Do Liberal Women Age Poorly?

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I tried to think of the most liberal women in the news lately and wondered if they would look just as good without professional make-up artists and thousands of dollars in clothing and accessories. My only question is whether or not you’d recognize them pushing a shopping cart through WalMart?

Barbara Streisand would make a train 
take a dirt road to get away from her.
Katie Couric (ABC NEWS) looks like 
an old crone with or without make-up.
Maria Shriver reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s character in “The Shining”.
She might be a zombie. I’m not saying that she is, just that she might.

10 thoughts on “Do Liberal Women Age Poorly?

  1. They think such awful thoughts it ages them. They have picked the berries, now they must wear them.

  2. innominatus — I believe that a frog's butt IS watertight.

    WoFat — Yeah, I'm thinking Portrait of Dorian Grey for those liberal women who still look good.

    Kid — You're right, beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes clear to the bone.

  3. LL, I just found that Barbara Streisand photo the other day. I was going to do something with it, but I do so like what you've done here. I guess "caring" so much just totally drained them.

  4. Odie — you could still slip into your "people of WalMart" line-up and see if anyone recognizes her.

    I think that when you're a self-centered troll that it ooozes out and we can see the results.

    There are more, of course. Oprah looks like somebody put out a fire on her face with a wet chain without her make-up and the cat buried her in the sandbox. But as you say, that's likely the result of caring so much.

  5. I have studied and studied the photo of Barbara Streisand. The conclusion is inevitable. She look like a shit sandwich.

  6. The unkindness inherent (let alone the misogyny) in your photographs and remarks boggles the mind. Where are the dreadful photos of Sean Penn and Tim Robbins? Morons.

  7. It's been a long time since I revisited this particular blog post, Richard. If you scroll through subsequent entries, you'll find that I treat liberal men just as shabbily.

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