Solving America’s Homeless Crisis

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I was over at Bayou Renaissance Man’s blog, reading about New York City dumping their detritus on other towns in up-state New York. They offer one year ‘free’ rent to bums if they leave town and live somewhere else.

Let’s face it, the police move the homeless from place to place more informally. They do things like suggest that the food is better or the town is more welcoming on the other side of the tracks.

Many years ago, the Los Angeles Police Department used to offer a one way bus ticket to Austin, Texas or Detroit, Michigan. The drunken bum would be ushered into the back of the Greyhound and would sleep his way to Albuquerque, where he might get off – or take the ride all the way. Illegal? No. And at the time, nobody complained.

Times have changed.

It is time to change the national dialog and to round up all homeless and ship them (may be cheaper by ship) to California, land of opportunity, the Golden State, where are they are wanted, where they will get single payer healthcare, where they will get MORE welfare benefits than in any other state.

I’m not suggesting that we should turn California into a penal colony – but a homeless colony? Yes. The difference is that California wants them (the shiftless, the insane, the chronically stupid) to vote Democrat and will use their station in life to force the matter as they do now by only offering them Democrat Party voter registration. In fact, I’m sure that they’d register them before the ship barfed up its human cargo on the San Francisco shore where the climate is really good. They only have to fog a mirror to vote in California (unlike Chicago).

What could be more progressive than THAT?

15 thoughts on “Solving America’s Homeless Crisis

  1. Some will call me a blue meanie, but it's time to admit that closing mental hospitals in the '70s was a bad idea. Many of these homeless people need to be institutionalized.

  2. Yes, but they need to be locked down until they're zombie'd. None of this voluntary commitment. Once brainwashed we can send them to California to pick strawberries and lettuce.

  3. LL, the genius in your idea, is that after the dems achieve that 51% vote lever, (and they already rule the state) all the extra votes don't mean a thing. So the extra is just dead weight. They will be over ballasted.
    People have essentially two values to politicians- there is extractive value AKA taxes, and there is vote value. Take a class that is exclusively valued for their ability to produce a vote, and as soon as the necessity of voting goes away (AKA totalitarian state) all the value disappears too. Very bad place to be, having no value to the tyrants.

  4. When the value of the homeless is no more, they still have value of Soylent Green, which can be sold in the third world as a nutritional beverage. Protein is protein.

  5. Heh, Atlanta did that during the 96 Olympics, shipping homeless to New Orleans, Houston and points west. Denver did that for the 2016 Convention too! Yep, ship 'em to Cali… :-D

  6. I have it from a reputable source that Cali is buying their homeless one way bus tickets to Spokane.

  7. Ok, well after they have the 51% majority with a few to spare in case some of their "voting stock" expires – maybe help out areas that need more democrat support like Spokane or across the border in Post Falls.

  8. What would happen to your favorite stop-and-rob if all of the undesirables were extradited from Hillsboro to San Francisco? AND more to the point, who would Blue Avenger have to bark at and bite?

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