You Can’t Please Everyone

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Liberals Should be Happy…
But, they’re not. I’ll tell you that they’re a tough bunch to please. They’d kick if they were hung with a new rope.
DCI Mike Pompeo is packing his office and will move to the State Department as SECSTATE (Taking T-Rex’s old job) and President Trump has nominated a WOMAN (first woman ever so nominated) to replace DCI Pompeo. Gina Haspel will very likely be the first woman to run the CIA, and she is an outstanding selection. She’s experienced, she’s very tough and she has a lot of hands-on experience doing challenging things in nasty parts of the world.
The pink hat liberals should be marching in a parade, exposing their genitalia and doing what they do because a woman broke the glass ceiling at CIA, but they’re not because (1) Gina is not a lesbian; (2) Gina is a hard core operator, and exceptionally competent. Neither of those things stand her in good stead with the pink hat crew. 

22 thoughts on “You Can’t Please Everyone

  1. Like Clarence Thomas before her, Gina Haspel will never be touted for her ability, but only for not adhering to the lockstep of the democrats. Very sad.

  2. The Pink Hat Brigade are notoriously hard to please, unless you're Hillary or Linda "Hijab Empowerment" Sarsour.

  3. Gina has never taken innocent blood. Unlike the progressive ladies in Planned Parenthood who do it with unholy glee since it buys their executive jets, beach homes and sports cars.

  4. I see the NY Times has its panties in a wad about her nomination. It seems some poor misunderstood terrorists were waterboarded. She certainly has my support now.

  5. BTW once I heard, I went looking for a photo of Gina and there were none to be found. A bit later Drudge posted the wrong pic for hours. I think I like old school.

  6. Old school (see "The Old Whore" book) has the virtue of doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Snowflakes need not apply.

  7. I'm sure you're right about points (1) and (2) but you missed (3) Gina is not a POC.

  8. This is excellent news,
    I'm going to raise my CIA lap robe on the flag pole, seriously!

  9. The pink hats are up in arms because they say she used torture in her job. I like that about her. The liberal women hate her.

  10. I hope she's clean. I don't think it matters if she's
    a woman, I just want an honest person in the job.

  11. Perhaps the liberals would be more comfortable with subcontracting wet work to sicarios?

  12. I don't know how you are clean in any job (certainly at the executive level) when there is a mercurial Congress that changes the rules on a whim and then accuses you of violating present laws (not the will of Congress/the people) when you did what they wanted.

    The standard of "clean" is therefore fungible. But the Old Whores try to do the right thing by whatever means.

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