Masks are in the UK – Forever

Jules (Nottingham, UK) follows this blog. She was in a tire/car accessory shop in violation of the lockdown order getting a camper shell for her pick-up truck (I translated from Old Blighty to Yank). I suggest that she add a carpet bed kit and make it a shaggin’ wagon. I don’t know whether or not she will take my advice.

While there she noticed mask vending machines.

I said to myself, “wow, that’s progressive”.



The map shows the most heavily surveilled cities in the world.

2021 will be a big moment for CCTV: the world’s one-billionth surveillance camera is likely to be installed by the end of the year. That’s one CCTV camera for every eight humans on Earth. But some countries have staggeringly more cameras than others, distributed across far smaller areas. So which cities around the world have the highest CCTV density? Surfshark crunched the numbers to identify the cities that have the most CCTV cameras per square kilometer.

An interactive map and city comparison tool available on Surfshark’s website.


Fun with Maps




Growth rate (in %) of regional gross value added (GVA), which is production output minus intermediate consumption.


Where are the Africans?

Counties in the United States with African-American majority populations, 2010


World divided into 5 regions with the same GDP


A cultural map of Indiana.


States of Brazil with population equivalent to American states



Vaccine Perceptions Map

More than 140,000 people from around 140 countries gave their views on the safety and efficacy of vaccinations as part of an almost two-year project funded by London-based biomedical research charity Wellcome.


  1. Whole lotta cash in masks. Well done, inclusive, caring capitalist UK businesspersons. What a scandal.

    But interesting to see the African map. I drove through that on the way to Benning from Dallas last year and thought, “What is this place? Why is it here, who allowed it to happen?” Such a dystopian nightmare. And will it get fixed? Not on a Biden/Kamala ticket, obvs.

    Interesting, too, to see machines are our top export. A country of riflemen and machinists. Hmmmm.

    • You need mask vending machines everywhere if they will be mandated by the government everywhere…. to slow the spread, of course.

    • Without masks, we’re all going to die – we won’t live 7 years to see the death of the planet – and you’re concerned with biodegradability. That’s racist and sexist.

  2. Wow! A new vending franchise opportunity! Since this is England, get in early here in the USA…call me, only $5k a pop for your ‘free’ start up kit, operators are standing by.

    African Map – Sheds a proper light on the co-opted “African-American”, which if used accordingly, would make me (by order of amount) a German-Polish-Hungarian-Czech-ScotsIrish-English-Russian – American. Try to put that on a map.

    Asked the DVM MrsC why people would clamor for a [as THEY state] 95% effective vax for a 99.5% (or more) recovery virus? She said it’s all about money”, and, “it’s a placebo, makes them feel better, like the flu vax/shot.” She added that for this “spliced” virus the older folks and higher risk categories the vaccine is acceptable, but for most demographics it’s not needed. She says the same about masks, calls them “Face-Binky’s”. We saw there was no vaccine “needed” for H1N1 under ‘O’ and his Idiot Sidekick. But this – used as a political weapon – every channel is covered in hyperventiator’s screaming “THE VACCINE WILL SAVE HUMANITY!” They are lying through their teeth. And [some] people eat it up.

    • You could start your own mask vending empire.

      If you don’t get a vaccination you’re an enemy of the state. I’ve heard the speeches, I’ve seen the ads. If you don’t submit (and still wear a mask) you want everyone to die.

      A lot of people are eating that up. Mostly Biden voters, who I view as fools (lemmings) at best. You see them around here from time to time. Shameless scolds. I laugh at them. They’re far more present in the inner city hells and slave states in America.

      • “You could start your own mask vending empire.”

        To quote Nixon: “We could that but it would wrong…” While entrepreneurial pursuit would not be wrong, taking advantage of an opportunity by preying on the willfully ignorant despite their gleeful acceptance of the offering, my moral objection overrides said opportunity. But folks could still send for their “free” start up kit.

        I figure I’ve been an enemy of the state for a while now, probably something due to my Colonial “Leave me the hell alone!” mentality.

        Liberals are naive, Leftists are fully mental…no changing any of those minds with facts (Juan Williams is a prime case in point).

  3. That last cartoon hits an important point. One reason Operation Warp Speed got the vaccine as fast as it did was the Feds exempted the drug companies from all liability. That dropped their costs enormously. Then the Feds gave them more money to cut their costs even more, and they pulled out all the stops.

    For a vaccine approach that’s never been used before.

    • I don’t disagree with pulling out the stops to create a vaccine with the public fear impact that this has had. The public fear has been created by people with an agenda.

      Hindsight being 20/20 (in 2020), a national effort to reach out and support those likely to expire from the virus would have been more useful and would have saved lives. But that wasn’t the point of the crisis or they news media hysteria.

  4. The other day I was at the local Wally World and saw a display of “fashion” masks. Someone seems to be trying to make this the new normal.

  5. Re GDP equivalents map: I’m sure the Koreans and Japanese are revolted to be grouped with South Asians and Southeast Asians.

    Major Export map needs to list PEOPLE as an export. Some professions are being taken over en bloc by persons of a particular ethno/regional origin.

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