Social Justice Warriors and Jobs

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There are a lot of unemployed hippies in Austin and San Francisco who are out panhandling.  Likewise there is always a panhandler standing by a freeway on-ramp. To a one, they are social justice warriors. Rather than begging for hand-outs, I have found a perfect starter job for them.

The social justice warriors need to do something other than whine and demonstrate. I think that volunteering to clean out the cobra pit is a great first step.

This defines the concept of Social Justice:

17 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors and Jobs

  1. Does that mean that you agree that it's the perfect job for social justice warriors or not?

  2. Fist of all, you will have to explain what a job is to a social justice warrior. Though they may be surprised to learn that it is heir job to find ways to be unemployed.

  3. I was on vacation in San Francisco a few years ago, and I was simply dumbstruck as to how fat all the bums were there. I am confident that not one of these slovenly social justice warriors had missed a meal in decades.

    One particular obese bum holding out a sign to passersby seemed unaware that his sign somehow didn't fit his circumstance; he was every bit of 300 pounds, and his scrawled crayon writing on a piece of stained cardboard said "Please help, I'm hungry."

    I'm sure he is. Constantly.

  4. A lot of these guys make good money panhandling (tax free), while they eat at soup kitchens and receive full welfare benefits and subsidized or free housing. They are Social Justice Warriors because weighing 300 lbs and eating constantly doesn't satiate them. They want more — your car, your home, your stuff. They're communists.

  5. I like the idea of throwing them into the cobra pit and then shouting down, "now clean it up". But that's me. I'm like that.

  6. Good employment solution. Come to think of it, beaters are in demand for snake hunts right now in Hill County. Just trying to be helpful.

  7. Bill Whittle – hilarious! cry bully tribalist’s! I never knew rap started in England in the 1500’s.
    I do so like the word panhandler. British English translation: Low life, sponging, thieving scumbag that would pawn his Grandma for a fistful. I know it doesn't have the same ring but, it makes you feel better from a verbal POV.

  8. YES, they could find work as beaters in the high brush for both snakes and displaced gators.

  9. A lot of people panhandling have homes and cars and get dropped off to beg where they do.
    I'm not sure if cleaning the cobra pit is good enough, but it would certainly be a start.

  10. I've seen them pack up for the day and drive off. One guy I saw a few years ago drove a late model Lexus. I can't say whether the car was stolen, borrowed or what its status was, but it put a new spin on panhandling for me.

  11. That job should be required of all incoming freshmen. Maybe they wouldn't whine so much about having safe spaces if they were forced into the snake pits for a few weeks.

  12. It would be interesting taking parents on a campus tour.

    "What's that room, Euripides?"

    "That's a cobra pit."



  13. And there lies the main rub with communism: free riders. This 300 pound free rider doesn't give a shit as to who pays for his extra large order of french fries (from In-N-Out Burger). He just wants them to keep coming. And with lots of ketchup, damn you.

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