Bullet Points:

** No HQ for You! The FBI Washington Field Office House Arrest Act is being co-sponsored by Reps. Andy Biggs (R-Arizona), Dan Bishop (R-NC), Paul Gosar (R-Arizona), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia), and Harriet Hageman (R-Wyoming). The full text of Rep. Gaetz’s legislation can be found here and below. Expressing the sense of Congress that the proposed purchase of a new, suburban headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Investigation outside of the District of Columbia, should be quashed.

** The Trans Day of Vengeance – Apparently none of you have been paying attention to the long list of grievances.  It will play out this weekend (to include April Fool’s Day) with protests, and marches, and I’m sure that some will dress as vaginas because that’s always a mainstay.

While Democrats are busy blaming inanimate objects (i.e., guns) for the fact that an evil person murdered three children and three adults at a Christian school, conservatives are doing useful journalism and have discovered some interesting facts. First, the shooting took place even as so-called “transgender” organizations were pushing hard for a “Trans Day of Vengeance. Second, the killer targeted the school because it was a gun-free zone.

A “transgender” activist group has been promoting a “Day of Vengeance” to take place in Washington, D.C. this coming weekend. (more here)

The corporate media lies to a mentally unstable group of people about how they are the target of (non-existent hate) groups. When you do that a group of trans maniacs launch a Trans Day of Vengeance while the corporate (and taxpayer-funded) media tells these same maniacs to purchase firearms. But no, it’s not a conspiracy.  Who said THAT?

** The Attack on Window A/C Units – The Biden regime announced its latest home appliance regulations this week, targeting air conditioners in an action it said would reduce the nation’s carbon emissions. The regulations, unveiled Thursday by the Department of Energy (DOE), finalize energy efficiency standards for home air conditioning units, or window air conditioners, and portable air cleaners. The DOE said the move would cut air pollution and push consumer costs down by billions of dollars via energy savings.

I have never met rich people who rely on window A/C units. It’s a direct assault on the poor and elderly.

** Banking on a 72-hour war…CDR Sal throws his cracker into the soup.

** When newspapers publish stories using the phrase “her testicles,” it’s easy to add laughter to the tears that always accompany reports demonstrating the complete breakdown of reality in modern America. There is no laughter, though, when trying to decipher the biological sex of the school shooter who killed three children and three adults in Nashville, before the police appropriately terminated the killer’s existence. (more here)

The current rant is that “mentally ill people” must not be allowed to own firearms. Of course to the woke, anyone who voted for Pres. Trump, Gov. DeSantis or Kari Lake is mentally ill. But really, My first reaction is to his/her/its gender. Gender seems to be its ONLY focus. Was it loading up on testosterone? Messing with hormones can cause rage. Ask anyone whose wife has gone through menopause. Or somebody could called it “fat” – that sends birthing people into low orbit.

And then there’s this.

** What just happened in Michigan?    On Friday, the governor signed legislation repealing Michigan’s “right to work” law. The existing statute had ensured that workers could not be forced to fund union dues in order to work. With it gone, “unions can now require all workers in a unionized workplace to pay fees for the cost of representation in bargaining,” according to Fox Business. Translation: you have to fund the union whether you like it or not.

** Fixing things:

(1) It doesn’t take much to curtail school shootings. Harden schools, and hire retired police officers to serve as security. It should be a standard decided by the states working with local school districts. Keep FEDGOV out. Spend the money you need to spend. Now, was that so hard? The truth is that progs LIKE school shootings because they always hope it will be a Trump supporter and a conservative. They’re always dismayed when one of their own freaks, deviates and misfits end up being the perpetrator.

(2) Homelessness is a boondoggle that the left loves. The problem can’t ever be “solved” because a lot of people are hobos by nature. Today, round them up and intern them in humane living conditions where they are triaged. The insane are treated, the criminals are shipped off to prison, and the socially dysfunctional are taught skills. Drug addicts dry out and are treated to the extent that they can be. Almost all of them are in need of medical attention. Give them that. If they need job skills, teach them before they’re released to halfway houses set up to normalize them. Take all of the homeless tent city trash to landfills.


Identify the Aircraft


In the Days of Fighting Sail

Smugglers and the Revenue Service

Often their actions are in the dark and considered dangerous yet lucrative. Who has not seen the images of men trying to secretly bring their goods ashore or distract a revenue cutter elsewhere so that barrels of precious goods could be taken away unnoticed?

Whether this was always true is questionable, but smugglers are secretive and began their trade as early as the 13th century. Especially the coast of southern England, the counties of Kent and Sussex, which was a gateway to Eastern Europe and the market there, were attractive for smugglers.




Why were British warships built of oak? Oak was expensive and did not grow everywhere. And yet a first-rate needed 5750 mature oak trees. This meant that oak was also imported and in occupied areas, whole forests were replanted. Even in England, the planting of oak was given high priority.


The bombardment of Algiers, 26-27 August 181, by Martinus Schouman, 1823 

But why?  Oak is a particularly robust wood and was well suited for shipbuilding. Because it was more stable, more weather-resistant, and not as susceptible to rot and pest infestation as other woods, and oak did not splinter as much. In a battle, splinters were a great danger and because the oak did not splinter as much and was much more unforgiving, it was the wood of choice.

This was demonstrated by HMS Impregnable, 98-guns, which, after the bombardment of Algiers in 1816, had 233 heavy shots in her hull without causing her much damage.


  1. When you are crazy enough to think you are a different gender than you are, and you get mad at people for thinking differently, I suppose there are few limits to your craziness.
    Thou shall not kill is only limited to those who believe we are bound by the laws of God.

  2. Satisfaction with unions in Michigan was increasing as they had to cater to their members to guarantee their dues payment. They now have a captive market again. And the dems have a reserve of political donations.

  3. I found out about the gathering of the mentally insane yesterday on Crowder. At first I thought it was a joke because of the April Fools scheduling but since then I have heard some vibrants yammering about going after Christians – “They come for our kids (WTF? They have kids?), we come for theirs”.

    I just wonder if the local po-po will confront and arrest them when they start displaying their weapons.

  4. Nashville- (my lousy 2-cents from the cheap seats) Something doesn’t smell right with how this shooting went down, parts look rehearsed or video game style. Drove (her Fit, of course) in full view of cameras, parked in a nearly empty lot, walked past kids on the playground, no one else in the lower halls as she wanders back and forth like she’s lost and looking? Had detailed layouts of both schools (chose the less secure one). How did she get all the guns while living at home despite mom being so anti-gun? Her friend gets sent a suicide note/text yet says nothing.

    Root cause? Pump a girl with testosterone and other SSI’s and dysphoria rhetoric, be told that “trans” people (@aka mentally ill) take up arms, and ‘It’ will blow a gasket at some point. Time to depose the “therapist”, put the fear of God into him/her.

    Oak- Leo over at Sampson Boat used white oak from Pennsylvania for the hull (etc) on his Tally Ho rebuild, went thru the reasons which align with what you say here. Also using a lot of exotic woods (purple heart being one). The amount of material used is astounding, on a 47 foot sailer. But 5400+ oak trees for one large ship…wow.

    • Oh, and what are the odds we will see the “manifesto”…despite everything else being released so quickly. Heard the DOJ demanded it.

      • The FBI could classify the manifesto. I’ve seen them do things like that in the past with my own (occasionally bloodshot) eyes.

        • Well, no surprise…tamp down anything that doesn’t fit the chaos agenda. Call me a skeptic but my Spidey-Sense is screaming that something just smells with the timing. Someone pointed out one of the long guns looked like a KelTec Sub2000 Gen2. I have no idea, but certainly other “AI” Savants here could say for sure. Where did she get THAT without the counter guy going, “something ain’t right with this chick”?

          • I’ve known the FBI to provide handguns to known gang members in Southern California. Granted, it’s been a few years since I was in that racket, but it’s true. The feathers flew off the chicken in one instance when said gang shot caller used his FBI-supplied handgun to murder a “traitor” in his gang. The FBI hushed it up as is the pattern.

          • yes, sub 2k, and an ar pistol. just as congress debates the atf pistol brace rule. hmmm…..so tranny said she loved binging on video games and movies, being treated for mental illness, was a “cat sitter” and art school graduate. um, where’d she get the money to buy seven guns? as always i ask, why two long guns? that has become a signature move, as in programed into the subject. tptb are getting desperate to get rid of our guns.

          • Thx for clarifying. This one looks like another useful idiot mental patient was deployed to promulgate yet another PsyOp distraction from The Created National Dumpster Fire. Add all these things (Hands up don’t shoot, BLM, Antifa…etc)…looks obvious what the anarchists in charge are cooking up.

        • A martyr for the cause. Expect a statue some day after LGBTQ++++ president, or Kamala, takes over. Mommy was only against wrong thinkers having self defense capabilities. You haven’t seen Bloomberg disarm his bodyguards afterall.

          • None of the elites have disarmed their bodyguards nor have they torn down the walls around their mansions. Neither do they invite homeless wastrels onto their estates to camp. I’ve not heard of them using their executive jets to ferry illegal aliens around the country at their own expense. There is a significant disconnect.

            But the wretched MAGA people must be crushed at all costs.

          • Especially considering “trespassing and parading” are now considered a Federal felony that affords zero charges being brought coupled to 2+ years in squalid jail cells as political prisoners with ZERO recourse. Lives ruined.

            Must be nice to make up or ignore law as you go.

            Elections matter…the trick is how to get those who can effect the change to make elections in person with paper ballots counted by 10PM, anything after that is in the shredder.

          • I wish I could believe that elections matter. But at anything above the dog catcher level, I don’t think they will any more. (There’s always been fraud, but they’re not even trying seriously to hide it now. Much easier to declare “election hesitancy” a hate crime.)

            TINVOWOOT and all that. But I don’t think it’s going to be “the cartridge box” either. Bad science fiction as it sounds, I’m starting to seriously think that the Next Big Thing will be genetically-targeted rapidly lethal — or severely debilitating might even be better* — infectious diseases. (As a person of Han ancestry, I’m likely screwed. But I’m expecting someone is going to target specific mitochondrial DNA markers as a start, so the Han are not going to be the only people screwed.)

            * it depends. If you want to mess up an entire country, pick severely debilitating. Crash the health care system, tie up resources, crush morale (and generate undying hatred against yourself, but you knew that going in, yeah?). If you want to take out a small group of troublemakers, then rapidly lethal is the way to go.

            Yeah, that’s dark, even for me. But I’m in The Hive today. Messes with a person’s head.

          • Of course “election hesitancy” is a hate crime if it means that you don’t vote for Pedo Joe and the whore.

          • Agreed. Elections from our vantage point “have not mattered” for quite some time. IF (a massive “if”) we can figure out a way to subvert the cheatery thieves maybe elections can start to matter in the proper definition sense, otherwise it becomes a fruitless exercise and waste of time. But that’s the goal, isn’t it, to make people believe their election efforts are worthless so they don’t show up?

  5. CDR salamander needs to re-read what submarines had to do to reload in WW2. It also serves as a partial explanation of Russia’s problems with sub launched cruise missiles. They only have a limited number aboard. (Plus the manufacturing problems.) We aren’t going to do underway replenishment of subs any more than they are.

  6. The US Navy preferred Live Oak (found down here in the South) as it is the best oak for making ships from. Lots of beautiful southern live oaks went into making America’s first navy.

    As to reloading in the Pacific, well, it’s a good thing that we still have access to lots of atolls that have surprisingly excellent harbors and some even have fixed piers with cranes, though having a floating crane in a protected anchorage will work just as well. I’m sure that when push comes to shove, there will be a tad bit of pushing the boundaries of safety.

    Though, I wonder, do the limited reloading facilities have more to do with someone protecting their feathered nest and not wanting to share in order to seem to be ‘vital’ in an era of extreme base shutdowns? I mean, if you can do reloading from shipboard cranes or a friggin civilian crane-on-a-barge, why does a super expensive purpose-built reloading location need to exist.

    Seriously, though, nice as it is to have a ‘perfect’ reloading facility, there never should have been limited reloading facilities. The Navy needs to be able to run-and-gun and reload in far-less-than-perfect conditions. Which means the loading cells need to be fortified against cack-handed fools, and the procedures need to be simplified. From what I see, need 4 guy ropes (one on each corner of the container) and a decent crane operator. Is there really more than 4 guys with ropes to guide the missile container and a decent crane and crane operator? What? Do you need some electronic techs and maybe a moyle or two?

    Underway reloading, not so much. UNREP for basic supplies is scary enough as it is.

    And… this is why all naval ships need some sort of gantry or jib crane for to do their own darned loading and unloading if needed.

  7. I have it on good authority the two cops shouted, “What are your pronouns?” before three in the chest and 3 in the dome. They affirmed her delusion. Well done, boys.


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