President Trump announces Bahrain joining UAE in normalizing ties with Israel

Today, the White House announced that Bahrain is joining the United Arab Emirates in normalizing ties with Israel.

In a phone call between President Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Bahrain’s King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, Israeli and Bahraini leaders agreed to establish full diplomatic relations between the two countries.


Over the last two weeks, the White House has been pressing Bahrain to follow the UAE, which announced last month that it would open full diplomatic relations with Israel.

The deal is a win for the Trump administration and the American people as well as Israel. Steadily improved relations in the Gulf, largely due to mutual antipathy toward Iran is driving the initiative. Saudi Arabia is a tougher nut to crack because of the Wahabbists, but they are leaning in the same direction.

The Obama-Biden years oversaw chaos in the Middle East and the Trump (first term) saw a stark reversal of that trend.

Israeli PM Netanyahu thanked President Trump, saying in a statement that “it took Israel 26 years to reach peace with a third Arab country – the United Arab Emirates. Now it took 29 days to reach peace with a forth Arab country – Bahrain.” The Israeli prime minister added that more normalization agreements with other Arab countries will follow.

Will the Nobel Committee grant President Trump his Peace Prize?


  1. I doubt if a peace prize or any other prize is ever awarded to Trump.

    But he knows, and so do a lot of people, of what he has done.

    And that’s what matters.

    • The Left are some of those people, and they hate him for it. A good number of those on the Left are actually Rhinos, and in addition to hating him for his accomplishments, they also hate him for exposing their true natures and allegiances.

      • The Atlantic Monthly is calling for an end to the Nobel Peace Prize, saying that it no longer serves a useful purpose.

        Funny, they didn’t say that when the gawky, unqualified Democrat received it for being 1/2 black.

    • Whatever he sets his mind too…almost like child’s play to him (but clearly with a serious amount tireless work)…all the while tossing slight of hand tweets out to keep his detractors out in left field thinking they are hamstringing him. Just the nominations are enough for him, winning is winning, even without the ribbon.

    • Yes, liberals are moaning in fetal positions, rocking back and forth, sucking their thumbs in fear that the Orange Man would receive the award.

  2. Pretty much any award these days is just a mutual admiration society superlative, for the Eloi to pass around among themselves. Trump is not in that circle, it is possibly the best thing about him.


    • No he’s not, which would make a win all the more profound. I don’t think that he will receive it unless Hell Freezes over (the way it did when the Eagles got back together). But it would be sweet.

  3. It’s always interesting to speculate how things will fare for the donkeys after four more years of President Trump with supermajorities in both houses of Congress and a Trump Supreme Court.

      • It could happen.

        There are Republicans who suggest that after Biden loses, the US Military will depose President Trump in a coup. Chatter. There are generals whose business is killing people who are upset that the endless wars are coming to a conclusion. But would they do that, just to get back in the business of endless war?

    • Well if you toss a coin with war on one side and peace on the other… There is a lot of prophecy, and there are smart people who are paid to read the bird entrails, and some of us who are neither paid nor are prophetic can see ‘signs’. I edge on the side of ‘cautious optimism’ with a full basement of food, ammo and a well sitting on full aquifer.

      • indeed, as do i. if you predict rain every day you’ll be right once in a while. given a long enough timeline, everyone’s chances of survival are zero. my time grows short, i’d like one last blaze to go out on, knee deep in hot brass.

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