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We all know that President Obama grew up in a home where the former Soviet Union was held in very high regard. With that understanding this open microphone gaff held no surprises:

Yesterday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said that Russia would not allow establishment of a no-fly zone over Syria. “All these maneuvers about no-fly zones and humanitarian corridors are a direct consequence of a lack of respect for international law,” Lukashevich said.

The Russian leadership has been very clear in communicating that its support for Syria is in part payback for NATO’s intervention in Libya. That’s why they’re sending their navy into the Mediterranean (to outnumber US ships in the region). They want a say in what’s being said and done in the area, and have backed Bashir al Assad, Syrian dictator with jets, and possibly surface-to-air missiles.
The Russians are unlikely to back down in Syria.
I personally oppose any US involvement in the Libyan civil war despite the involvement of Iran. The Russians bought Syria fair and square as a port for their fleet and as air bases so that they can project power into the Middle East and have a hand in future dealings there.  Russia is obviously not content to sit on the sidelines anymore.
But the game is heating up, and for President Obama, it’s his chance to “wag the dog” and draw the spotlight away from the long list of scandals that has been plaguing his administration by plunging ahead.

4 thoughts on “Russia-Syria Matrix

  1. Nothing like a good old fashioned war to get the plebeians' minds off the economy/scandals.

  2. The mainstream media stopped reporting on the IRS Scandal last week because it's so…yesterday. And "Benghazi was a LONG time ago" – Jay Carney. Play a few patriotic tunes, everyone's favorite liberal can throw out some platitudes from his teleprompter and all the scandals will be part of America's past.

  3. The mafia can't do anything right — by their nature, so yes, the scandal will continue.

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