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How dare the NFL build stadium walls to keep fans that haven’t paid for a ticket from entering the game. TEAR DOWN THAT WALL…


About half of the FBI special agents who I worked with and around reminded me of Strzok. Now he is the face of America’s FBI. Justice or karma (or both)?
I’m not saying that they’re all arrogant, corrupt, liars who work hard to take down an American president. But the pattern that has emerged of the FBI covering up in front of Congress has one of those disturbing vibes. Doesn’t it?
Strzok and his mistress engaging in pillow talk about how they will stop one candidate in favor of another. And the FBI’s institutional practice of NOT recording interviews so that they can write down what they THOUGHT that you might have said should give the nation pause.

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  1. The arrogance he displayed while testifying in front of a Congressional committee astounds me. His open contempt for the people's representatives tells me how he, and his colleagues, view us mere peasants.

  2. I like the NFL sentiment. Heh heh. Take a spoonful of your most foul hypocrisy.

    As to Strzok, what a piece of work. I'm glad the nation got a glimpse of his true nature.

  3. I wonder why the D choose to use their best politicians to support Strzok when he obviously not add any value to FBI rather the opposite. It kind of looks like the D want to control FBI and use it in a similar way that IRS operated.

  4. They are your betters, and they expect you to acknowledge that — seriously. The FBI is at the very core of the deep state.

  5. Strzok hates the president. The Dems and the media support that hatred in any way that it manifests itself.

  6. It's an ugly thing isn't it?

    Welcome to the FBI and the deep state. At its essence, it's precisely why America elected President Trump.

  7. I was only able to watch a few minutes of that hearing. Any longer and I would have had to replace my TV. Darn things tend to fail with 9MM holes in 'em.

  8. You keep hearing that Strzok didn't represent the majority of "good" FBI agents.
    The Obamas and Strzoks have been hiring, firing and promoting for 10 years now.

  9. how do we fix this? I want to fire everybody over gs9 and start over, but that won't fly. hell, we can't even get sessions to do his job much less fix the fbi. I'd say revolution but they have a bad habit of going awry.

  10. FBI Special Agents start at GS11. I don't think that there are many GS9's at FBI, with the exception of janitorial staff (who require security clearances).

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