Barack, The DNC and Russia

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On his way out.

The progressive effort to delegitimize President Trump’s election continues with a focus on Russia. I only have one question?

Does using software that is often used by the Russians proof of Russian intrusion into a gmail account? 
Should the Russians begin using software frequently used by the Chinese in the future to avoid having “their fingerprints” on mischief?
I ask these questions because computer hacker types collect this sort of software in much the same way as coin collectors and stamp collectors collect their favored objects. There was a point in time well past the statue of limitations and before computer laws were in effect that a friend obtained a particularly nasty virus called “Sugar Plum Fairy” to deal with somebody who had been causing them grief and they wanted to deny the bad actor service. I have no idea who created Sugar Plum Fairy. It could have been the Russians or the Chinese for all I know. I’m not a computer guy in that level of detail. 
Following breadcrumbs requires UNIX with some sophisticated trace route tools and real-time action to find out where the problem is coming from. That’s what President Trump alluded to, and it’s what the corrupt, elite, mainstream media is avoiding. I have fiddled with UNIX and more particularly the Santa Cruz Operating System in the past.

There is more that I don’t know about this particular incident than I do know. I suggest to you that even though it may have been a crime to have intruded into John Podesta’s e-mail, it was intensely interesting to see how the corrupt Democrat Party operated in the run up to Hillary’s coronation. Podesta (a Satanist) and others in that camp are contemptible curs of the highest order.

Rather than pointing at how the Russians tried to unlawfully influence the election by pointing out what the Dems were up to (providing that it was the Russians – and I’m unconvinced), it would be interesting if the corrupt, elite, media pointed out the continuous skulduggery that the Democrats employed. Of course, we wouldn’t ever expect to see THAT would we?

This just in: The Russians did post this picture of Barack (the rainbow warrior). They really think that he’s a goof.

10 thoughts on “Barack, The DNC and Russia

  1. They said on the news today that they know it was Russia because the keyboard used was in Russian. Now let me see, I am the CIA or some other initial agency, and I want to leak something and blame it on some other country, what to do? I know, I'll go to an electronic store and buy a keyboard with Russian keys. Or I will buy from same store, a Russian to English language data base. Silly, I know, but there is no proof that Russia was any more culpable than, say, the CIA. And Hackers on this level are too smart to be obvious.

  2. You can order cyrillic keyboards in the US. Or you can use a virtual cyrillic keyboard on your present computer, which I have done when writing something "in Russian". If that's the big play, it's exceptionally thin.

  3. The Dems are in bad shape, and have existential issues that they are in denial about. Their philosophy needs tweaking, but they are intent on leaving all of that off the table.

    No, their core beliefs have nothing to do with their current political plight. Not the slightest chance. No, it's got to be somebody other than themselves. The Russians. The Republicans. Dumb Americans. Perhaps the only blame they will take is that they didn't spend enough time, or hire the best assets to get their message out, that's gotta be it. Nope, you leftist morons, your message is loud and clear: free shit for everybody that votes for us, as long as those rich sumbitches pay for it all. And the free shit you get will be limited, and not top shelf free shit, either.

    Julian Assange still insists that the Russians were not the source of his leaked DNC and Podesta emails. Believe him or not, nothing he has ever said or published has ever proven to be false. Just sayin'…

  4. Assange's only asset is his credibility.

    To date, Wikileaks has been dead on, and it caused a lot of discomfort.

    USGOV has been clear that Wikileaks is an enemy of the nation and a threat to democracy. However, I have a different take on it.

    Meanwhile, John Podesta is drinking his preferred morning beverage – a blend of sperm and mother's milk, getting ready to work for the next politician.

  5. >you can use a virtual […] keyboard
    It would be wrong to sneak into the office of an Asian person and re-map his keyboard so that "L" became "R" and vice versa. Very wrong. Swapping ASCII 76 and 82 (and 108 and 114) wouldn't be funny at all. Good thing I never did that.
    Ahem. Carry on, men.

  6. It does seem that those Russians are mighty tricky.

    I dont know much about computers but it seems that the Russians hacked Hillarys emails ,then downloaded them onto Anthony Wieners computer,tricked Wiener into sexting the girl so that the FBI would sieze Wieners computer ,then find Hillary and Podesta's emails,announce it just before the election and causing Hillarys loss.

    Mighty tricky, those Ruskies.

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