The Pool?

The munchkins at CNN and MSNBC are calling for an insurrection, but it’s a lot like calling in an airstrike on your own position. Except that they don’t know it. Which I find both funny and sad.

VP to succeed Camela?

I’d take a dead pool on the leftist journalists but it would be in bad taste. I’ve already written that I’d be surprised if creepy old Joe makes it past June, but the people who help tuck him in will be his own donkeys. The donkeys may take out the big CNN types too in order to frame patriots. We know that Hillary has the people on speed dial for that sort of wet work. It’s not as if that sort of thing isn’t a cliche these days.

I  guess that you could ask Jeffrey Epstein if you don’t believe me. He was last seen in a prison cell with the guards on break and the cameras turned off.


Tucker Carlson Speaks

“The only reason this country is rich and successful is because for hundreds of years, we’ve enjoyed a stable political system,” Carlson said. “And the only reason that system is stable is because it’s a democracy. It responds to voters.”

“For millions of voters after the 2020 election, the faith in that response is shaken.”

“Millions of Americans sincerely believe the last election was fake (falsified),” Carlson said.

“You can dismiss them as crazy, you can call them conspiracy theorists, you can kick them off Twitter, but that won’t change their minds. Rather than trying to change their minds to convince them and reassure them that the system is real, that the democracy works, as you would do if you cared about the country or the people who live here, our new leaders will try to silence them.”

Nailed it, Tucker.


Signed Photo

Some people feel that Bill Clinton’s adventures in Somalia were a great idea. Others disagree.


Happy 90th Robert Duval (Jan 5)


When a War is too Short

During Desert Storm (1991) the United States discovered, to its dismay, Iraq’s “Yugos” which were specially-made, extremely hard bunkers of thick concrete designed by Yugoslav architects (hence the nickname). These proved impossible to destroy at that point; having resisted numerous Iranian bombs during the 1980s war and then direct hits by Tomahawk cruise missiles and Paveway bombs during the start of Desert Storm.

A new weapon was needed…fast.

GBU-28 (above)

That’s right, the GBU-28. The penetrator was made from the gun barrels of scrapped M110 howitzers, re-machined and further hardened, and then the body of the bomb was packed with 600 lbs of high explosive. The Air Force added had a modified Paveway seeker head and fins, from inventory to make the bomb “smart” and laser guided.

The entire program was done at Watervliet Army Arsenal. From start to finish, literally from cocktail napkin idea to in-service weapon, took only 20 days. When the prototype was tested in Nevada, it was still soaked with quenching oil and warm to the touch. It was airlifted to the test site and dropped on an “American Made” Yugo bunker/target. It did the job.

Two were dropped during Desert Storm however it was something of a moot point by then, as the war ended about 30 hours after the second was dropped.


Fun with Maps

Argentina takes the prize for most psychologists per 100,000. The largest concentration of lawyers and psychologists (together) that I am aware of is the staffing concentration at CIA.


Where’s Hunter?

(Fox News)

Ukrainian officials say they have seized about 1.1 tons of heroin that smugglers intended to take into European Union countries and that four Turkish citizens have been detained in the case.

A statement late Tuesday from the national prosecutor-general’s office said the heroin was seized in the city of Lviv, about 30 miles from the Polish border.

There is no known linkage between the Biden Crime Family and the seized heroin. I’m stirring the pot…but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t linkage.

While the seizure took place, Hunter was standing under a clock in a NY art gallery, selling art wherein pigment was blown onto canvas from a straw. No, you can’t make that up.

Progressives are likely spending millions on this modern art masterpiece.


In-Door Dockyards

It’s damned cold in Russia. Better to make repairs indoors.

Project 971 Shchuka-B nuclear-powered attack submarine ‘Leopard‘ being withdrawn from the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center in Severodvinsk.

(FAS) There is some non-trivial disagreement between authoritative sources as to launch and commission dates for all units, as well as which units are ‘Improved Akula’ vs. ‘Akuka-II’. Initially the boats of project 971 bore only tactical numbers. However, on 10 October, 1990, the order of the VMF Commander-in-Chief V.N. Vhernavina about awarding the boat K-317 of name “Panther”. Subsequently names were obtained by other nuclear-powered ships of this project.

Thinking about the “active duty” inventory of these boats is also a bit tricky, as they seem to have a very un-American maintenance cycle. In the US Navy, ships are either under construction / Pre-Commissioning Units, or in commission, or in reserve / inactive / stricken. Ships that are in commission are typically moving through a maintenance cycle of 12 months on duty and six months in maintenance. The number of ships available for service at any given moment is at least one third and upwards of two-thirds of the number in commission, the exact number being a function of crew training and readiness.

At least with the boats of this class, by some time before 2015 the Russian Navy appears to have decided to maintain four boats in active service, with another seven boats undergoing prolonged multi-year modernization of at least five years, if not upwards of a decade. By this means, the service life of the type has been extended well into the middle of the 21st Century.

The RT Documentary Combat Approved covered the submarines of the Northern Fleet ‘Beast Division’ for a closer look at these mighty Shchuka-B class boats. These attack submarines form the backbone of the unit and have equally bellicose names: Panther, Cheetah, Tiger, Wolf, Wild Boar, and Leopard. Despite being third generation submarines, the underwater ‘predators’ have proved reliable carrying out missions, and as of 2019 it was reported by Combat Approved that the boats had another 25 or 30 years of service life. The newest nuclear attack sub in the Russian Fleet was 20 years old, and several were 30 years old.

Some maintain that Old NFO should have torpedoed this boat before ending his active service career. Though I remain somewhat neutral on the topic, I must share some degree of disappointment that it’s still in service.


  1. I would not have guessed that the broadband was that good in Turkey. Especially Asiatic Turkey.

    Damn. Asiatic Turkey. Now I want Chinese food.

    • There is no difference between good flan and bad flan, but that standard doesn’t apply to Turkish cooking.

  2. Carlson is a voice of reason and truth, he is in a very small minority, which may get smaller as the open-loop attacks happen on all thing Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if on Jan. 20th, after shaking hands with Biden (assuming he will), the Swamp Dwellers stab him in the back and arrest him as he turns.

    I’m not paranoid, just preparing accordingly while living as normal as feasible. Yet…think of anything insane, then add 50%…that’s appears what these America-Haters-In-Charge will do. Get ready for a rough ride. Luckily Home Depot delivers for $50…a pallet of concrete to build-up my driveway entry has moved up the priority list.

        • You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

          Or in the case of the nation, liquidating 80 million Trump supporters. They can easily be replaced by illegal aliens.

          • This is what one calls “a target rich environment”…the targets have self-identified and the 80 million are royally peeved. (no implication of domestic “unruliness”, just pointing it out)

          • The left hopes that they can terrify Trump voters who will shake it off, accept the oligarchy, and move on.

      • So has Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and many other Democrat politicians, along with some Republicans.

        Actively purge, deplatform, fire, shut down, evict, seize personal property, the whole National Socialist game plan.

        Which the USA is now. National Socialist. Just like Nazi Germany. Franco’s Spain. Mussolini’s Fascist Italy.

        All done without firing very many shots. Bad thing is, a 17yo kid did more to fight for freedom this year than many of us. God, I hope Trump pardons the kid before Trump is led to the gallows.

          • Yes, they are talking hard about cleansing, and I don’t think that pardons mean anything in that sort of environment.

  3. Camela would only appoint Hillary VP if she’s feeling suicidal, or is ordered to by her handlers. Either way here days in the presidency would be numbered.
    Happy birthday Mr. Duvall, an actor who can actually act. I liked him best in Lonesome Dove, though Second Hand Lion was good as well.

    • I see the Moochelle being appointed VP after Biden’s usefulness is over (about a week after his ‘swearing in.’ (at which time I’ll be swearing a whole lot.)

      • Why? They’ve already made most of the BoR useless, and have said they’ll just use ‘a pen and a phone’ to take the rest of it away.

        1st Amendment… Gone to church lately? Can you say ‘hateful things’ to people? 1st is dead.

        2nd Amendment… How many fully auto weapons without a tax document and more documentation to your life than you need to buy a house do you have? Got any explosives that you haven’t bought, also with a document chain almost as large as the ‘relief bill’ recently passed? Can you openly carry without being questioned? Does your state or local area not allow you to carry brass knuckles, a blade longer than 3 inches, a switchblade, or a gravity blade, or a tomahawk, or a mace, or Mace, or a grenade launcher? Does that WWII PT Boat that you own have working machine guns and torpedoes? No? The 2nd has been dead since 1934 at least, with rotting chunks of it falling off in 1968, in 1994, in 2002…

        The 3rd? If the government can force an apartment complex to house illegal aliens and foreign refugees, does that count as a violation? I do. 3rd’s dying hard.

        4th Amendment? Just look at what they’ve done to Trump and Flynn and tell me the 4th still exists. Warrantless searches by BATFE, EPA, FDA, DEA, PDQ, XYZ, HUD. Yes, HUD. HUD can come into your house or housing project any time they want… Betcha didn’t know that.) Same with BATFE if you have any tax items or explosives or you’re a dealer or they want to. Same with the FDA (just try to store or sell raw milk and see how quickly the FDA is up your colon…) Not to mention, no-knock warrants. 4th, if not dead, no, it’s dead.

        5th Amendment? Well, be a white male in a custody battle. Or have your girlfriend say you hit her? The whole ‘Someone has to go to Jail’ thingy. Then there’s what happened to Flynn… 5th’s dead.

        6th? Fuuuuuu…dddge. Lemme tell you. Got into a door-mark with a cop. Yeah, I marked the door because the cop parked too close to me. Oops. What should have been a simple non-moving violation took over a year and cost me 10 days off of work and 1 arrest for failure-to-appear because my wife was sick and I called in. Right to speedy trial? I’d show up and the prosecution would delay another month, and try to get me to accept a plea-deal. Next month, same thing. Next month, same thing. Where was my speedy trial, for what should have been a $15.00 ticket at most? Right to speedy trial in this country? Please. Pull my other leg. The prosecutor’s office, and the defense’s have used non-speedy trial as a weapon against the offender and the victims for a long time now. 6th is dead, been dead, it’s rotting stinking corpse is smelling up the criminal justice system.

        I could go on, but…

        The Bill of Rights is dead for at least 30 years.

        • Correct, and the Constitution as even an idea has been suspended by fiat since March.

          The Dems ran overtly on a Pack the Court! platform, they don;t need a Constitutional Convention. They just decree whatever they want, and if someone takes them to court, they just add 20 more Justices who all say “yup, that’s Constitutional!” .


  4. Wouldn’t surprise me if Biden was shot by a “white middle aged conservative man using an AR15 with a silencer”. After being shot center mass by LEO he kills a couple of them before dying in a hail of gunfire. They find he is wearing evil body armor. His computer and phone will have all sorts of “evidence” to justify all manner of actions by te feds……for our own good. An assassinated Biden will be the excuse to put the already written plans to disarm us into play. Total disarmament of America is without doubt the lefts number one wet dream. Doing so makes everything else thy have planned easier he safer…..for them. They could go after guns, body armor and white men all in one plan.

    • If was to go down like that the Democrat playbook would call for an Oswald to be killed in turn by a Jack Ruby. History tends to repeat.

    • GMTA. I said almost the same thing yesterday over at Phil’s (bustednuckles-dot-com) place. (Except I said AR-pattern rifle, and suppressor. Plus most importantly, a veteran as the shooter.) Not saying that I believe that’s what will happen, but it was in response to someone musing about Biden taking a medical retirement in a few months.

      The key paragraph however is:
      THAT’S how Biden will be “retired”. Remember, for all his (ill-gotten) wealth and position, he is still a subhuman tool to the “elite”. Just because a horse has pulled the cart for its owner its whole life does not mean that the horse gets to retire to a nice pasture for its final days. The horse can be sold for dog food.

        • For some reason I never read Animal Farm. And I think I read 1984 (school assignment) too young.

          In related news, I thought I’d have a look-see about “Not My President” t-shirts. Sure enough, there’s a whole mess of them for sale already. Not recycled anti-Trump shirts, new anti-Biden shirts. (Not that I’d wear either. Don’t need to have random idiots trying to commit battery on me, or run me over. High probability given my AO.) So in the course of that search, I found the following protest image from 2016, which is apropos to now in 2021 as well.

          • I like the sign.

            Clearly the person who points out that Biden is a molester and rapist of long experience would be someone who would need to be purged from the gene pool. (ABC News calls it ‘cleansing’) The walking corpse is in favor now. It won’t last that long. But while he’s in favor, he is the Golden Child.

            I CHALLENGE you to read 1984 (again). And share this quote because of your AO… “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy.” – 1984

        • I read “Animal Farm” in high school. Tried reading it sometime between 2008 and 2016, and I couldn’t get halfway through.

          Orwell was a Cassandra of the highest power.

          • Seems like we are moving toward an unpleasant combination of 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, and Animal Farm, all at the same time.
            I remember all the hoopla about the GBU-28, and the MOAB during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
            Somalia was a Sh!t-show. Bringing transfer caskets back from Somalia through Germany to Dover, then going to Texas for multiple in-flight refuels to bring M-1Abrams back through Mogadishu.

          • And, interestingly, a socialist. He took a bullet to the neck fighting in Spain for them (read Homage To Catalonia – a great read).

          • Orwell knew the beast because he lived in its belly. How else could he have written convincingly about it?

  5. Harris can’t take over until after 2 years, unless she only wants to fill out two terms. IF she waits, she potentially has ~10 years as president. Re the Akula, I got on a couple of those, but we weren’t allowed to ‘play’ with them… sigh… The only two I didn’t get to play with were a Typhoon, and the Mike.

    • I don’t think the Donkeys could tolerate Harris long term, unless I misjudge her. Harris takes Bloomberg as VP and then has a stroke.

    • There probably won’t ever be another national election, so they can have whomever they want in the White House for as long as they want.

      Rules are for Peasants.


      • Whatever do you mean, Kle? There will be elections. The Chinese have elections. The Russians have elections. The Venezuelans have elections. Even the Norks have elections.

        • I’m tugging, CW. I think that they want a deeper and more convincing bow, though. Maybe if I prostrate myself completely I can form a bridge over muddy water so they can walk without soiling their finely crafted shoes?

          • Once you’ve been to the camp, you’ll learn to love Big Brother (or Sister). Both are sexist terms. You’ll learn to love Big LGBTQ+… but I have to admit that the honorific doesn’t “sing”. It’s progressive though, and that may be all that counts.

          • Hehe…net week it’ll be a new set of letters. Having grown up 15 minutes from Washington Crossing the “Colonial” is ingrained, I’d rather die a good death than acquiesce to Potentate demands, even if it gets me a bunk next to the stove. (Even says so in my Pocket Constitution)

  6. Given that historians credit only 3% of the population voluntarily served in the War of Independence, how many of the 75 million Trump supporters would in a new war? If that 3% included a high number of military veterans, things would get interesting. Not a big math guy but here goes. Sources place the number of veterans around 18,000,000. Say only 1/2 are Trump supporters. 3% of 9,000,000 is around 450,000. Say 1/2 are fit for active duty. That is 225,000 people. The unfit? Collaborators, intelligence sources, and quartermasters. Shit could get real in a hurry if you have nearly a quarter million out plying their war making skills.

    • The power elite know this. Who is on “Their” side? Not the police – the generals but not the military. At least I think not. Will the Air Force drop bombs on US soil?

    • It’s not about Trump any more. It’s about ordered liberty versus arbitrary rule by paranoid, resentful and vengeful narcissists.

      The “elite” will never give up. They’ve been raised from the cradle to believe that we are subhumans for their use. Doesn’t matter if the subhumans are called “filthy laborers” or “the Deplorables” or “the goyim”. To each of those components of the “elite” we are, in the eloquent words of Gunny Hartman, not even human fucking beings. In parallel with the contempt is the bone-deep fear of an uprising, more so among some “elite” factions than others. All those exaggerated tales of terror told? (Not that there wasn’t real terror at times, but still….) Those tales are projection. Vengeful narcissists.

      • Won’t matter. Even if we fought and won, we’d only be rats in the rubble. Free Somalia doesn’t seem much better than being slaves in a place that still has running water and electricity. Besides, the PLA will just move in to “restore order” under the UN flag with European support. Biden is their property, why wouldn’t he ask for help?

        Then there’s the problem of the 100+ million “Americans” who crave the leash, and embrace their own slavery to the point of having fought to make it happen. Freedom can’t be imposed. Back when we got loose of the British, lots of folks didn’t want to rebel – but being people who had moved to a frontier and all, they pretty much all wanted personal freedom; they just didn’t want to become traitors to get it. That’s why the Loyalists weren’t really a problem after the war. My family fought on both sides of both American wars.

        Nowadays though that 100+ million local residents actively hate and fear their own personal freedom, and want to be Ruled.

        I don’t think there’s a road to a positive outcome.

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