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It depends on how you count it, doesn’t it? The Chinese 1% number is absurd but it’s how they figure the number. Inflation numbers are highly political.


Can you ID the Aircraft?

I’m making it a bit more difficult.


Unique War Hammer



Epictetus was enslaved in his youth and then deliberately crippled by his master. Eventually, he gained his freedom but was disabled for the rest of his life.

He knew very well about things outside of his control.



There are reports from a number of outlets that outline Russian efforts to replenish the ranks in Ukraine in the hopes of gearing up for a big summer offensive. This is one of those.  It’s sort of a “be all you can be in the great patriotic Russian Army.”  When you consider how hollowed out the Russian Army has become as a result of the past year’s campaign, it only makes sense that they’d try to reverse the losing trend and that requires meat at the kinetic point of contact.

Yes, there is a propaganda war that accompanies the shooting war and that’s always an integral part of these sorts of conflicts. Those who point to “Russia fighting with one hand tied behind its back” overlook the lack of territorial gains no matter how much effort they put into conquering Ukraine. Yes, the Ukrainians are having difficulties ejecting Russia, but Russia can throw a lot of meat and metal at the problem. And they can keep doing it. The expansion of NATO in response to the invasion was a big loss for Vladimir and his friends.  Shallow stocks of arms and weapons in Western nations have been exposed and are being addressed.  NATO is also rearming with newer equipment as they send older stock to Ukraine to be expended on the Russians. It’s not been a good year for Russia. The Russian philosophy of applying brute force without regard for losses will be played out again in 2023.


Bullet Points:

** Did you know there is a part of Spain (Llivia) completely surrounded by France?

** Things we aren’t allowed to audit: (1) Department of Defense; (2) Federal Reserve; (3) Elections.

** The drug shortage in the US – (Fox News video)

** “Send the whore” should not be an American diplomatic strategy. She shows up along with her cuckold husband and cackles…how embarrassing.


Some Skill Sets Include Patience


A Convict Token


Convict token also known as leaden hearts, by J.Bretton 1831

Typically tokens were made by rubbing a coin and then engraving or stippling pictures and personal messages onto the smooth surface. Here J. engraved himself in irons, bidding farewell to the departing ship that transported him to Australia. On the reverse is an inscription to his sister in which he asks her to ‘Remember me When far Away. The banished from my Sweet Cor [..] rey, 1831′.


I need to re-self identify . ‘

At present, I’m a fat, lesbian, negro, non-birthing female, lieutenant general named Whoopie. I’ll tack on illegal alien so that I’m tax-exempt and qualify for a bunch of additional programs.

39 thoughts on “Ok for You

          1. I can’t beat Surly because that is when I need to be asleep. I did recognize it as a P-2 when I saw the picture.

  1. Surly A.I. wins again!
    I have to start posting an identification and then read the rest of the post.

  2. But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.”
    I stopped buying motorcycle and computer magazines years ago.
    I still recieve American Rifleman, but I have that in check. Mostly.

    1. There are no hearses with luggage racks.

      The American Rifleman is good to keep in your car for when you’re early and need something at hand to read if you’re waiting.

      1. One would think, but I have grown tired of the advertisements for gold, for the latest Kimber color scheme, John Wayne commemorative.30-30s, and of course, the several-times-an-issue LaPierre and Cotton fluffing.
        The rest of it has trended towards latest/greatest slobber pieces hawking some new multi thousand dollar gun that offers no benefit over anything in my safe already, and towards “historical” pieces that frequently seem they got their facts pulled from Wikipedia the week before.
        Half the time when AR comes in, it goes straight into the trash. I just haven’t been arsed to cancel it, as it’s the only way I know they haven’t deleted me from the member rolls; they quit sending me membership cards several years ago when I expressed my opinion of WLP and Crooked Cotton.

  3. USA inflation- That 6% is snake-oil optics based in CommonCore math. Using the correct definition it’s actually in the high teens.

    Harris is a joke, and she knows it. In way over her empty head, hence the nervous cackle.

    Self-ID- For extra points don’t forget to complete the “new you” with the bleached mop-head hairdo. The world is getting stranger by the day as people embrace the bizarre. MrsGoodDoctor went to a conference “in town”, ran into someone who was a normal mom and wife. Flat out did not recognize her…completely butch look with the shaved head and unflattering nondescript clothes. She’s says to me with complete incomprehension, “Who would do that and why?”

    Wait until we get the real story on this Nashville shooter (now in God’s hands as you guys pointed out yesterday as the solution to “threats”). Her parents live in a very nice section of town and I’m betting the backstory will be along the lines of “when the bored kid gets to do whatever they want and the parents “support” [coddle] her warped college-learned proclivities.”

    1. Paul,

      The key to inflation is the market-basket. Change that and you change the CPI. Easy as academic economists can make it. As to Harris, she managed to screw her way to #2, so she’s smarter than all of us. If she does get into the top slot the only people she has left to screw are, well, everybody. Hopefully she gets to us last.

      Nashville: an anti-Christian hate crime. But it was by one of the protected and promoted classes so that will disappear from the news cycle shortly.

      1. Definitions certainly matter, can’t disagree. However, I hate financial markets and their purveyors…really do. From my cheap seat a lot of it is a massive 3-Card Monte shell game run by grifters, thieves, and cheats who take advantage of the gerbils on the wheel to line their own pockets. Had a recent meeting with our financial adviser. Good guy. Honest. He showed the economy indices graph, far right was “recession” where the graph was trending. Told him that by the original [proper] definition we’ve been in one for nearly a year. He did not disagree. Print money by the trillions and it’s a house of cards waiting for a breeze. We are teetering on total collapse yet TPTB simply change definitions to spackle-over their created dumpster fire. Some people believe the lie because the opposite is too frightening. We are moving to starve the beast and insulate ourselves from market failings as much as feasible, tired of these cretins getting our money to support every conjured up reprobate idea.

        Yes, Christian hate crime by a mental patient who needed help not pandering or “injections”…but the MSM will drop this like the 3 other “trans” shooters in the past year, doesn’t fit the agenda. The irony is her mother was an anti-gun activist (and so happens one of her like-minded cohorts happened to “in town” yesterday). She posted she “would die today” (DailyMail). Bad/absent parenting and not identifying evil then heading it off before it gets amped up.

        1. Trans people are a protected class. Maybe the feds will spirit it away in the middle of the night. I’ve seen it happen. The prisoner isn’t seen again.

  4. What is going on in Argentina? And yeah, while China’s 1% may be nonsense, so is “our” 6%. There’s a snarky sarcastic headline involving “percents” just begging to be written, incidentally, but that would be a Hate Crime.

    Llivia: see and raise. There are innumerable islands of Real America entirely surrounded by the putrid Global American Empire, which, much like the old chestnut about the Holy Roman Empire, is none of the three. Chiefly, it’s not American at all any more. Hijacked over a century ago; it’s taken this long to be so blatantly obvious. (Yet so many still refuse to see.)

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD_1Z8iUDho

      and as an unrelated aside – Madonna today – https://www.google.com/search?q=madonna+photos+2023&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS870US872&sxsrf=APwXEddgcYYof_x1-cQ8d5GZ7QF7TiZQFA:1680025940384&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjbj4-rmP_9AhUjDEQIHR4PDZoQ0pQJegQIAxAC&biw=1407&bih=766&dpr=2#imgrc=Dx7_XxSa1dQwDM

      Moving on, Argentina has been a mess for a long time and they blame pretty much everyone but themselves. They should be able to pull things together, and relying on China or some other malevolent force to bail them out won’t work. It never works. Of the Southern Cone countries, I’ve had the most fun in Uruguay. But that’s me.

  5. Be sure to self-identify as being from San Fran, you wouldn’t want to leave $5 mil on the table.

      1. I was curious if this was “tax free” or do the merciful handing out the money get half back?

        1. Since it is being done in the name of equity and inclusiveness and the pay-outs are to victims of the white patriarchy and cisgendered, I’d expect that taxes would be waived for the recipients and increased for people like you, PaulM to cover the cost. I’m sure there will be more reparations when the victims run out of money.

          1. Figured as much. But hey, the sun returned today…Spring is right around the corner, or the next…maybe. One can hope.

      2. Now that would be funny. They push their reparations through right in the middle zimbabwe level inflation and aren’t able to buy a stick of gum with it. Would kinda suck for the rest of us though.

        1. No kidding.
          Gold London 3PM Fixed Price is at a current level of 1896.06, up from 1797.41 last month and up from 1816.76 one year ago.

  6. It’s been years since I believed govt numbers on inflation or unemployment.

    That “not allowed to audit” list, shouldn’t Ft Knox be on it too?

  7. Actually, the aircraft is a P2-V7, not a P-2E… But Sully got the basic info, so he wins again!

    Re the sword, the only thing missing is the spoon, and you’d have all your ‘utensils’ right there… LOL

      1. Surly, the ‘bubble’ canopy is the giveaway. That and the fact that I’d seen that bird at an airshow a number of years ago, so I ‘cheated’… 🙂

    1. I actually did know that, but mainly because one of my uncles flew on one. But I usually show up several hours after the question has been answered. Moo.

  8. Regarding that war hammer, that’s just plain stupid, as in dumb, nonsense, not a real weapon. Oh, sure you could club someone with that metal dog-turd, but… a war hammer works because it doesn’t get snagged on crap as it is moving to and into the target. Having stupid crap sticking out sideways will cause the weapon to catch on crap and make the weapon twist and not land a good blow.

    And, hammer/spikes work because they concentrate force and energy on a smaller place than a big muckin blade. Crushing and puncturing. Having stuff to disperse the force and energy therefore is a big huge no bueno.

    But let’s look at the weapon as pictured. Hmmm… Ornate, engraved or acid etched, some gilding, ahhh… Now we see this for what it is. It’s a show piece. For parades or as a court piece. Or even as a salesman’s example, as in “Well, Viscount BlahBlah von Blah, you can see the 4 different types of heads we can make, choose two. And you can also see the work we can do for ceremonial pieces. We can make you a highly decorated version along side a field version. So many options, so choose… wisely…”

    1. I just want to know what the fork head is for… prying stuff off armor so you can get a knife in? That would have to be some seriously comprehensive armor.


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