Berserker in the Underbrush

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This is the deal. Pretty Jenny (fellow blogger) doled out some “Berserkers in the Underbrush” mugs, with the hedgehog berserker logo on them.  Because there’s nothing quite so fierce as a hedgehog viking that is about to go berserk.

Jenny herself is protected in her home by a killer hawg (hedgehog), deceptively named “Begonia”. Everyone knows that hedgehogs are tiny aliens, remorselessly plotting the overthrow of the world for their own gain.
The catch to getting a mug was that I was expected to pose for a Berserker selfie. I don’t do selfies usually, I’m not that easy — but a free mug — well, I am cheap.
Snarl on my lips, showing fangs, camera trigger in the hidden hand, wearing a camo sniper’s smock and a Russian Naval Infantry t-shirt. It’s about as sinister as I could get, holding a killer hedgehog mug aloft while displaying a meaty fist with old, scarred knuckles.

Stones and bones…

18 thoughts on “Berserker in the Underbrush

  1. ahaHA!! The snarl brings it home! Well DONE.
    With that mug in hand, crowds will part before you out of fear, and the remorseless aliens will recognize you as one of their own. I have, in one fell swoop, spared your hide and imbued you with sinister power! Not a bad Monday after all, eh?

  2. The oceans will part before me, children fill flee, legions of rats will fall into formation before me and I will march to….my secret lair, high in the Carpathian mountains, or the Alps, or Stately LL mansion in the middle of Gotham City. (I can't decide on a destination for my mug and I)

  3. Hedgehawg Berserkers are unstoppable. It's that simple.

    Now have at it, the world's yours for the pillaging. –Though you have to share Californian loot with Brighid.

  4. I will defend my hoard against all comers like a dragon in a cave (named Smawg) sitting on my pile of pillaged and purloined loot – daring the foolish and bold to venture in to their DOOM (cackling laugh).

  5. OMG… I have been ousted from the top selfie among the Hedgehawg Berserkers by LL, (who closely resembles a cuddly bear grandpa in that getup)
    and it appears he is not willing to share his "loot" with a second…
    there may be far reaching repercussions… Damn Straight!

  6. Maybe I should have held a tomahawk in one hand and the (now famous) mug in the other to impress my berserking intent on the reader.

  7. I'm especially impressed by the Russian "T". Now that they're not commies and we are, do we have to fight for them?

    Also good to see the hawks have made a return.

  8. heehee… spare some change for the berserker? anyone have a dime? it's not easy here in the underbrush…

  9. WoFat…. Whoa, don't be making disparaging remarks about the #1 bad ass berserker's (aka Grampa) selfie!
    even though it was a (ROFLMAO) comment

  10. (T-Shirt) I guess that I could say that I took it off a dead Spetznaz officer, but I didn't. A friend picked it up for me in Tyumen. Which is odd, because Tyumen is located in the middle of Siberia.

  11. Well, you nailed that Larry. I'm scared. I wouldn't want you going beserkers anywhere near me. It's nice to see YOU being challenged 😉

  12. If you'd have been around, I'd have had you throw some sort of twisted "joker" smile on me. Alas, I went with what was readily available.

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