Clinton, the DNC, and Rigging the Election

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Please take sixteen and a half minutes to watch this if you haven’t already. I realize that this is up on several blogs and because of that, I’d normally shy away from posting this video. In this case, it’s significant enough that the story needs to be told.

In a normal world, this would be breaking headline news nationally. But there is little about our world that can be considered “normal” with the media playing the role of the “Ministry of Truth”. 

In their own words, Clinton Campaign and DNC operatives discuss how they incite violence at Trump Rallies. Cash buys agitators and the fake outrage that the media picks up on and puts out as real. 
The undercover video explains how it was and is done. Don’t expect to see this headlined on the evening news because this is how the sausage is made and how events are staged and created for the media to report as “news”.

You’ll recall the demonstration against Trump in Chicago where protesters were paid, given a box lunch and bussed to the site of Trump’s speech. Signs were handed out and they shouted, marched, and then, having earned their money, boarded the busses again. It was clear then that the anti-Trump movement was a staged event, and it was only the beginning of what has been a miserable campaign season.

If it had been Republicans doing this, the Department of Justice/FBI would have been all over it. Indictments would have been handed down, the outrage from the left would have been dripping from every media outlet. It only underscores the corrupt system that we live under and the tolerance that the progressives have for felonious misconduct when it is perpetrated by their own.


More here with Part Two

Voter fraud, felonious conduct, and a complicit mass media. 

16 thoughts on “Clinton, the DNC, and Rigging the Election

  1. They offer food stamps, welfare checks, no taxes, tax refunds on money you never paid in, free cheese and Obamaphones. You don't offer anything. Who do you think the zombies will vote for (early and often)?

    The question is rhetorical.

  2. It's how Barack won. It's how Hillary will win. Welcome to the 'free world'. Be proud that you are paying taxes to such as this.

  3. These quotes are obviously taken out of context. They represent only hand-picked quotes from a deranged and dangerous personality who should be in jail. The people that put these out were debunked years ago.

    Which is exactly how I feel about Hillary.

  4. The Project Veritas people provide full, uncut tapes to news outlets to show the context, but for some reason, they are not acknowledged by the mainstream media – in much the same way as the abortion clinic sale of dead babies for body parts was quietly spiked.

    It gets worse – and worse – and the media ignores it all – with the exception of a crone that alleges that Trump patted her ass thirty years ago. They're all over that one.

  5. Exactly, Grunt.

    Fredd, I agree. But if they should win in November, which seems a forgone conclusion, then what do the law abiding conservatives do?
    People look at this and all they say is Bush stole his second term because of hanging chads.

    Just makes me angry and hopeless. So I pray that this will change, God willing.

    You all be safe. God bless.

  6. So frustratingly depressing.
    And their koolaid drinking voters are proud of what Killary gets away with, and don't care.

  7. You're right, LL. When you are running against Santa Claus, you most definitely have an uphill battle.

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