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** From BRM – The Future of Warfare is Devastation… Col McGregor discusses his vision of future warfare. He’s right, of course, but warfare has always meant devastation. To borrow from Hollywood: Question “What is best in life?” Answer “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women.”

** CDR Sal: Remarks by Commander Salamander before the Congressional Research Service, Defense Breakfast Seminar, Wednesday, 22 March 2023. It’s worth reading.

** In Russia (h/t Claudio) – The number of military-age men coming of age is falling rapidly because of a low birth rate. There are also long-used methods to avoid conscription or otherwise being forced into the military. These techniques were developed two centuries ago when the Russian monarchy first introduced conscription. Families would try to hide their military-age men, simply leave the country, or bribe conscription officials. The proportions of each varied over time – leaving the country was not possible during most of the communist period, while bribery rose in the 1990s and really took off after the first Chechen war (1994). The government got new soldiers any way they could and life went on. 21st-century Russian recruiters have tried to adapt but the young men and their families are not cooperating.

…This was not to say that Russia could not win a long war. They were victorious during World War II but at a cost of 30 million dead (18 percent of the population) and a ruined economy. Many of those losses were the result of sending newly mobilized, and so effectively untrained, reservists out to face German combat veterans. Russia made this same “short war” mistake in 2022 when it invaded Ukraine. Against the invaders, defending Ukrainians had an advantage because they were defending their country and were not only more motivated but were better trained and led than most of the Russian invaders because they had adopted Western training methods including effective NCOs. NATO countries sent Ukraine billions of dollars worth of weapons, ammunition, and equipment each month of the war. Most of Russia’s peacetime combat forces have by now been destroyed by heavy personnel and equipment losses….you should read the whole article.

** Mouse House News – Walt Disney Company on Monday began 7,000 layoffs announced earlier this year, as CEO Bob Iger works to save the company some $5.5 billion, in a letter sent to employees Monday.

** (American Thinker) – Alvin is trying – To lift a line from the immortal Dean Wormer: “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life…” here amended to fat and stupid.  Case in point, Alvin Bragg, now the Manhattan district attorney, and a guy who never met a calzone he didn’t eat.  Calzones deserve a better fate.

Bragg — who badly wants to carve up Donald J. Trump, but won’t — was boosted into office in November 2021 in yet another spasm of virtue signaling by the Rotted Apple’s smart set, and whose campaign was lubed by dollars from George Soros to the aptly named “Color of Change PAC.”

Bragg is another swell diversity hire.  They abound in America’s deteriorating cities.  And not incidentally — in fact, importantly — he’s a Soros and establishment sock puppet.  In going after Trump — and as of this writing, flailing conspicuously in his gambit — he’s paying his dues to the Man.  Diversity hire’s only requirement is doing the Man’s bidding.  Alvin is trying.

** Heather’s New Toy – My daughter, Heather, mother of two boys, turned 38 yesterday.  Heather teaches elementary school and just started moonlighting for Lambert Research LLC on the side. I called her on her birthday and asked her what she did. “I traded in the VW Atlas because it was too much of a soccer mom car.”  So what did you buy? Dear readers, you’re ahead of me. A BMW 440 Convertable. I mumbled something about paying her too much and rather than be humble, she laughed.  I fear that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


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29 thoughts on “Stuff and Nonsense

    1. I had a BMW 545 that was British racing green with a tan interior when she was growing up. She reminded me of that.

  1. “Mouse House”. Disney has been dead to me for more than a decade. My idea of entertainment does not equate to paying a grand a day to be immersed in long lines and way too many people.

    Nice car but am not a fan of the current trend of large grills. Like the color. It does seem as if BMW, Audi, etc have embraced the idea that bigger is better as far as grills are concerned.

    Bragg. New York is getting what they voted for. At some point I hope the light will dawn and the progs will realize what they have done. But hope is not a strategy.

    1. I was looking at that picture and thought something was not right, that huge grill on the beemer. I perhaps thought it was a custom coach work. I went to the BMW web page and looked at their line up and no, it was a feature, not a bug. I like the smaller grills on cars and a subdued front clip, that denotes a classic, not a wunderkid CAD computer fantasy.

      1. Dad would say about the new crop of architects (he was one), “They aren’t teaching kids how to visualize, instead they give them CAD, yet here I am standing around the “kid” with two design firm principles telling him what to draw.”

        Take a look at the new Bronco, tried too hard to meld the old with the new. Gag.

        1. If it’s any consolation, Paul, the new kids over on the mechanical design side are equally as ignorant.

          1. That’s disappointing. I left Product Development and mechanical design quite a few moons ago, right when Solidworks met up with my “drafting board era” visualization. I loved the s/w, and seamless to the tool maker or machine shop with fewer errors. Some really do well with the solid modeling software, but I contend you still have to be able to design in your head (or yellow pad, still my preference for scratching out ideas). Software is a tool, ones brain must be first.

    2. Lack of self-awareness is a cornerstone of the prog worldview. So I would not even call it a forlorn hope.

  2. Seen a few BMW owners coming out of winter hibernation now that snow is gone. That over large grill is hideous but then a Lexus or Lincoln comes by and it looks small. Nekulturny alles.

    1. I think that the BMWs look good, but since I have a personal axe to grind with BMW, I personally boycott them. I don’t care that others own them. They’re very nice cars to drive. BMW corporate could apologize and possibly kiss my ass and pay me the $2,000 that they owe me and all would be forgiven but they won’t so the grudge remains.

  3. I don’t find the cartoon funny in the slightest; it’s just what the anti-gun crew needs at this point.
    “Waadya ned such a powerful bullet for?”
    When I was younger (and could carry it for hours), I hunted with a custom-barrelled .308 Norma Magnum (essentially the same ballistics as the 300 Win Mag), never had any great meat destruction, not even with jackalopes.

  4. Have always had a soft spot for BMW. Back in ’73, I fell into a deal and bought a 1969 BMW 2002 out of an estate for an $800 bid. Over time I added a Weber carb, header, shocks, springs, and stock take-off 320i rims and rubber to match. It was great fun to drive, and nothing I have been in since can match the all-around vision.

  5. Nice ride, great taste, proud daddy. Apples don’t fall far from the tree. She’ll be the cool homeroom mom.

    In a normal world Bragg would never have gotten this far and would be drummed out of the city. Instead, having done his duty he’ll get bumped up to an even more influential position, like Sandy the bartender actress, got with her backers, The Democratic Socialists of America, who feed her lines to spout.

  6. LOL, not a clue on the tank as usual. Re CDR Sal/Rickover- Dead on the money! And yes, your daughter didn’t fall far from the tree! Hopefully, she leased rather than bought, as maintenance will be EXPENSIVE when the warranty runs out.

      1. Since this is the year of the dysphoria self-delusion narcissist, I’ve decided to identify as one of your daughters. Do I get a raise too?

  7. Accurate cartoon. Once had a Ruger No. 1 in .300 Win Mag. Once and only time shot a deer with 180 grain Winchester Silvertip. 250 yards. Deer was quartering toward me. Shot the left shoulder. Bullet completely transited the deer completely gutted it and completely ruined right ham. Last time hunted with that caliber. Traded it off but still have a Browning A bolt for other uses.

    1. The US Navy used them for accurate and effective sniping in support of USMC infantry (Mud Marine) operations. The do the same thing to a haji.

  8. Paul M
    Re. visualization.
    It seems you and I have a somewhat rare ability to “see” or visualize things in 3D.
    I thought everyone could do this, but found that it is an uncommon gift.
    It was very useful in the construction business, but frustrating when a client could not visualize a completed project from a set of plans.
    3D architectural models help…a lot.

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