Chinese Police Operations in the USA

I have mentioned this on the blog but not for a while. This practice has been going on for decades. Chinese police often kidnap overseas Chinese who are living in the US and take them back to the worker’s paradise for a reckoning. FBI Director Wray recently confirmed that the FBI is aware of what’s going on.

FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed during a Senate hearing Thursday that communist Chinese agents have been setting up illegal “police stations” on American soil and targeting critics of Xi Jinping’s genocidal regime. Intimidation, espionage, and coercion campaigns have reportedly been coordinated and launched from these forward operating bases in cities such as New York.

You could ask why the FBI has been aware of this practice going on for over 20 years, predating Xi by at least a decade, and hasn’t done anything about it. Go ahead, ask. The self-licking ice cream cone that is the FBI will ask you to fill out your FOIA request and then they’ll wait for you to die of old age before they respond with something that isn’t completely redacted.

Chinese police operatives recruit US police and or deputy sheriffs who are off-duty to stand by while the Chinese take Overseas Chinese from their homes and bundle them away in a van and off for a boat headed home. The law enforcement people who are there to run interference with local law enforcement if they arrive are paid well and in cash.

How do I know?  I was offered the job, turned it down, and referred the matter to the LA Sheriff (jurisdiction where it was taking place) and to the FBI which has primary jurisdiction because of Chinese operatives operating illegally in the USA (their foreign counterintelligence mission).  This was over 20 years ago when I was investigating Chinese Organized Crime cases in Orange County, CA, and ran high-end informants and moved in those circles.  I worked with MikeW, who visits this blog from time to time. He handled the Australian end of things.

*Note: LA County Sheriff Lee Baca (convicted felon over another matter) and his second wife Carol Chiang (Taiwanese), married 1999, around the same time as I encountered this situation, May have been involved in spiking investigations at LASD Stars Center Intelligence Division and the Asian Crimes Unit. I don’t know if that happened at Baca’s level. The FBI was another matter.


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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

My grandson, LM, is almost ten years old. My daughter/his mom said that he’s playing grandpa. It seems that I made an impression. I don’t ever recall wearing a fedora. He’s obviously taking some license.

He told my daughter that he has nerf guns in his suitcase. “He said that if I got sassy that he might need to use them.”  He remembers the MP5K that I kept in a briefcase (a modified Halliburton case) for work back when I did that.

I asked my daughter where his shoes are. She said that he outgrew the shoes that went with his suit. I’ll buy him new shoes, but not snakeskin. He’s 10 years old.


    • I just never had the occasion to wear one. A friend of mine (BillC) used to wear a Borsalino – fedora. I suspect that I think that they’re too dramatic. I have a Stetson that I got Ruben Velazquez (a narco) in a round about way. I used to drive his Jaguar load car around in a UC role. Anyway, I rarely wear the Stetson (all hat, no cattle thing).

  1. Shoes AND sunglasses…cool ones, like Maui Jim “ho’okipa”…are must to complete the LL “don’t mess with me, I’m serious” facial expression. Nice briefcase. Train them up young…

    “The government doesn’t care about you.” (George Carlin)…believing the opposite is foolish.

  2. LOL, following in your footsteps, literally!!! Re the ChiCom operations, I remember being briefed on that ‘years’ ago, as they were operating up in NorCal also.

    I ‘really’ want to get my hands on one of those Crane modified M-14s…. sigh

  3. License…….or initiative?

    Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.


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