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One last memory of Cash. There is a lot of small town in America. It rarely capture the headlines because fly-over country is generally ignored. There are more stories of people helping people than there are of people being mean.
Johnny Cash’s songs weren’t about the old feather bed or about the guy whose girl left him, taking his pick-up truck and his dog. But the songs still resonated with small town America.
Hollywood, and the politics of bi-coastal gender confusion are the stuff of tabloids and television when you live in a rural community. Your dad likely is not earning $500K per year and your mom is not a housewife on a reality show, so you have to take it from the moguls that the stuff they’re so proud of is real.

Cash tried to keep it real in a completely different sense.
Many tens of thousands of bright, beautiful, young women descend on Hollywood every year after listening and viewing what was said to be real, only to learn first hand that it is not. The lucky ones turn out to be waitresses with dreams. The unlucky ones are sex puppets for predators and or are strung out on drugs. If they’re lucky, they can go home. 
Keep it real.


In a moment of rare candor, Hillary Clinton admitted that the Epstein assassination was simply accomplished to help her with her anxiety issues. More from Babylon Bee here
You can say what you want about the writers at The Bee, but I’m sure that they love coming to work in the morning. These stories practically write themselves don’t they?
Somebody needs to fetch Hillary another bottle of wine. Ah, the stories she could tell.

No Debate for Tulsi
I’m not a Tulsi Gabbard advocate, but she was screwed (again) by the DNC with yet another rule change that will keep her from the next Democrat debate. She qualified after Super Tuesday but they couldn’t let her on the stage, could they? She’d make senile old Biden and my comrade, Bernie, look pretty bad if they gave her that shot. 
Fair Winds and Following Seas
The USS Tucson (SSN 770), a portion of her crew having adopted this blog, is leaving Pearl Harbor.
The Cone of Shame 

15 thoughts on “Monday Montage

  1. I would dispute that many of the endless flood of young ladies to Hollywood are "bright". Nice, probably, though…


  2. Hollywood: as a 30-something year old guy, I lived in North Hollywood, CA (the poor man's Hollywood). I commuted from there to Gardena where I worked in the transportation industry. All of my associates (no, not 'friends,' nobody has friends in Hollywood) also had jobs: short order cooks, waitresses, bar tenders, etc. All of them when asked what they do would respond that they were in the entertainment industry: each one of them had a script in their back pocket, either trying to get auditions, attempts at re-writes of tired old scripts that were out there, and so on.

    And ALL of them were so sure that their big break into Hollywood was just a matter of time. It was a sad sight to see, and although this is simply anecdotal, I think that had I been more socially active, I would have seen that this mind set was just about everywhere in LA – busboys or car lot attendants who were just one audition away from being stars.

    Very similar to the playgrounds in New York City: all little black kids on the crumbling basketball courts were going to be in the NBA. Every one of them. And in reality, if you round off the numbers, NOBODY was going to make the NBA.

    Pathetic state of affairs, when people like this think fairy tales come true if you just work hard enough for it. And I think they all would vote for Bernie Sanders today, as he thinks much like they all do.

  3. Hollyweird is a construct that falls apart as soon as the light of common sense shines on it. Tucson is a good boat! I've used her for testing before.

  4. It takes courage, or desperation, to chase a dream. You make shake your head at the stinking thinking, but you should respect the "try", IMO.

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  6. Not sure I could resist walking a few paces behind the guy with the cone, tossing ping pong balls.

  7. At cruising depth, the bulkheads are 36 inches closer together than they are on the surface…

  8. You'd have made it big in pictures.

    Fredd: As Captain Kirk

    Fredd: As McGarrett – Hawaii 5-0

    Fredd: in The Rockfish Files…

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