Ladies and Gentlemen (and I apply those terms loosely here on VM), the floor is yours to discuss whatever you’d like to. Please keep it civil unless you’re discussing Pedo Joe and the Ho.


Bullet Points:

** Does gravity travel at the speed of light?

** Should the USAF bring back warrant officers? Some people who visit this blog are far more knowledgeable than I am, and I hope they’ll weigh in on this topic. I’ve long been a fan of the warrant officer position as a technical specialist. Some feel that it threatens to replace officers. Having worked with warrants in the Navy as an officer, I never felt threatened. They had a significantly different place in the system.

** USGOV now calls money laundering “foreign aid.”

** The pharmaceutical industry was granted immunity from liability because, as the Supreme Court described in a ruling, vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” Big Pharma pays half of the National Institutes of Health, the Center for Disease Control, and the Food and Drug Administration’s budgets. Who do they work for?

** Should we introduce gators into the Rio Grande? The food supply chain should be sufficient for hundreds of thousands to thrive. Some term this initiative as “prehistoric,” and I agree.


Identify the Aircraft


Note the metal deflection plates mounted to the propeller; the gun is nonsynchronised, and bullets would bounce off the plates if hit.




Identify the Weapon 


there are hints


ID the aircraft and submunition


  1. Number 1 is Morane-Saulnier L. French design in early WW1

    US Navy is not my thing but Australian Army is phasing out Staff Sergeant’s for some reason. The few left are in the army reserve. In my time Staff Sergeant’s were senior sergeants with specialties in a military skill. Usually took a minimum of 15 years to get the rank.

    Warrant Officer is a different thing in Australian / British military terms to the US.

  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Bristol M.1
    2. Bristol Belvedere
    3. F+W C-3605, but I know it isn’t. More research forthcoming.

    Identify the Weapon:
    Bristol Bloodhound SAM

    Identify the aircraft and submunition:
    Tornado with JP233 system dropping runway cratering attack bomblets and anti-personnel mines.

  3. (1) Definitely a Moraine-Saulnier, so I bet RCC is right.
    (2) Bristol Belvedere
    (3) Damfino.
    (4) Bristol Bloodhound SAM
    (5) Tornado and MW-1 munitions dispenser.

    – Kle.

    • Yep, Surly has it with the JP233, judging by the photo on wiki. I’m not sure I could tell them apart, if there was one of each in front of me.

      – Kle.

      • JP233 dropped submunitions from the bottom, MW1 ejected them from sides, IIRC.
        Dad worked on JP233 for Hunting Engineering at one point. He said originally it was intended as a stand-off weapon system, but flight and guidance were too expensive for UKMoD, so the crews got to fly them over the runway…..pop up and slow to delivery height and speed….

  4. What do you mean “I use the term loosely”? I drink wine and tea and that therefore classes me as a lady of the highest standing.

    What is there to discuss? The world has gone stark raving mad. I don’t understand anything anymore. Everything is colossally expensive; no services work, I can’t see a doctor or dentist unless I’m bleeding to death and now my car insurance has doubled. Aside from that, everything’s grand.

    • That about sums it up. I will add that those of us in the Colonies are worse, we have a (now confirmed) Addled-Brained President running our place into the ground and all is couched as “It’s peachy” or “It’s Trumps fault”. Sooo, we win…altho not really a win when the prize is a rotten apple from the tree of tyranny.

    • Jules, the RN is unable to man some of its frigates and is standing them down. Its a good time to move to Cornwall and become a pirate.

    • You do have better hot tea over there than here. The other kind you don’t have at all. As to doctors, we’ve just had the greatest advance in medicine since Obama required coverage for tranny surgery, i.e. Senility Affirming Care! You can still be ‘leader of the free world’ and senile. As long as Barack’s people get to pull the strings.

      • Putin is too much of a gentleman to refer to Biden’s embarrassing senility – but in the interview with Tucker, he pointedly said that there was no need to for him to speak to Biden and that his people were in contact with Biden’s handlers who made the decisions.

      • Charles’ cancer diagnosis was announced Monday by Buckingham Palace, which said it was discovered during separate treatment for an enlarged prostate.

        • Prince William is making preparations for sure, and Kate is a much classier Princess so will fit any new role with ease. (Hoping she is on the mend after her surgery…maybe our resident Jules could give us some insight.)

      • After Arthur, on the eve of battle with Mordred, is reduced to tears, having finally found peace and contentment among the wild geese, only to have it torn away by Merlyn and his council of animals, the Urchin walks with The King under the moonlight to the crest of a great hill…

        “ It was England that came out slowly, as the late moon rose: his royal realm of Gramarye. Stretched at his feet, she spread herself away into the remotest north, leaning towards the imagined Hebrides. She was his homely land. The moon made her trees more important for their shadows than for them- selves, picked out the silent rivers in quicksilver, smoothed the toy pasture fields, laid a soft haze on everything. But he felt that he would have known the country, even without the light. He knew that there must be the Severn, there the Downs and there the Peak: all invisible to him, but inherent in his home. In this field a white horse must be grazing, in that some washing must be hanging on a hedge. It had a necessity to be itself.
        He suddenly felt the intense sad loveliness of being as being, apart from right or wrong: that, indeed, the mere fact of being was the ultimate right. He began to love the land under him with a fierce longing, not because it was good or bad, but because it was: because of the shadows of the corn stooks on a golden evening; because the sheep’s tails would rattle when they ran, and the lambs, sucking, would revolve their tails in little eddies; because the clouds in daylight would surge it into light and shade; because the squadrons of green and golden plover, worming in pasture fields, would advance in short, unanimous charges, head to wind; because the spinsterish herons, who keep their hair up with fish bones according to David Garnett, would fall down in a faint if a boy could stalk them and shout before he was seen; because the smoke from homesteads was a blue beard straying into heaven; because the stars were brighter in puddles than in the sky; because there were puddles, and leaky gutters, and dung hills with poppies on them; because the salmon in the rivers suddenly leaped and fell; because the chestnut buds, in the balmy wind of spring, would jump out of their twigs like jacks-in-boxes, or like little spectres holding up green hands to scare him; because the jackdaws, building, would hang in the air with branches in their mouths, more beautiful than any ark- returning dove; because, in the moonlight there below, God’s greatest blessing to the world was stretched, the silver gift of sleep.

        He found that he loved it—more than Guenever, more than Lancelot, more than Lyo-lyok. It was his mother and his daughter. He knew the speech of its people, would have felt it change beneath him, if he could have shot across it like the goose he once was, fromZummerzet to Och-Aye. He could tell how the common people would feel about things, about all sorts of things, before he asked them. He was their king.”

        TH White, The Book of Merlyn, Chapter 18.

        I read The Once and Future King probably too young, and was put off by the ridiculous descriptions of knights having to be lifted onto their horses by means of block and tackle. I read TBoM much later in life and found the prose (as above) beautiful. Particularly the final chapter. Perhaps I need to revisit TOaFK.

  5. No1 us also history’s first fighter aircraft, manned by the first pilot to achieve air to air kills. This Frenchman’s name escapes me at the moment, need coffee. His innovation, deflector plates on the propeller, pushed Germany to invent the synchronization mechanism when they managed to bring his plane down. The rest is history.

  6. After the special counsel report on Biden, Claudia Tenney is pushing for 25th Amendment removal.
    I’m thinking it would be wonderful for those who voted her as Veep to get their nose rubbed in to a Harris presidency. At this point, how much damage could she do that isn’t being done?
    The first black woman president would demonstrate the disastrous consequences of DEI !

  7. The problem with WOs is that they are in fact commissioned now from CW-1 to CW-5. Their totals count against the total commissioned officer force structure. There are limits to the number of controlled grade officers on active duty from O-4 on up. It’s a cheap way for the Army to get a huge number of pilots without breaking the limits. The USAF always thought of its pilots as hard officers and the last WO to retire was in 1979. Bottom line is that the USAF doesn’t need them as they are small and efficient with the E-6 through E-8 still turning wrenches.

  8. answers:
    1. shouldn’t think so – the particles/waves do not require great speed – but considering the mathematics post-E they probably do.
    2. Yes! definitely yes. All 2-year medical care officers (and physicians working off their government loans) should be warrant officers, besides which their egos are already sufficiently big having been given the title Doctor; two years, at least, of eating humble pie ‘ll do ’em good. Commanding officer should be highest rank of 1st Looie.
    3. All politicians (and families – and bank accounts) should be turned upside down every 2 months and shaken – whatever drops out should be returned to the people
    4. same as above plus liability should be re-instituted for pharma + all agencies – judges picked from “the people”. BTW: I’m a big fan of Mr. Guillotine’s device.
    5. I agree with Ed B’s wife, I like hippos in the Rio Grande! and well-trained German Shepards (armed with a Maschinengewehr 42, if required, to hunt down the side-sneakers). Besides which, they add more, much needed Carbon Dioxide to our (and the plant kingdom’s) air supply – as well as other smelly gases.

    You did mention that this was “Open Mike” night – and I am trying to be very polite.
    And I’d really like to know where my tax money is going.

  9. During my tenure, back before King Richard of Nixon abdicated the throne, everybody was scared of warrant officers because unless they were aviators, nobody had any clue what they did. Anyway, there was a drinking song in the Air Cav squadrons on those days, probably long since banished as not correct, named “Follow the Cav” sung from the point of view of the wives describing their husband’s ranks and what they did to the wives when they came home at night, and the Warrant’s verse was something like:

    My husband’s a Warrant, a Warrant, a Warrant,
    A very fine husband to me.
    All day he does nothing, does nothing, does nothing.
    At night he does nothing to me.

  10. As for the Putrid Swamp Show last night after receipt of the “special counsel” damning report. Gee, surprise there…guilty but not prosecutable. Uh huh, seems we heard that before about yet another Democrat scumbag. I’m patiently sitting back to watch the ensuing insanity of how this will all get spackled-over then memory-holed before close of business today. The elephant in the room can no longer be ignored…and that is assuming The Shuffler is actually Ol’Joe himself and not some actor, maybe Joe crossed the veil a year ago and this is all theater to keep We The People controlled.

    Then there’s the next “stupidest and dumbest” in line to take the Nuke Codes. Right about 7PM last night Harris was shaking in her Keds knowing she may be tapped to step up to the plate knowing she is so ill equipped this could be the literal death of her. And maybe Whitmer is sitting by her desk awaiting the DNC call. I suspect that all will be revealed fairly soon.

  11. I like the hippos in the Rio Grande idea, but I don’t see any reason we can’t have them and gators.

    Before we do the river though, we should introduce a ton of them to DC.

    – Kle.

  12. Feeling especially grouchy yesterday, wasted time writing a “Letter to the Editor” of our local rag. Fat chance of it being published.
    What set me off is the current cabal of (P)regressives infesting our State Congress are pushing ‘gun laws’, screw the constitution, to continue the process of Californiacation.

    My points were three. First, we have a criminal problem. Criminals use guns. Criminals don’t care about laws.
    Second, per FBI stats, we have a firearm death rate, including suicides, of around 80,000 a year in a country with a population North of 316,000,000.
    Third, all their posturing is playing to their donor/voter base as “doing something” and avoiding tackling hard problems.
    My example was the dozen or so babies born weekly in our local hospitals with drugs in their systems.

    • How many of the firearm deaths (not including suicides) are attributed to black-on-black crimes in the inner city? Maybe politicians should advocate for specifically disarming African Americans? That would go over well.

      Politicians are not known for offering constructive solutions to difficult problems EVER – in the history of mankind.

  13. If you like the various graphs, charts on information that ends up on this blog you’ll like this Apple Store app.. it’s called voronoi by visual capitalist. Various persons submit to them and then they scrub it and present it. Examples are nato defense spend, richest persons in China, fiber cables in Japan, so forth.

    Warrant officers have a place in Navy and Army. In Navy especially on a carrier flight deck.

    As to gators or rhinos in the river… those poor critters. It’s not their fault.

  14. you did say open forum…zzman in ukraine fired the head military guy n replaced him with a previously failed head of ground ops. civil unrest ensued. wouldn’t it be poetic for zman to get the mussolini treatment? right after tucker’s interview? hmmm. we can dream.


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