The Democratic Party’s Message to America

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Americans are worn out by politicians in general, but in particular the Democrats, who have been the party of “vote for the bill, don’t bother reading it” for the past two years. Most Americans are tired of the worn out socialist message of obama, who can’t seem to figure it out.

Whether or not the Republicans are up to the task of assertively and honorably defending America for the next to years (and beyond) remains to be seen.

3 thoughts on “The Democratic Party’s Message to America

  1. I was worried (and still am a bit) that we would just be trading one set of idiots for another come election day. I'm starting to feel a little better about that, though.

    Not that I don't think that many Republicans will be tempted to pat themselves on the back after getting into office and do nothing to forward our goals beyond that. I just think there's a new energy among real conservatives that's sending the message that just because you have an R by your name doesn't mean you're safe from us. I think (and hope) that there is sufficient determination among tea-party members and other concerned conservatives and "independents" to hold Republican's feet to the fire just as much as they did Democrats and Liberals.

  2. I see obama today in the 'news' saying the republicnas are standing in the way of his economic plans.

    obama is going to need to explain how the hc bill got rammed up our ass without one repub voting for it if republicans have the power to 'stand in the way'.

  3. The old Democratic Party ploys of racism and class warfare are starting to wear thin with most americans and will not help them this fall. Now is the time to vote the bums out of congress and stop the Obama agenda dead in its tracks!

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