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Yes, there will be a Super Bowl party at my house tomorrow. The family is sharply divided between Denver Broncos fans and Carolina Panthers fans. It’s much like the War of Northern Aggression (also called the American Civil War) where families were divided. Griffin (age 7) favors the Panthers, as do I. His father (age 34) favors the Broncos.

The house will be filled with various and sundry people with differing opinions on how the game should be played. They will be eating hamburgers and hot dogs and offering unwanted advice to both players and coaching staff from their chairs or positions on the three sofas in the TV/family room.  I’m guessing that we will have at least twenty people/kids running around and the local police car  and the sergeant that supervises our side of town will stop by on their Code 7/lunch break for a hamburger and to inject more unwanted advice, backed up by the full force of law.
Bloggers are welcome to swing by and add to the mayhem if you RSVP (but you may also end up in handcuffs, spending a night at the gray bar motel if you are disorderly – or back the ‘wrong’ team). 

I realize that America in 2016 confronts a lot of problems. We can throw around blame but most of it rests with irresponsibility in high places. Campaign 2016 should focus on one thing in my mind and the rest will follow. This is the question that I have of all candidates: 

HOW do you plan to do to deal with the $19 trillion dollar debt that Barack and friends have saddled the country with? Be specific.

My next question is similar to the first.

Will you pledge to legitimately balance the budget? When I say “legitimately”, there are a number of budget games that can be played to make a budget look balanced when it’s not. The only way to deal with the national budget is to deal with entitlements. We know from the fluff up in Iowa that the farmers there were all for conservative values so long as the candidates vowed to allow them to keep their ethanol subsidies (which passes for free cheese and ObamaPhones in DeMoines).
The military industrial complex provides ‘welfare for the middle class’, but  growing the military is not viable until the debt issue has been resolved. Shrinking the non-military portion of the federal government is one way to begin to deal with debt, but none of the “conservative” candidates have discussed how they plan to do that. If a Republican candidate is elected, they will have a Republican Congress. What do they plan to do with that mandate (not unlike the mandate that Barack inherited)? At present I am underwhelmed with what the Republican controlled Congress has been able to do.
The Democratic Party’s dilemma with the impending case against candidate Clinton becoming an issue is their worst nightmare. The anointed queen of the nation charged by DOJ as the result of an FBI investigation, and the only player left on the field is Bernie Sanders, a communist, whose stated economic policy is to spend in such a way as to leave us with a $30 trillion debt in four years. 
Hillary Clinton is willing to flip/flop on any given issue to get elected. When you look at her record, it’s so all over the board that I frankly don’t know where she stands on any issue, because in much the same way as her husband, Slick Willy, the’s for and against everything so long as it puts money in her pocket and power in her fat little fist. But none of that matters as she tromps through New Hampshire flanked by her army of advisors, sycophants and food tasters.
The FBI (150 special agents on the case now at last report) has the sort of case against her that prosecutors dream of. The elements of the crimes are simple and the US State Department (Home of Hillary) in a Democratic administration, are providing them the ammunition, and will testify. DOJ convened an investigatory grand jury when this case started as is pro forma. An accusatory grand jury will be convened when it’s time to seek an indictment.
And then what is the Party to do? 
Pass the popcorn, please. It will be like another Super Bowl Party!!

18 thoughts on “Saturday Statement

  1. They need to operate on a zero based budget. As far as I know, Carly Fiorina is the only one to say that's what we should be doing.

    Have a nice party, LL.

  2. I like what Fiorina says and I think that she would be effective in leadership, but there is no wind beneath her wings at the moment.

  3. Bloggers are welcome to swing by – may also end up in handcuffs- Good job I'm far enough away cos that'd be me. I'll stick with the six nations.

  4. Extrapolating does make it sound as through there will be a football orgy going on at the hacienda, doesn't it? But American football isn't much like rugby except for the shape of the ball and six nations rugby is fun to watch but there is no bbq related tradition associated with it. What is THAT about?

    Here in America the politicians always talk about the war they have going on against the weather, and the taxes that they need to levy to win the war. Obviously we pay the tax in the hopes of having nice enough weather to go outside wearing summer clothing and bbq – in February – for the Super Bowl.

  5. Underwhelmed is the word but hey, maybe the Debt Star will just, you know, magically go away. And maybe Hillary will be put away, please.

  6. Well you know how it can get during Super Bowl night. IF there is alcohol involved, make sure the weapons are locked up tight. And check your homeowner’s insurance disclaimer to see if you are covered for furniture damage on that particular night. Divided families can cause major headaches. Film it all, too, for the courts. But above all, have fun.

  7. It's all in very good fun at my house. My son-in-law is still moping that the Patriots were knocked out in the play-offs and he won't be coming to the party. His family take things far more seriously than we do at my gatherings.

  8. Let Bernie handle the debt, LL. He's got a simple, easy solution to the 19 Billion dollar debt: just monetize it. Just add two zeroes to what a dollar bill is worth, then start printing those dollar bills. Then step up to our debtors like China (who has been doing the exact same thing), and with a fork lift deliver a few pallets of these inflated dollar bills to the Chinese embassy, and voila! We're even Steven. And then contact the next in line (Japan), etc.

    To eliminate the Chinese debt, it'll only cost us $80,000,000 (80 million) real dollars, but in the meantime it will make most US citizens millionaires.

    Bernie is a genius, LL. We should all vote for him.

  9. A million dollars in cash to every American? Who wouldn't love that ultimate expression of the Weimar Republic? All we'd need then is our own home grown version of an Austrian paper hanger to nationalize everything…

  10. First the Super Bowl Party … no way does Mrs. Woodsterman or myself put on or attend a party. We did it once and it's no place for "Football Fans" to be. We get serious about our football and do not like any distractions.

    I had the misfortune of watching the O'Reilly Show last night. He asked Trump how he would fix the Debt. Trump explained how picking up the economy up by getting out of the way and make it advantageous for business to be here, the economy and the debt would almost take care of themselves. Add some cutting too like no Department of Education. O'Reilly said he was crazy, and that we needed to raise taxes. There's no hope of the O'Reilly buffoons to ever understand economics.

  11. Trump wants to pay down the debt through national growth and that is a long term fix because we're looking at such a monumentally large amount. Taxing doesn't work because businesses and rich people don't have to stay in the US and be looted. They leave. Trump mentioned Pfizer. They moved to Ireland where the tax is 18%. Who can blame them?

    America needs some tough love when it comes to entitlements and nobody wants 'their' rice bowl touched. Trump is right that full employment (throw out that bullshit 4.9% unemployment lie and deal with the truth of the 20-25% number) reduces entitlements drastically. You raise people with employment and reduce the drag on society.

  12. Agree with reducing the rice bowls and 'entitlement' mentality… As for the game, I'm going to the range… Neither of my teams is in it… again… sigh

  13. Well we just all congregate at the pub, drink beer and eat fish 'n' chips and take bets! Same difference, just inside with a roaring fire, dominoes and a juke box.

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