Throughout his presidential campaign and continuing since taking the White House, Joe Biden has promised a transparent approach to press and public relations. Yet in recent weeks, his administration has closed off — at least for now — several key avenues via which the press and public have for years gained a modicum of transparency, accessibility and accountability from the White House.

These moves to curb press and public access come as President Joe Biden himself has at times appeared to be struggling with the public demands of his job. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki this week acerbically dismissed a reporter’s query into the administration’s lack of transparency on the issue.

Gone, also, are White House tours, which the administration claims have been “suspended until further notice.” As late as mid-December, the Trump administration was still encouraging Americans to schedule tours through their congressional representatives.

The rollback of public access comes amid the first six weeks of the Biden administration during which Biden himself has, at times, seemed to struggle with the rigorous schedule and public appearances demanded of modern U.S. presidents.

A CNN report last month stated that the president regularly returns to his private residence at 7:00 p.m. each day and is “more of an early-to-bed type” than both Obama and Trump. Biden has thus far failed to host a single West Wing news conference, though the White House hosts daily news briefings.

The president became well-known over the course of his presidential campaign for having difficulties speaking publicly, so much so that the New York Times in 2019 ran a feature report on his struggles to give public addresses. A fifty-year veteran of Washington politics, Biden has logged hundreds and hundreds of hours of public speaking, where he has been known to make gaffes on occasion, such as his remark in 2007 that then-presidential candidate Barack Obama was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”

His latest struggles, meanwhile, often appear less gaffe-like and more fundamental, such as at a recent Pentagon appearance when he struggled with teleprompter-fed words such as “Tuskegee,” “because of,” “defeated” and “dishonor.”

At other times, the president has appeared to momentarily forget critical facts, as he did in a recent CNN town hall at which he incorrectly claimed that the U.S. “didn’t have” a vaccine when Biden assumed the presidency. Biden himself had received a shot of the vaccine a month prior to taking the oath of office.

And the government is taking moves to remove the nuclear launch codes from his keeping as his handlers recognize the problem.

Look readers, I’m not saying that the coup hasn’t worked out for the donkeys. Maybe two months will be all that Slow Joe can handle. The question of who comes to follow the ho is another one.

I’d like to think that the oligarchs who installed this walking corpse to office might realize their mistake, but it was not a mistake. Everything that we’ve seen is deliberate.

How we react to all this is something else.


    • I think that ho will do what they tell her to dog. I think if she was asked to be the main act at a dog and pony show that she would oblige. But I think that the oligarchs would prefer to have somebody – down stream – who could win hearts and minds, and she couldn’t even come closer than fifth in a California primary. She’s not the one.

  1. It was, as you said, deliberate, otherwise Trump would be well into his second term game plan. But that’s looking in the rearview. The question that I can’t gain from trying to read the tea leaves is, what bombshell is next. Two days ago the MSM was hyperventilating over an asinine Q armed insurrection – the puppet talking heads’ favorite new chicken little saying – yet…nada…zip…nope. Maybe a few jiggers.

    It’s all theater, and the next act will be worse.

    • Nathan Bedford Forrest, had several rules for winning the fight.
      (1) Get there first with the most men (fastest with the mostest)
      (2) Keep pressure on the enemy (keep the scare up)
      (3) War means fighting and fighting means killing.

      Keeping the scare up isn’t for us, it’s for the people in the bubble. They have to remain frightened and voting the “way Nancy tells them”.

    • i’m telling ya, uncle joe is about to take one for the team. that way kameldung can sign the new gun grab in honor of uncle joe. it’ll be a national guardsman with an m4. oh btw, they’re missing 500k rounds of .mil ammo. hot times in the city this summer. April is coming.

      • They’ll need to have a Jack Ruby type to cap the guardsman shortly after the capture with photos.

      • Yeah, wrong reply spot to myself.

        A jigger of Hennessy, in front of an open fireplace with a good read might do the trick in calming the senses. The hyper’s can live in their insanity.

  2. Rulers don’t want people looking into what’s going on. Thus the complete lockdown of the center of DC, especially the White House.

    Even moreso when their pet dummy is so frail.

    Only a complete leftard can’t or won’t see the truth before their eyes.

  3. The ho is going to do what she is told. She has been down on her knees her whole career, why stop now? I think camperfixer is right- what next? I fear some type of nasty false flag event and IMHO they are worried, pure evil, and capable of anything.

    • …right after saying “Whatever you want Nance.”

      Who’s running the White House insanity?

      • I was watching “Colony” on Netflix….maybe space aliens are in control. Obviously Slow Joe’s minders don’t want him answering questions. He goes to bed at 7 pm with milk and cookies and wakes up at ten the next day to a programmed schedule. Light days, easy nights for the boss.

  4. Originally acted in the wonderful Peter Sellers movie, “Being There”; Chauncey Gardiner is now in the Oval Office.

    • Life imitates art.

      Also Dr. Strangelove… General Buck Ripper is now running the Military Industrial Complex. Essence of Purity/Purity of Essence, etc.

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