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Trump may win the presidency. Thus shifting the media attacks from incessant to something even more malignant.
Come clean. Haven’t you wanted someone, anyone, in the public eye to point the finger at the news and tell the people, those with ears to hear, how false and sordid were the lies, the endless lies, the heartless lies, the treacherous lies they heard forever and ever, without cease, from the unclean lips of the newsmen. And then to stick that pointing finger in the newsman’s eye?
You see, the press feels all-powerful and while they are exceptionally powerful, a Trump victory will mean that the people can see through their petty, small-minded lies. What’s the blow back from that? I doubt that it will be introspection, however the New York Times subscriptions are down 97% over last year. Maybe the damage to  their bottom lines will initiate an era of change from partisan corruption to neutral reporter? One can only hope.
It’s a strange year. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Nobody would have predicted that. 
In less than a week we will pick a new president. A Clinton win means that the Democrat Party will have Tim Kaine to run things while Hillary deals with impeachment. She’s been through it with Slick Willy before, so it’s nothing new for her. Kaine is a doofus. However, it may not be Clinton. As Cubs fans would tell you, it’s a year of miracles.

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  1. The Clintons have two scandals hanging over them like a dark cloud, with FBI evidence that Hillary and Bill have been cashing in on the public dime with their crummy crooked Foundation, in addition to storing secrets in their basement which have been subsequently stolen by perhaps 5 enemy countries. And they STILL lead in the polls?

    And it is these very polls that the mainstream media continue to flout in everyone's face as truth, when I think we are on the verge of a spectacular Republican landslide. Will the American public suddenly out of nowhere discover that the MSM has been a Democrat advocate all along? That these pollsters are just Democrats with a clipboard ringing your doorbell?

    Or are we irrevocably stupid as a nation? I am ever hopeful that events like this election will open some eyes that have been closed for a very long time.

  2. The American public were stupid enough to vote for Obama – TWICE. It always gives me pause whenever I feel hopeful.

  3. I am indeed a happy human today! Never thought I'd see the Cubs win in my lifetime. Now if we can upset the apple cart and start pushing out the entrenched political insiders this will be a great year

  4. You got me there. How stupid can you be to vote for Barry, who never so much as managed a lemonade stand, to run the affairs of the US…and re-elect him. American voters as a whole can be dumber than a bag of hammers.

  5. I am not a life-long, long suffering Cubs fan. If they lost, it would not have ruined my week/month, etc. But I have lived in the Chicago area for about 15 years now, and certainly have a soft spot in my heart for them. That game was the most exciting sports event that I have seen, possibly ever. Big lead, then cut to nothing, then they eke out an extra-inning nail biter. Drama, big time. The worry on the face of those Cubs fans at the stadium was almost painful to watch in the bottom of the 9th. Since these were the Cubs, after all, every one of those strained, long suffering fans thought the Cubs were going to blow it.

    But they didn't. Woo hoo!

  6. I'm praying that the demons do a few donuts on Hillary's front lawn and knock over the mailbox on their way out of town. Maybe leave a dead raccoon behind on the steps, as well.

  7. Hilly and Bill ARE a scandal. The left wing of our government makes Stalin look like a boy-scout.

  8. Have you heard of the child sex trafficking charges that the NYPD opened up when they looked into the Wiener laptop? Billy Jeff loved him some young stuff and his pal on Pleasure Island made sure he got some. Apparently there are all kinds of high gov't officials and media types involved.

    If true, this could put Hillary and Bill away for a looong time. Someone better yank their passports before they fly the coop. Where's the Clinton Foundation $1.8 billion again … Qatar?

  9. They can have the Clinton aircraft airborne in short order. I'd be surprised if they didn't have a couple of pilots living in it just in case. The King of Qatar (pronounced Gutter) promised asylum.

  10. Do you really think the Clintons would leave if she loses?

    I mean I know even rats will desert a sinking ship, but seriously, do you think they'd leave?

  11. UFAP – Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution. Yes, I think that she would go into a "retreat" in another land where there is no extradition treaty. She would say that she's under a doctor's care, yada-yada-yada.

    At this point it depends whether or not the NYPD RUMORED allegations of her sexually abusing underage children is true. I'm waiting for the official word and pictures. If it's true, she can't flee to Russia where they take child molest seriously, but she could find shelter in the Middle East where it's common – and they also screw camels and goats.

  12. The fourth estate died the death a long time ago. It would be nice if someone would pay for the funeral and bury it. The stench is overpowering.

  13. If I worked for Clinton Inc. in any capacity, my resume would be polished and circulating.

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