Fishwrap Friday

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From a Disney Imagineering Perspective

“Don’t complain, Bear Claw, it’s better than a hogan and the monthly
USGOV allotment.”
“You can’t drink the water or breathe the air in Modern China, but
neither do you have to worry about laws that control pollution, Mulan.”
Give and give generously… He’s unemployed, blind and has two 
ObamaPhones to manage his stable of bitches and his crack business.
It reminds me of a role that Eddy Murphy played in a film.

10 thoughts on “Fishwrap Friday

  1. I have a granddaughter like the little one in red. More than willing to kick ass and take names! She is a true gift – an honest and tough girl! Hoping it's girls like her and this little one in read that will help straighten things out long after the lid on my box is closed . . .

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