Just because it’s no longer Independence Day

Doesn’t mean you can’t BBQ another steak.


Bullet Points

* In the 2020 election, 81,286,365 people voted for Joe Biden, 74,225,845 for President Donald Trump. If you’re not a math whiz, that 51.26% of the vote for now-President Biden, 46.80 for former President Trump. That makes a new poll all the more ominous for Brandon, who has seen his approval rating plummet in nearly every poll as he struggles to handle domestic and international crises. A Gallup poll released on Tuesday finds Americans’ confidence in “the presidency” as an institution has dropped to 23% from 38% in 2021 — a record low since the survey began in 1973.

* Stop complaining, $78 billion is only a rounding error. You bloggers get upset over the strangest things.

* Missile Test SNAFU – It’s an interesting piece on US ICBM development. Generic though it is, it provides insight.

* (zerohedge) (h/t Claudio) Twitter account Libs of TikTok – which aggregates videos posted on TikTok by deranged leftists, tweeted a short video clip of someone scrolling through more than two dozen genders now listed on popular online dating website Match.com.

Gender fluidity is on full display as users of Match can pick from 31 genders. Some of the genders listed include “Two-Spirit,” “polygender,” “pangender,” “neutrois,”  “gender questioning,” “transgender person,” “genderqueer,” “gender non-conforming,” “non-binary,” “gender variant,” “transsexual man,” “gender fluid,” and “bigender,” among many others.

Man and woman don’t seem to play into the progressive and woke dating scene. Of course, I’m not a biologist, so what do I know?

* After spending about 10 minutes on paperwork with basic information Wednesday evening, staff at the facility provided a Daily Caller reporter with a smoking kit containing a crack pipe, condoms, and lubricant.

The Biden administration denied in February that it was giving grants to fund the distribution of crack pipes, following a Washington Free Beacon report that HHS had closed applications for funding to do so.

“No federal funding will be used directly or through subsequent reimbursement of grantees to put pipes in safe smoking kits,” HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said in a statement. The Brandon Regime’s officials lie – all the time.

* The UN Chronicle, which bills itself as “The magazine of the United Nations, Since 1946” originally published this essay in 2008 by Professor George Kent of the University of Hawaii: “Hunger has great positive value to many people. Indeed, it is fundamental to the working of the world’s economy. Hungry people are the most productive people, especially where there is a need for manual labour. … How many of us would sell our services if it were not for the threat of hunger?”  …”More importantly, how many of us would sell our services so cheaply if it were not for the threat of hunger?” …


The Orange March

A friend in Glasgow took a few photos and sent them to me. I missed the march yet again, but it’s a much grander affair in Belfast.

A few years of my life were spent working with the Brits as an expendable, seconded junior officer, with a focus on counterterrorism. The IRA didn’t want to kill me because I was an American and that was the point. I’ve sort of beat that horse to death on this blog over the years. Frankly, though the IRA was the common enemy at the time, I found Rev. Ian Richard Kyle Paisley, Baron Bannside, PC to be every bit as reprehensible as Josephine Bernadette McAliskey, usually known as Bernadette Devlin.

Orange marches are a series of parades by members of the Orange Order and other Protestant fraternal and masonic societies, held during the summer months in various Commonwealth nations, most notably Ulster. The parades typically build up to 12 July celebrations marking Prince William of Orange’s victory over King James II & VII at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

It’s an excuse to beat a bass drum while you march and then get drunker than usual, piss yourself, etc. and feed your prejudices. Yet in Britain where it’s illegal to criticize a Muslim for any reason, this is celebrated. Go figure.


Abe Assassination

In a country (Japan) with strict gun laws, a man was able to make a homemade firearm from commonly found items. So unless the idiots who fear everything are going to outlaw everything, and by that I mean ALL technology, then need to get it through their dense and closed minds that people will find a way to kill if they are set on that course, and remember a rock can kill and has been used numerous times.


  1. Hunger has inspired a lot of revolutions. I’m sure the good professor from Barack’s adoptive birthplace thinks he’ll still have his/her/xer sinecure, along with other more important things, when the next one is finished.

    • The elites of today aren’t like blackbirder ships bringing human cargo to the new world. They don’t fear native (unshod) footsteps on the deck at night. And while it’s true that you can’t eat ammo, if you get hungry enough you can feed it downrange. Those who are unarmed can board the boxcars headed east to the Soylent factory.

      • the hungry in sri lanka chased their elites down and tore them to shreds. farmers in the netherlands are up-armoring their tractors. arab spring kicked off when a laborer couldn’t buy food for his fam w/ his toil. and of course there’s the let them eat cake incident. the elites never learn, but i think they are soon to get another lesson.

      • LL on other blogs commenters are pointing out that some cops and former military are already saying they will use their skills to obtain whatever they need should the American social order start collapsing. There’s always more to the story, that’s just what keyboard warriors are typing.

        • I am skeptical of keyboard commandos, though I guess I could be called that. There are a lot of agent provocateurs on the Internet. You never know who posts what to get a reaction. That was certainly true before January 6 and a lot of people took the bait. I had been invited to the January 6 event by genuine patriots I know personally including LSP’s sister, who bleeds red, white, and blue.
          It was a trap for many people, who were identified on Facebook and other social media as being there. It doesn’t matter that the Capitol police opened the door and invited people in, who stayed between the velvet ropes as they were given tours…still a trap.

          • So my point is that the exercise of caution is always a good strategy. “….. like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.” – Matthew 23:27

        • Friend was on a police department when the Y2K panic started up. At that time, he heard some officers saying the exact same thing. So, there’s nothing new under the sun.

  2. One senses the top 1% are continuing their divide and destroy but letting the freaks run wild and are shoving it in our faces. Distraction/deflection?

  3. The 63+/- million actual voters for The Hollowman (as of 10PM Nov. 3, 2020) must be very proud of themselves to elect such a gem of a human being. In an earlier speech today, while disrespecting the Supreme Court, this clown actually read the instruction at end of the teleprompter, “End of quote, Repeat the line.”

    Trump makes a phone call the the [now] Dem’s darling, Zelensky, and they twist themselves in knots to “impeach” the man. But this brain-dead destructive behavior is acceptable? Infuriating.

    • The brain-dead destructive behavior is not only acceptable but it’s celebrated.

      The hollow man did have some difficulty in reading the teleprompter, though.

      • Messiah O made us look small and weak, this guy, O’s prior second in command, makes us look both of those PLUS foolish. Haven’t quite figured out the agenda, it’s there, but can’t put my finger on it. Maybe Soros and Gates are tag-teaming to destroy America and the rest are the foot soldiers.

  4. If it wasn’t so damn damaging to our nation I would pity President Biden for all the incompetent things that he pulls demonstrating his incapacity to hold his office. But it is damaging our nation so no pity here.

    Assassination of PM Abe. A tragedy but it certainly shows you can’t un-invent something, anything be it firearms or fast food; once somebody figures out how to make it others can sure follow.

    Missile test SNAFU. Maybe I was wrong and you can un-invent something. I thought we had solid fuel rockets and missile pretty well figured out. Minuteman missiles have about 180 or so successful tests in a row and the Tridents the Navy uses are not all that far behind. I wonder what gee whiz wonder science was included in the specifications to make what should be a fairly basic test stretch the envelope to the breaking point.

  5. Abe will be missed, not only in Japan. He was a voice for cooperation and sanity… And yes, Lowe’s/Home Depot special… apparently made his own bullets and gunpowder too. That horse is well out of the barn now! And Xiden spent more time on gun violence than he did commenting on Abe. Sad…just sad.

    • TPTB will have to outlaw the knowledge of guns, gunpowder and projectiles. They tried it with rocketry. In the mid 1960’s, I bought a book named “The Handbook of Amateur Rocketry”. A lot of good information on building your own rockets from scratch. I can’t find anything like it still in publication. I heard that the BATFE somehow outlawed that genre of books, maybe not outright (1st Amendment, but…); however, at the least, they pressured the publishers to quit publishing “dangerous” information.

  6. Professor George Kent formerly of U. Hawai’i (as he lists it on his CV) appears to be a rather well-nourished fellow, in the few photos I can find of him. Some might even say “moon-faced”; only if you scaled his head up to an actual planetary satellite it’d have a central mountain that dwarfs Mauna Kea in the same way that Valles Marineris dwarfs the Grand Canyon.

    Finished watching The Terminal List. Enjoyable enough, though the first episode has a technical error as bad as a murder whodunit wherein the perp is identified by the casings ejected by his revolver. (And just as I was thinking that they got the sound effects right too.)

    • There were a number of errors that should have been caught by the SEALs advising the production company, but maybe they didn’t care. I’m currently reading True Believer: A Thriller. Again, the plot is a bit contrived. Not a bad book, but I had expectations for something better. I’m about half way through so it may get better.

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