Plague Vaccine Policy Backlash?


Cowboy Chili

Best if cooked over an open wood fire in a Dutch oven suspended from. a tripod. Let the smoke flavor the chili. It should be accompanied by biscuits cooked in a separate Dutch oven.

Is it wrong to add cilantro and sour cream?

Soon it will be too cold to cook chili like this. The snow has a way of driving even the more ardent cooks back into the chuckwagon.


Good Dog!





The World Economic Forum recently released their hope that we would be propelled back into the stone age through the green agenda as if expecting the general public to be allured by these promises of totalitarian ruin, rather than repelled by these threats. They posted on Twitter with unrestrained joy.

The tweets were deleted as soon as the World Economic Forum realized their misstep. It is, in effect, unintentionally, an ad for gunsmiths. Arm yourself today. Stock up on ammo. Go to the range with silhouette targets, and practice headshots.

When one signs a deal with the devil in blood, one fixed provision of the contract is always that you truthfully tell the Christians what you meant to do to them before you do it, despite that you would rather keep your evil goals secret.  The woke just can’t help predicting their success from the rooftops – ok, today it’s social media.

If the laws of Hell make them say the quiet part aloud: the goal is to undermine the United States (hence liberty), the fossil fuels needed for industrialization (hence prosperity), and private property (hence life). A life of helot dirt-farming is before us. Will they allow the commoners to keep a horse to pull the plow, or will the FBI come by and seize it for the greater good of the racially oppressed? Only the nomenklatura will be able to afford to have their three-dee printed artificial hearts delivered by spy drones, and only for a time.

Science fiction should be left to we professionals. We know it is fiction, and know how to differentiate utopias from dystopias.

A science fiction writer knows enough to know not to propose the inhuman nightmare of Orwell’s 1984 (you’ll own nothing) while promising the dehumanizing opium-dream of Huxley’s Brave New World (you’ll be comfortably numb).

Science fiction writers know when an idea has been done before and done to death. You can only reprise the human exultation of Blade Runner or the Harkonnen Empire on Dune so many times.


  1. The only thing I have of my mothers mother is her 10” cast iron skillet. It has fried so many chickens in crisco, that you can still pick up a taste of it. It’s my go to cooking utensil. If I’m forced to live with the wolves, at least my food cooked over an open fire will taste good!

    • The life of the average cast iron skillet, properly cared for and seasoned could be 1000 years or more. They are amazing and the food cooked in them is delicious.

      • I have a deep cast iron skillet, 10″ by 3″ deep, I retrieved from our mother’s house over 25 years ago when we had to admit her to a nursing home for care. (Alzheimers is a bitch). It is properly seasoned, well cared for, and still works great. Probably cooked a few tons of chicken, in Crisco, over its life. And God knows how much popcorn!

        • It will cook many more tons of chicken – until the UFO’s land we find out that chickens have been flying them. In that event, hide the skillet.

  2. testify my brother! i look for the lights to go out any minute, but by january for sure as our nasty guard troops are all deploying then. how do these “people” hope to profit from the disaster?…..i do my cast iron cooking on an old school boxwood wood stove in my shop, all day simmer, mmmm. might have to fire her up after we go vote. yeah, they’ll cheat but from the look on terry mac’s face, the fix isn’t “in” yet. i hope that crook goes down in flames and that he spent all his ill gotten gains doing so. i herd he’s already hired a bigshot lawyer to contest the election, and filed suit on the p.o. claiming they didn’t deliver the ballots on time. what a sleazeball. wish us luck.

    • It’s an important day for the Old Dominion and for America.

      The question isn’t whether or not the donkeys will rig the VA election, it’s whether they can rig it sufficient to overcome a landslide by Republicans.

      • Might be good if they stole it so blatantly and crudely that there was no hiding it.

        But what am I saying? They already did that last November!

  3. Double duty Tuesday – Taco/chili and elections. There’s a combo of metaphors.

    Colorado wants to spend more of our money for the homeless, because, you know, tens of millions of the Dem’s programs have failed miserably so their logic – as always – is to throw more of other people’s money at it despite abject failure. Typical Dem response.

    A Virginia loss will be a hit, and clear fraud, but hopeful Youngkin prevails, as he should.

    Then we have Kyle Rittenhouse and the corrupt DA. It’ll – sadly – be interesting to watch them fold themselves in half with tortured legalese to hang this kid who acted in self-defense. From what I can tell the judge is sound.

    In the meantime, Harris is heavily viewed worse than Depends-in-Chief as the Dem’s are losing their grip and people tell them to go pound sand with their collective crap. Brother was heading into the polling place, the Dem operative outside said “Don’t forget your mask!”, to which he said, “Thanks for Virtual Reminding me.”…the Republican laughed. Dem’s are the most pitiful people on the planet…far from God.

    • Homeless illegal aliens will need even more of your money and resources to help them establish themselves in their new homes. The proposed $450K per head payment will be a start but they’ll need more. Much more. I’m counting on you to do your part.

      • I’m heading across the border, then crossing back so I can get my free gov”t cheese, including a Brandon t-shirt and sustainable water bottle. With $450k in the bank, tax free, I might settle back into a leisurely lifestyle I could become accustomed.

        • If you play it as a family, you can get up to $1 million. The least you’ll net as a solo act is $450K. The country club lifestyle can be yours, but only if you’re not a toxic white male. Never fear, they won’t ask for ID and you can give them a Hispanic surname, lisp when you say it, hint that your partner, Julio is already in the US, dancing at “the Man Hole” in urban Chicago.

  4. Supply chain. Blue state ports, red state ports, it won’t make much difference when there are as many people “regulating” every aspect of the supply chain as there are lumpers and truckers.

    I have relatives that are independent owner operators. There are several states, starting with CA, that they won’t haul to/from. Too much risk of having their rigs tied up in regulatory traps for days on end.

    It has been decades now but I have worked as a longshoreman. Dangerous work. Those containers, wet, are slick as s**t. I have other relatives that operate longshoreman and ship handling in Portland. Give her the authority and my great aunt, known up and down the West Coast as, “that woman”, would have everything unjammed in a few weeks.

    Sadly, the problem is age old. Too many people not getting their hands dirty getting in the way of those who are willing to get their hands dirty.

    • As with your great aunt, either you or I could solve the problem, given the authority, in a few weeks.

      They didn’t like Benito Mussolini, but the trains ran on time…

      • We may be reaching a time my Dad called, “The Belly Flapping Principal. Once your belly starts flapping your attitude changes quickly.”

  5. “Science fiction should be left to we professionals.”
    I may be called a grammar Nazi, but at least I read every single word in your blog(s) – daily.

  6. Loaded up some 308 ammo the other day for my son’s Remington 700. Hornady 155 gr ELD bullets. Went shooting yesterday at a friends property. Friend on spotting scope, son shooting prone off a bag. Applied come-ups to scope. First shot at 12 o’clock in the 8 ring. Elevation adjustment. Next six shots in the X-ring. At 600 yards, first time shooting at that distance. Hooah.

    Head shots, FBI, horse, plow. Works for me.

    “Is it wrong to add cilantro and sour cream?”. Not at my camp fire.

    Iron skillets. Also a halfway decent CQB weapon when swung with both hands. Even better if still hot. “Lodge” branded backwards into your hide makes a statement.

  7. Working on .30-06 loads at the moment. Because while a 1903a3 may be outdated, it is not obsolete.

    We have my wife’s grandfather’s old cast iron skillet, presumably passed on to him in his youth. Thing is huge, about 16″ across, and 2″ deep. It doesn’t retain any original seasoning, as it was rusted up when we got it and I had to strip it with a wire wheel and reseason. It still works beautifully though, for everything from bacon and eggs to a deep dish whole-family pot pie.

    I’m working on Mackey Chandler’s “April” series, for a future dystopian sci fi escapism outlet. Depressing in some ways, but still with that element of hope necessary for a good story, and redeemable characters even from the worst Big Brother backgrounds.

  8. NEVER cilantro in chili… Makes it taste like soap! Sour cream for those with weak stomachs…LOL Loving Loki’s Fire! Vega is an ‘interesting’ character!

  9. Chili and biscuits sounds damn good today. It’s in the low 40’s and raining, meaning good, hearty food is called for! I don’t care for colantro and/or sour cream, so may I dip mine out before you add them?

    Marcus Aurelius was a wise man. I’ve seen, met, and known far too may “Ivory Tower Intelectuals” who couldn’t find their rear end with a map and written instructions to suit me. The worst thing is they get put in charge of projects because of their “credentials”, and usually screw it up big time.

    Which goes along nicely with the topic below his picture.

  10. Just remembered “Escape Velocity”, a science fiction story where society is devolving into lords and serfs…and a group decided to head out to greener pastures. But, they had access to space travel.
    We don’t have that option.

  11. Ah. The old “truckers won’t deliver to blue states” trope. I hear it’s true.

    Good luck, California and New York.

    And guess what, we grow all the food. Think about that.

    Let’s go Brandon.

    • I don’t think that the woke knows where the food comes from. The new alternative meat, made by Bill Gates is made of chemicals in vats. I don’t know where the vats are located, but liberals could go there if they get hungry. Maybe it’s Soylent Green? That would make sense in a weird way.

  12. That has to be good chili, has beans in it, sour cream and cilantro? Why not? ought to add a zest to it.

    I have to wonder if the awakening has troubling thoughts of those that want to rule over us? Are they even listening, or in their arrogance dismiss us with a wave of disinterested their hands and laugh when they are in private chambers? Something for us to ponder, what do we have to replace those we have utterly vanquished? Are we trading one evil for others that have more sinister plans and the wherewithal to implicate their desires?

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