Will Ukraine Fall to Russia?

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The government in Kyiv and the regime in Donetsk (a Russian puppet) are making moves to escalate the conflict.

*The Kyiv government is attempting to rescue the forces in the Debal’tseve pocket by committing more armor, artillery and soldiers, supported by four Mi-24 helicopter gunships. 

*The Donetsk regime announced a general mobilization to create a force of 100,000 men. The draft apparatus is to be operational in ten days.

The fight for Debal’tseve continues to develop as the most important battle in the Ukrainian civil war.
Ukraine claims it is reinforcing its forces in Debal’tseve. The description of the forces committed to the Debal’tseve pocket, however, indicates Kyiv is trying to break through the Russian/rebel encirclement in order to rescue its forces.
Actually, Kyiv is reinforcing a defeat, which never succeeds. The Ukrainian forces should have been withdrawn a week or so ago, when the road to Artemivs’k was open. A disaster is threatening for the Ukrainian forces in Debal’tseve and for Kyiv.
Some analysts judge that the Russian/rebel call for general mobilization is a cover for more Russian “volunteers” to rally to the defense of the separatist regions. The population of the separatist regions is about 3 million people. That population base has been reduced and cannot support an army of 200,000 fighters, including those now in combat. Expect more Russian volunteers, equipment, ammunition, and logistics support for the rebels. Russia can easily commit 100,000 soldiers to the effort.
The latest battlefield successes by the Russian volunteers suggest that a shift in Russian policy has taken place. The Russians have concluded that Ukraine remains determined to defeat the Russian-speaking separatists/Russian puppet government in Donetsk and Luhansk. Talks about achieving a peaceful settlement are pointless
The near-term aim of Russian support now is to empower the separatists to defeat Ukrainian forces decisively and to enable the separatists to expand their territory to include all Russian-speaking portions of the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts. Debal’tseve is the pivot point.

You don’t hear much about this on the mainstream media, but you will hear all about President Obama taking selfies with a lady made famous by taking a bath in Fruit Loop breakfast cereal.

8 thoughts on “Will Ukraine Fall to Russia?

  1. The question becomes one of credibility for the US. Sending US troops is out of the question but sharing intelligence, and supplying weapons for defense? We opened the door and offered to help them become an independent nation rather than a vessel state of Russia.

  2. The world knows our value and our integrity. They look at the man we anointed king and laugh at us to our faces.

  3. That's what happens when you make a community organizer that has never had a job other than "political hack" president.

  4. That cartoon is hilariously accurate. Also, the Russians might be making a military push now before their economy collapses later from a lack of oil revenue.

  5. When you look back to their Great Patriotic War (WW 2) and so forth, the Russian people showed the ability to sustain MASSIVE losses at unfathomable cost in material and national treasure to crush what they wanted to crush. You have to respect that about them. Putin is very popular at home. They want a strong leader who doesn't like deadbeats, homosexuals and freaks. Whereas the US elected a deadbeat metrosexual freak–twice.

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