purpose of the raid was to provide safekeeping for the records…yeah.

This is the country we live in. These are our times.


Scratch-built anti-material rifle used by Anti-junta rebel forces in Myanmar.


The New Honda Business Jet

Here is a pic of the HondaJet. What do you think of this unique design bizjet?


    • Yes, it does now you mention it. My concern would be comfort both flying in the cockpit and back in the cabin. It looks to be narrow. That may be an illusion. You can color me spoiled, but even a King Air seems a little cramped for me, so there is bias on my part. I wonder if the seats in the cabin are staggered & possibly swivel after take-off to allow passengers room? I haven’t researched this particular aircraft that much, just took the rollout as a matter of notice. There is a significant market for smaller and less expensive executive jets as corporate profits soar.

  1. The new HondaJet base price is $5.5 million and it cost between $1850-2450 per hour to operate it. With the higher per hour cost it is almost half of what a Gulfstream G450 costs per hour to operate. The G450 does have further range, a higher cruising speed, and can be configured for 4 more seats.

    A comparable Lear is a bit more expensive than the Gulfstream and the Cessna is a little less. Owning a new jet is getting cheaper but you still need to be very wealthy to do so.

    • Ok, I spend the $2 on a lotto ticket and win, they give me a check (after taxes) for 150 million dollars. I go down to the Honda dealer, write a check and buy a business jet.

      Then I need to learn to fly it and take the time to stay current or hire someone to do the driving for me…. when I want to go somewhere. How hard is it to hire a crew for a personal business jet? Do I need someone for full time sitting around 9-5 (in case I want to go somewhere) or can I call a business jet support company and hire someone as needed?

      I think these questions need to be answered before I spend the $2 on a lotto ticket as I’m leaving the grocery store… 🙂

      (The smile emoji because I’ve found that the big smile on my face as I type this doesn’t carry the feeling of humor very well when I do this over the internet).

      • I guess that you could hire LSP as your pilot (God his co-pilot). He isn’t licensed, it would be one of those “Jesus take the wheel” landings. But it might work.

      • I have a friend who’s girlfriend is a pilot for a family that owns a Gulfstream.
        She is on call (with advance notice). But when she is off she’s free to do what she wants.

        • I have a friend, an enlisted Navy diver, took an Army aviation commission, flew C-12’s. I’ve posted pictures here on the blog him, me, and the C-12. Anyway, he flys the jet for Texas A&M. Good job.

  2. Mesa, CO- When the Dems control the statehouse, from Denver, turning the place into some whacko Lefty utopia with them as rulers over all they see, and don’t like what you’re doing to expose their election fraud, this is the result. Cheating is in their DNA. Ms. peters wasn’t backing down, was doing her job, had the goods on their felonious activity…so they bring in the feds. The local news lies about her as some crazed nutjob Trump-ette.

    First thought seeing the HindaJet? Ironman. Great paint job and lines.

    • Since taking office, our current Secretary of State has had a 200% turnover in staff. She’s getting rid of anyone with a shred of integrity, IMO.

        • WSF, you should go tranny female and apply, make sure to self-identify as black. You’d get the job and Banner could be your service dog.

          • Sorry, no can do. I’d rather be a SP5 at a Viet Cong Reville than be in the same room with Griswald.

  3. HondaJet looks like a prop model from the Ultraman TV show. Especially with that color scheme. I’ll be disappointed if the flight crew isn’t wearing yellow uniforms with black piping along the trouser seams.

  4. Breaking News: CNN, the most trusted name in news, just admitted that no firearm crossed state lines, a phrase that has been repeated like a mantra during all these months. The rifle was kept and secured at his father’s house, which was in Kenosha, where Kyle Rittenhouse worked.

    CNN has not admitted that not one of the career criminals or child rapists Kyle shot in self-defense were negros. The child rapist who threatened young Mr. Rittenhouse with death, had the habit of targeting a single mother with small children for seduction, so as to gain access to her little boys for anal rape. This man was declared a hero, martyr, and honorary negro by CNN.

  5. I would be interested in the reasoning behind the engine placement. In terms of area ruling they are right where they ought to be, but the pylon mount would seem to complicate plumbing and structural complexity. Could it just all be styling?

    • From Wiki: It uses two engines mounted on pylons above the wing, a configured called Over-The-Wing Engine Mount, or OTWEM, by Honda Aircraft.[65] This configuration maximizes cabin space by removing the structure required to mount engines on the rear of the fuselage.[3] A similar over-wing engine configuration was used in the 1970s on the VFW-Fokker 614, but had limited the aircraft’s speed due to interference between the engine and the wing.[66][67] This, along with the overall commercial failure of the VFW-Fokker 614, made the over-wing configuration unpopular with aircraft designers.[67][68][69] To avoid these issues, the HondaJet’s designer used computer analysis and wind tunnel testing to find the optimal position for engine placement on top of the wings, which he determined was at 75 percent of the wing chord.[66] The HondaJet’s engines are positioned in such a way that the airflow over the wing is superimposed with the airflow around the engine to minimize wave drag at high speed.[70] The HondaJet designer calls this “favorable interference.”[68] This configuration not only eliminated the problems associated with earlier over-wing engine mounts, but actually reduced wave drag compared to a conventional rear-fuselage mounted configuration.[68] OTWEM configuration is often named the most unusual feature of the HondaJet.[9]

    • Substanial reduction in noise and vibration in the cabin, as well as it allows for more useable space inside the cabin.

  6. So, the AMR is made from the barrel of a HMG ?
    That guy looks weirdly happy for someone in Burma… I mean, yes, he has a giant rifle. But still, Burma…


    • You’d need to have a pistol like that to go IN the book in the first place and we know that in Old Blighty, they’re nervous about a butter knife unless you’re a Sikh. Then you can carry a big damned knife.

  7. I’ve lived near the ocean, and now I live near the mountains. They both have a majesty of their own, but the mountains give me a much different feeling. These days I prefer the mountains. When I was younger it was the ocean.

    Voting fraud has become the new normal. Just lower your expectations accordingly…

    Great book. A friend had a similar one, but it was called “Prepare To Meet God”.

  8. The left/FBI are out of control… But nothing new… sigh The HondaJet is a four seater in the back, 2 facing forward, 2 facing aft with a ‘table’ between them. It’s NOT a big bird in the back. 5 feet wide, and 4′ 10″ high. So you’ll need to shower before you fly, otherwise your seatmate will be sharing your BO…

  9. I would like a cookbook like that, that comes with a recipe like that.
    The anti-materiel gun looks like something out of Star Wars.
    Love the mountain wall photo.
    And voting is quite depressing in this country.

    You all be safe and God bless.

    • Yes, I’ve been following that as well. They seem to be quite a way from becoming SpaceX but if they have value-added, they’ll succeed.

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