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What is Happening in Calgary?

(Calgary News) Alberta is reporting an unprecedented increase in ill-defined and unknown causes of death in 2021. 

That category is leading the way over dementia, which has been in the top spot since 2016, and COVID-19, which began adding to the death tally in the province in a big way in 2020.

In 2021, ill-defined and unknown causes of death snagged the first spot with 3,362, up from 1,464 in 2020 and 522 the year before that, according to statistics from the Government of Alberta.

The unknown causes of death category only began appearing on the list in 2019 — there is no record of its ranking before then, dating back to 2001…

Is it possible that it has something to do with the Covid vax?

The reason why Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” was declared to be “safe and effective” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is that Pfizer lied about the outcomes of its clinical trials.


Bullet Points

* (Gateway Pundit) This is how liberals push false information to twist the truth.  Those investigating his profile (i.e. the Police or the FBI) could have easily released his political affiliation. But they will either delay this or won’t share it at all. This is another reason why Americans don’t trust the FBI and the mainstream media. There is ample evidence that the demonic July 4th shooter is connected to the left and yet this was hidden in the press reports and on social media while this demon was accused of being a Trump supporter.

* On what planet should a union that can endorse a presidential candidate be allowed to collect and deliver the ballots for that election? It’s time to clean house on the process.

* Cars are more regulated than firearms and yet they cause more deaths.

* The sitting elected/installed President is not actually in charge of anything and can barely read a teleprompter and we have no clear idea of who is actually setting policy for the state. And the democrats call it “our democracy”.


Normally Friday would be Spy Day – but I forgot…

Claudio brought this article to my attention. While it doesn’t necessarily address espionage, covert action, and United States Code Title 50, it does deal with the realities of urban combat, as referenced in Ukraine. It’s good reading.

In a larger sense, all war is based on deception (Sun Tzu) and on surprise with the strategy on the battlefield being fluidic. Tactical plans rarely survive the first shot. Therefore it’s not just muscle on the battlefield and not necessarily only about numbers.

28 thoughts on “Saturday Slam

  1. Personally, I believe the FDA told them to lie. The government wanted to approve it as much as Pfizer wanted it approved. Its efficacy was never a goal.

    1. I think that you’re correct. Efficacy was never a goal. It was a political plague with political vaxes and an obedience mask.

  2. To quote from the Grunt’s War Bible:
    “Murphy’s Laws of Combat”
    #31…”When both sides are convinced they are about to loose, they are both right”

    Heart and soul, Individual and Group Determination and Sound Moral footing are immeasurable variables in any war.

    Logistics is the Life Blood of any Nation, and or War effort…as we see, it can be very painful when it is deliberately hamstrung for woke goals.

    If the Leadership is incompetent, and/or Morally Corrupt, the people (both combatants and non-combatants will die in Horrific numbers).

    If mid-Level Management/Officers/NCO/Contractors are Diversity hires rather than the best of a Meritocracy, the best laid plans and logistics will still Fail.

    If the front line workers would rather call in sick than come to work, or the front line Grunts would rather shoot their own feet rather than serve…You, and your Nation have lost.

    On a completely unrelated note, yesterday it was reported that the Military Leadership had notified 60,000 Qualified and trained Guard and Reserve personnel that due to their failure to take the clot shot they are Fired.

    Also, despite increasing the enlistment bonus to 50K the Army appears to be on track to not reaching 50% of their already reduced enlistment goals.

    MSG Grumpy

    1. Thank you MSG – correct on all counts, I’m sorry to say. The Brandon Regime’s notion is that anyone who refuses the vax is not the “right sort” for the military in general or the Guard in this instance.

  3. Clinical trials, what clinical trials? They must mean the ones done on the masses in situ?

    Finished watching The Terminal List, art imitates life.

    1. I personally think that the people in power at present are much worse than the portrayals in the Terminal List. They went light on that, showing the FBI as having a heart, etc.

        1. Carr, who is kind of a cocky guy, laid it out well on Tucker. You know that the progs who were watching had a melt-down. But the show is enjoying a 95% approval on Amazon so there will be more of them.

  4. Yesterday lots of lefty Twitterites spent time trying to explain that the old hollowed out man actually said “LET ME repeat that” in attempt to show that Biden didn’t read instructions off the prompter that were not intended to be spoken.

    What is missing in that is why he can’t speak (and read) clearly enough so as not to need interpreters. I’d like to hear them try and explain that.

    1. Why does he need a sound stage in the Executive Office Building with teleprompters set up to answer questions posited by stooge reporters? He didn’t even read “Let me repeat that” well from his teleprompter. The guy belongs in a care facility, not in the White House.

      1. The DC Swamp and the goings on there have entered a truly bizarre zone.

        1. I’ve had some recent dealings with the Executive Office of the President and there may be a report this time next week discussing that. It’s bizarre beyond belief.

  5. And the democrats call it “our democracy”.

    Of course they do. A Constitutional Republic is so confining.

  6. I miss don Martin and MAD magazine God, I would like to see how they would have skewered these clowns in office.

    1. They’d all have been arrested for sedition and insurrection by now.

  7. I think it can also be said that no initial woodworking plan survives contact with the lumber 🙂

    1. Oh how very true. I would add no initial woodworking plan survives after the review of current lumber prices as well. Sheesh, they are high.

  8. When the Donks say “our democracy” they aren’t talking about the rest of us. It’s a tiny club, and we ain’t in it.

    1. If you shaved your legs, walked like a duck, and transitioned, you’d have a much better chance of joining the club than you do now.

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