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Climate Sermonette Summary

Today I thought that it might be interesting to revisit global warming, and cooling, and climate change in a way that the staff at Virtual Mirage does. We live on a remarkable planet. It’s our home and it will be the only home that we who are alive now will ever know, flying saucers notwithstanding. (traditionally if they take people away and ‘probe’ them, they also return them)

Politicians in the US and Europe feel as if they can change the weather if only taxes were high enough (please ignore the fact that China, India and Indonesia are responsible for most of the pollution on the planet today). Many human lemmings want to follow those climate activists into the sea.

Some of AOC’s followers think that it’s time to start eating babies to help save the planet. Read about the town hall meeting at Legal Insurrection.

“We are not going to be here for much long because of the climate crisis,” the woman said as she appeared to have an accent. “We only have a few months left!” 
“I love that you support the Green Deal, but it’s not getting rid of fossil fuel, it’s not going to solve the problem fast enough,” the woman continued. “A Swedish professor [said] we can eat dead people but that’s not fast enough. So I think your next campaign slogan has to be this: ‘We got to start eating babies! We don’t have enough time! There is too much CO2.”

That would be a great next step for the Democrat Party as they move into the next election cycle. Imagine the slogan, “EAT YOUR CHILDREN to save the planet. There are only a few months left before we all die.”

A Tree Falls in the Forest

(link) An ancient tree that contains a record of a reversal of Earth’s magnetic field has been discovered in New Zealand. The tree—an Agathis australis, better known as its Māori name kauri—was found in Ngawha, on New Zealand’s North Island, during excavation work for the expansion of a geothermal power plant.
The tree, which had been buried in 26 feet of soil, measures eight feet in diameter and 65 feet in length. Carbon dating revealed it lived for 1,500 years, between 41,000 and 42,500 years ago.
“There’s nothing like this anywhere in the world,” Alan Hogg, from New Zealand’s University of Waikato, told the website. “This Ngāwhā kauri is unique.”
The lifespan of the kauri tree covers a point in Earth’s history when the magnetic field almost reversed. At this time, the magnetic north and south went on an excursion but did not quite complete a full reversal.
Earth’s magnetic field is thought to be generated by the iron in the planet’s core. As it moves around, it produces electric currents that extend far into space. The magnetic field acts as a barrier, protecting Earth from the solar wind. This is a stream of charged particles from the Sun that could strip away the ozone layer if it were to impact the atmosphere.
When the magnetic field reverses—or attempts to—it gets weaker, leading to more radiation from the Sun getting through. Previously, scientists have linked extinction events to magnetic field reversals. Funny, but there was no man-generated climate influence when the tree died. Riddle me that.

Times and Seasons

There have been three late season white tail deer fawns born near the White Wolf Mine recently. One arrived about a month ago and we’ve had twins delivered within this past week. I’ve included photos.

Sometimes when you read the tea leaves or cast the runes, you can infer things. Late season fawn births, hmmm, perhaps a portent of a warm and globally warming winter is ahead, despite the early snow fall (on the order of 4′) in the Pacific Northwest.

Or maybe nature is playing a trick on all of us and the fawns will die in a cold and cruel winter, leaving bones that will turn into fossils and will be discovered by science in a million years.
Augury by these future scientists will be as spotty as the fawns because they will be torn in their opinions. Were these babes in the woods killed by the people who lived in the ruins of the White Wolf Mine?
And that’s my point. Nature is just unpredictable enough to be interesting. Nietzsche said that “when you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks back into you.” While I am completely opposed to pollution and destroying nature and our environment, the complex movements of the planets core and the Sun is presently beyond mankind’s complete comprehension. Keep your tax money, clean up around you. The People’s Republic of China will continue to pollute and act — the way that they act. The only thing that seems to be causing them concern these days is Donald J. Trump. And the climate people hate the president…go figure.


Jules, mother of wolves – Socrates got that right.
Talking of philosophy… those photographs are stunning. You should sit by that lake and write. Now you just need a wolf to come from behind the trees in the dawn mist. 

Wolves are difficult to predict. There are not THAT many of them here in the area and they tend to stay local to their territory and raise pups. There are enough elk and buffalo to keep them fed. For the most part, they’re running north of me about 75 miles.

Jim suggests – …Rather than the Caribbean, put the resurrected dinosaurs on an island off the coast of Asia. If something goes wrong, the Japanese have a lot of experience dealing with that sort of thing.

As usual, genius. 

20 thoughts on “Climate Sermonette

  1. I saw the baby eating video. She may have read A Modest Proposal and thought it a good idea.

  2. There are just not enough stupid idiots who subscribe to AOC's lunatic ravings, and accordingly, taxes are not going to be redirected into changing the planet's climate. Just like there are simply not enough people out there who believe the earth is flat, much to the relief of the globe manufacturer's guild.

    Taxing the weather, however, is something that liberals will cling to for some time, as they never give up. It's just not something that the majority of Americans will buy into. It's a youth thing, and the rub there is that eventually youth fades and people start to develop brains. Now, if the liberals can come up with a youth serum to keep people perpetually dumb, then we will have a problem…

  3. She thought they said " Green New Veal " .

    The tee-shirt shows good prep skills.

  4. Curmudgeon moment. Bison, not buffalo. Moving on,climate change is an excuse for tyranny, IMO, by wannabe tyrants.

  5. WSF: curmudgeon that you are, there is a certain amount of latitude in describing all things Americana: it's OK to call a flight attendant a 'stewardess.' Most of the time. And it's OK to call a financial advisor a 'stock broker.' Most of the time.

    And it's OK to call a bison a buffalo. All of the time. The lyrics of 'Home on the Range' back me up on this: 'oh give me a home where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play…' Brewster M. Higley penned these words in 1872, and he was not referring to Africa (and yes, I saw your 'pronghorn' correction as well). He meant the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

    They called him 'Buffalo Bill,' not Bison Bill. They called them buffalo nickels, not bison nickels. And they never sang 'Oh bison gals won't you come out tonight, come out tonight…' Never happened.

  6. Climate…no amount of factual rationale will dissuade these clowns from their idiocy. In the late seventies my dad said:

    "If the politicians could figure out a way to tax the air they will, then justify it."

    Always follow the money.

  7. Yep, don't see ANY of the climate types going to China, India, Pakistan, or Indonesia and protesting, because they KNOW they will 'disappear'… Re the Ngāwhā kauri, it 'might' have actually been present during the Laschamp event, depending on the actual dates. We see the pole wandering around, but few realize the potential if the poles actually swap! Nature is nature. WE don't control it, never have and never will.

  8. Maybe the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest can tell the next tale to the climate creepers of the future. It’s about 1100 years old and by the earliest estimate, it has stood through the Vikings, the Battle of Hastings, Agincourt, ( the French still hate us for that) Waterloo, the births and deaths of Shakespeare, Henry VII, Dickens, Darwin, Newton, Chaucer, Cromwell, the two world wars, over 50 monarchs! It’s the biggest oak tree in Britain, with a canopy spread of 28 metres, a trunk circumference of 11 metres and an estimated weight of 23 tonnes. It is said that Robin Hood and Maid Marion copped off inside it’s trunk as it is open. I know this as I’ve been inside myself. Not copping off though.

  9. "…copped off…", "…copping off…".

    New ones to me, Jules; translations into American for me, please.


  10. I could be wrong, but I believe that in the speech of the Englischers, that means "the sexy times".


  11. I just hope the "Eat The Babies" person was a very clever plant/prank.

    If there truly are people out there who think like this, and believe it, we're doomed.

  12. Good luck and long life the the late fawns, But it reminded me of this song.

    Partial lyrics:
    "Here came the middle of summer
    What beautiful happiness
    How joyful [the lake's] waves
    There was a female swan hadn't found her lover
    She searched for him endlessly and found him lastly
    They were delighted in their late found love
    They loved each other as nothing else matters
    A happy news of expecting came
    Promised each other to be together forever
    Married in their father lake, love and happiness followed
    Seven offspring were born to them
    How beautiful was life
    How tasty was happiness
    The sun goes down, here came the chill
    The moon goes dark and hides behind the clouds
    Fierce cold came and the water body chilled
    Frozen the streams and the whole earth
    It was time to travel back to warm land, but her cygnets were too young
    They tried so hard to fly with half grown feathers
    She took her young ones under her wings to save them from coldness
    Sacrificed her life and left this world
    As the fire of her eyes quenched her tears stayed pouring
    As the last breath left her body her heartache was still there
    Died in her tears for half-grown feathers The Mother Swan
    Departed in lullabying between sleeping and awake The Mother Swan"

  13. But LL, are you somehow saying that if we don't pay more tax and make the government even larger the poles will flip and we'll all become fossilized trees?

    Speaking of which, rumour has it that THE CRONE is considering another run. Picture the flip out if the Screeching Pantsuit loses AGAIN.

    Like a fierce solar wind cutting through the magnetosphere.

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