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WHALE WARS is ENTERTAINMENT for the Green Agenda, 

Capt. Paul Watson

(TMZ) Paul Watson, the star of the reality show “Whale Wars” LIED about the fate of the show’s most famous ship … falsely telling the media it sank due to a crash with Japanese whalers, when in fact he secretly SABOTAGED the boat himself for publicity … this according to a new lawsuit. 

Ady Gil, owner of the ship, Ady Gil, (see video above) sued Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Gil claims in his suit that he let Watson’s organization use his boat, so long as they took care of it. Following the incident recorded by a Japanese whaling vessel (above), Gil says that Watson sabotaged his ship in order to generate more publicity (and to spur contributions to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – and his own pocket book). As a result of the sabotage, the Ady Gil sank even though it was reparable.
(Fox News) Gil claims Watson’s motive was to spur outrage over the ship’s sinking and urge people to donate to his anti-whaling organization. Gil alleges he only allowed Watson to use his ship for “Whale Wars” under the condition that Watson keeps it in the best condition possible. Now, Gil is suing for $5 million saying the destruction of the boat violated their agreement. 
Watson recently resigned from his post as the head of the Sea Shepherd society.
Discovery announced on Saturday that “Whale Wars” would be renewed for a sixth season, according to Deadline.
For the record, I am personally opposed to whaling to harvest “sushi” for Japanese consumption. Whales and aquatic mammals do ‘think’ and whether or not they are fully sentient, I feel as if their slaughter is ‘wrong’ at just about every possible level.
However, the Sea Hippies/Sea Shepherds’ conduct is usually so outrageous that I cheer for the Japanese whale killers every time I happen to drift across their program on the Discovery Channel when I’m surfing the airwaves. From what I saw in the video above, the Sea Shepherds stopped their tiny boat in front of a large Japanese ship underway in international waters in a situation where the Japanese vessel couldn’t stop or turn fast enough so as to make it appear to be an intentional ramming.
Paul Watson and his coterie of “soft touch donors” such as television personality Bob Barker, and the late crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin, have collected an interesting group of volunteer ‘sea hippies’ to support his cause – and to enrich his personal fortune.

Who is Paul Watson?

(The New Yorker Magazine) When Watson is separated from land, he tends to behave like Captain Nemo, which is to say that he does what he thinks is right, even if it involves a violation of custom or the destruction of property. There are a number of rules belonging to civilization that outrage his sense of morality, among them the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which asserts that sovereign states alone are the ocean’s enforcers. If such rules interfere with his agenda, then, as far as he is concerned, rules be damned.

Japanese Whaling/Research Ship

A diplomat might say that the Japanese whaling fleet is technically complying with the rules of the I.W.C., and that to stop it one must first upset the status quo that permits the fleet to hunt whales. Watson, who cannot be bothered with the legal nuances of international regulations, insists that the Japanese fleet is breaking the law, and that, because the I.W.C. refuses to act, he and his crew must. He calls his fleet Neptune’s Navy, and he regards it as a law-enforcement agency. Moments before ramming a vessel, Watson will radio its captain and say something that sounds very official, such as “Please remove yourselves from these waters. You are in violation of international conservation regulations.” At times, he loses his cool. “We’re no protest ship,” he once told an intransigent captain. “Now, get out of here.” His sense of urgency, his impressive ego, his argumentativeness, his love of theatrics, his tendency to bend the truth, his willingness to risk lives or injury for his beliefs (or for publicity), and his courage (or recklessness) have earned him both loathing and veneration from those who are familiar with his activism.

And that reckless disregard for the law brought Captain Paul Watson to a decision to sabotage one of the ships in his fleet and sink it — while blaming the Japanese. The strange followers of Watson stand on the high ground of their own personal morality which they feel trumps the rule of law. It reminds me more of Reverend Jim Jones and the People’s Temple than it does any legitimate effort. One can only wonder if Watson’s next move will be to offer his crew Kool Aid in lieu of grog so that he can blame their deaths on the Japanese fisheries vessels.
Paul Watson has a lot in common with former Vice President Al Gore, ‘creator of the Internet’ and the neo-champion of the green agenda, who just sold out his followers for a large check from Al Jazeera.

8 thoughts on “Scamming at Sea

  1. Law of the Sea DOES trump his little games… He'd better be glad he hasn't crossed swords with the French! Remember what they did to Greenpeace? :-) And he IS going to get somebody killed sooner rather than later.

  2. He has worked hard to get one his volunteers killed by a Japanese whaling boat but miraculously they survived.

    Yes, the French showed the Rainbow Warrior how it's done downtown.

  3. Opus #6 – really more of a scam to get the rich do-gooders in Hollywood to pour money into his trough and he flaunts the law and engages in eco-piracy while the "progressives" who are so enamored with "gun laws" thrill to his crimes.

  4. Progressives don't mind a little tyranny, as long as they feel that they are in control.

  5. Snazzy uniform he's got. But I can't make it out…which navy does he serve again?

  6. I think that the navy uniform comes from the costume store. He always fancied himself as a navy man and tries to look the part. It's a prop that helps him con the public.

    However, protestors such as Watson have a lot in common. He's one of the successful ones who has made a personal fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars like Rev. Jessie Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton. Part of the snake oil that he sells makes it to television where the revenue comes from the network (because everyone loves dramatic reality television) and from the progressives who watch his TV show.

    What 'progressive' contributors fail to grasp is that it's not a documentary. It's ENTERTAINMENT. WHALE WARS is ENTERTAINMENT that appeals to a segment of society.

  7. It's an "exercise in wisdom" when a progressive is exercising tyranny. I harken to the days of Colonial America and the role of the King as 'benevolent father' to the colonists. He quartered troops in their homes — because he loved the people. Sure he had to spank a few hands, but his redcoats did it with love and out of paternal instinct.

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