Masks in New Jersey

Democrat New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy renewed the school mask mandate last month by declaring a public health emergency.  Today, he plans to lift the state’s school mask mandate for children and staffers.

Murphy is slated to make the announcement on Monday during a pandemic briefing in Trenton. The mandate will officially be lifted on March 7, an official with the governor’s office confirmed to Fox News Digital on Monday morning.

Phil Murphy, the Democratic Party nominee for governor of New Jersey, and his family arrive to vote in Middletown, New Jersey, Nov. 7, 2017. 

Murphy – scumbag



Antifa in Canada

(Gateway Pundit) David Alexander Zegarac was behind the wheel of the car that struck 4 men when he attempted to murder protestors in Winnipeg. He is being charged with assault with a weapon, and not with attempted murder. Zegarac, a self-identified member of Antifa is a 43-year-old musician from Winnipeg who describes himself as Indigenous, Serbian and Irish — is the frontman of Canadian punk bands The Brat Attack, Dead Peasants Revolt, The Black Mass Brigade, and Class War Kids.



The New NYC Mayor

While speaking to the crowd, he used a racial slur to refer to the white officers he outperformed as he promoted throughout his career as a police officer.

“Everyday in the police department I kicked those crackers (expletive), man. I was unbelievable … I became a sergeant, a lieutenant, and a captain, you know the story. Some people oversell it trying to reinvent me, but the reality is: what I was then is who I am now.”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams was a grievance/diversity promotion at NYPD. We all know the type.

“My fight in the police department was fighting racism throughout my entire journey. And I was serious about fighting against that and that is what it was attached to, the question that was asked. And that, you got my response, based on what the question was.”

New York is a crumbling city – and even sci-fi authors couldn’t have written the story that unfolds. Crime is up, residents and businesses that can flee, are. Tourism ended, and hotels are nearly empty. DiBlasio found a good successor.



Covid Tradecraft

(Gateway Pundit) During a recent appearance on the Candace Owens Show, Dr. Robert Malone discussed how public health ‘experts’ such as Dr. Francis Collins and Dr. Tony Fauci had worked in secret to hide critical information about Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic, including evidence that the virus originated out of the Chinese Communist Party-controlled Wuhan lab.

As part of the criminal cover-up that will likely go down as one of the most horrific atrocities ever perpetrated on mankind, Fauci and his associates allegedly used “burner phones,” held “clandestine meetings, and kept “difficult secrets,” in order to hide their actions from the public.



  1. Part of our chores on the dairy farm was to pitch enough corn silage down the upright silo chute to satisfy 95 hungry Holsteins with a silage fork. A short handle 10 tine sharp riot control tool. I can still smell the sweet fermented silage.

    • It’s amazing how smells remind us of things. Fresh cut alfalfa fields, with bales to buck up onto the flatbed trailer remind me of being much younger. Farm life puts muscles on young men – and helps prepare them for whatever life throws their way. Calloused hands that can grab, hold, and do what needs doing are something that city kids don’t get. Particularly these days when the man-bun-crowd plays video games in the basement all day, developing an early gut and early-onset type two diabetes from sugar drinks and Ho-Ho’s (a dessert favored by the current Vice President).

  2. read a report out of russia re: ukraine troop disposition. according to them, ukraine has put all of their troops in the southwest corner right up against the dmz/contested zone, and have zero in position to protect kiev or anywhere else. that reports suggests that is a if-you-destroy-me-i-destroy-what-you-want gambit. i have to suggest it may be an attempt to survive tactical nukes. getting up close, within arms reach of your nuclear armed enemy may just deter total destruction. of course that leaves your capital undefended. they’re betting putin won’t invade from the north and they may be right…..the antifa guy, and the prosecutor, need to be found in the spring after the snow melts. rule of law is gone here and in canada. time for rule of 762.

    • My sense of this theater in Ukraine is simply that. If Russia wanted to take Donbas, they would have done so with a measure of surprise. NATO is ponderous, the US is on the other side of the planet. There would have been time to glare defiantly at the remainder of Ukraine from across the wire, daring them to take it back.

      That’s not what is happening.

  3. Asked elsewhere – will those who got so mad about the Fla. governor, for removing the mask mandate a couple of months ago, now get as mad at the Dem governors doing the same thing?
    As for Murphy, he looks like a guy I wouldn’t trust as dogcatcher.

    • The double standard isn’t surprising.

      If Murphy was a dog catcher, he’d be humping the good-looking ones instead of catching dogs.

  4. Trudeau’s immediate Ottexit proves he’s a world class Olympic-level Chinesium weasel, but the Trucker’s are insurrectionists (??)…with their Sponge Bob bouncy houses and BBQ grills. Next the MSM cretins will say grills are an explosive weapon and EVERYBODY PANIC!! AND CALL THE DEFUNDED POLICE TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE!

    The Fowch and his wife (etc, etc) needs to meet their Maker…the Big Lie has been revealed…yet…crickets.

    • ..and why 03.07? Is that the “new and improved for the 80th time” magical date the Covid Crap is over? Why not TOMORROW? If memory serves…03.07 is 2 years to the day. If the WH Podium spouts the same date then the naked game plan will be “fully” exposed for the Psy-Op it was.

      • For years now we’ve been warned that gas BBQ’s are responsible for global warming right alongside gas lawnmowers. Now the Canadian truckers (in the bleak midwinter) are flaunting that warning and cooking food in the open over a propane fire – BLASPHEMY!

  5. Auntie Kate Brown claims she’s going to lift Oregon’s mask mandate as of the end of March. I think it’s a cruel April Fool’s Day joke.

    I don’t wear masks but I had an emerald green “Kiss Me – I’m Irish” mask made for a redhead I know to wear on St Patty’s Day.

    • I would hope that you’d lift her mask before going for the kiss. I realize that’s not progressive or woke.

    • Camela Harris is on her ninth “reset” in 12 months as she tries to win the hearts and minds of her own party. She’s on a current reset where she plans to visit the little people (people like you, Old NFO) and show them that she’s more than just a stupid, cackling former whore. Unfortunately, I’m certain that she will show America that she’s just that.

      Maybe she will do an unmasking tour as you suggest wherein she tells America that she is an anti-masker. Her people will thank her…

  6. Lost Ageleez , Chicongo, and Denver are all crumbling, too. You can only suck so much graft and corruption out of a Big City before it starts coming unglued and the seams, and that time is rapidly approaching.

    Fauchi et al are criminals. Evil, wicked, crimes-against-humanity, criminals.

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