Summer of Discontent

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I’ve heard and read Democratic Party punidts railing on the American voters for being so stupid as to become independents, or not to support their champions obama/Reid/Pelosi. However the obvious truth is that Democrats who voted for hope and change were betrayed.


Only 18% have confidence in the federal government; 13% have confidence in the news media; 12% have confidence in large corporations; 10% have confidence in the financial industry; and only 9% have confidence in Congress. In fact, the numbers for the media and Congress are the lowest percentages for those institutions in the history of the poll. The only institution that saw its numbers go up? The automobile industry, which went from 13% confidence in Jan. 2009 to 19% in this poll.
Democratic Party Leadership struggles for “the answer”. The President of the United States claimed in a speech last week that people treat him like a dog. I’m not sure what that means. He does shake hands, beg, speak, etc. What he should be doing is reading the teleprompter and not saying anything that his keepers don’t tell him to say.
One of the big Democratic fight-back strategies is to use the terror that, “Republicans want to take away your Social Security benefits.” The problem with that is that the Social Security program is bankrupt and putting it off for another four years without reforms only means that when it crashes, it will crash bigger because nobody’s paying attention. They can’t say anything about Medicare because they stripped and looted the Medicare program to fund the wildly unpopular ObamaCare that will be repealed and ‘fixed’ with a more common sense solution to the healthcare problem.
The Summer of Recovery, wasn’t. It only serves to underscore the profound damage that liberal and so-called “progressive” theories of government can do. Americans want things to improve and the only way to make that happen is to run government RESPONSIBLY. I admit that the old Republican Party failed. Perhaps by booting RINO’s and pseudo conservatives from office, we can see an improvement in the situation in the US.

7 thoughts on “Summer of Discontent

  1. Perhaps, PERHAPS, he's treated like a dog because he keeps lifting his leg and pissing all over America. I'm just saying…

  2. This has been the worst summer in America since the Great Depression, LL.

    No matter how many time bho and his minions try to lie and say otherwise, I hope voters aren't THAT stupid to believe them this time.

  3. Hoping — obama needs to be house trained. And perhaps the upcoming House of Representatives can take a newspaper to him when he's bad.

    Amusing — it's been a very rough summer for all of us.

  4. This is so funny!!!! They are still blaming Bush two years after he left office and four years of a Democratic controlled Congress…unbelievable! Sorry, but at this point the Democrats are responsible for the situation in this country. They own it now.

  5. I wish Obama would "man-up" and quit blaming Bush. Hell, if I was married to Michelle…I'd blame her fat ass!

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