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This may be the new logo for the Hillary and Kaine Campaign!

PHILADELPHIA – Democrats tried to turn their attention Monday night from an email scandal that claimed their party chairwoman. It’s now Hillary’s pivot toward Trump as party elites try and refocus the hatred from Hillary Clinton (the unindicted), rampant corruption within the Democrat infrastructure and outright fraud from Debbie Wasserman.
The Democrat elites hope that the Sanders supporters will learn to love the Wall Street bankers who have unflinchingly backed Clinton and her foundation in an attempt to pay to play.
And the drama continues.
The only question any of us have is how gullible and stupid the Democrat’s Party members really are.
And while all this is going on, the only sensible one among us is LSP who had embarked on an epic hunt for feral razorbacks.

19 thoughts on “DNC (Drama Central)

  1. I don't know, those Bernie guys I saw outside in the 100 degree scorching sun yesterday in Philly really seemed pissed off. They may put their gullibility and stupidity aside for the time being and stew in their righteous outrage.

    They were played for chumps, and they don't like it, not one bit. Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz really stepped in it this time. I am enjoying this way more than I should.

  2. I know. It makes me want to be a "vendor" at the DNC — set up a booth selling swamp land and bridges. I'm sure that I'd make a killing.

  3. All of the Bernie signs have been confiscated at the DNC. You can only lift up a Hillary sign now. Oh, I get it. Hillary Rotten Clinton wants only her name on the lips of the 'faithful', but there are cracks in the veneer.

  4. I think so. Some lame-ass woman tried to start it without hitting the gavel and then had to walk back out onto the stage and beat the hammer. That's all I can tell you for sure.

  5. The convention looked like a dog and pony show, vying to bring in as many celebrities as possible. Remember, that's how Obama was pitched and sold to the Dems, as a celebrity, rather than as a politician.

  6. If Hillary could fly around the inside of the convention hall with smoke coming out of her broom, spelling out "Surrender Dorothy", I for one would be impressed. Otherwise, not so much.

  7. You're trying to get another free photoshop there, aren't you? Damn it, LL, that's unresistable!

  8. "The only question any of us have is how gullible and stupid the Democrat's Party members really are."

    Infinitely so…..

  9. Sadly, we know how gullible they are. Someone I respect and thought was smart told me this, when I asked why she was voting for Killary:

    I don't fear that she will turn back everything that Obama has achieved for LGBTQ people, and women. I don't understand what he did for women. Oh, that's right. The right to kill the unborn whenever they want to, instead of doing the simple thing and not having sex. I still think the LGBT part should be left to the states to decide.

    The Democrat party does not create the hateful, racist, misogynistic atmosphere that the Republican party does. This one, frankly, left my jaw on the ground. I wonder what she thinks after the first day of the democrat convention.

  10. She's been drinking that red Kool Aide, I'm afraid. Socialism is great because you get to pick everyone's pocket without lifting a finger because the government will do it for you.

  11. No rational person can doubt that without Bill Clinton's name to help her, Hillary would be an angry caseworker at a woman's shelter. She's nurse Cratchet in "One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest". Her personality is awful. She's adopted the personae of the hateful school marm… the minor villain in films, the nasty teacher everyone remembers and no one liked.

    The womyn's movement celebs turned out and some has-been C-listers showed up to try and keep in the spotlight. Where was Clooney? Where was Spielberg? The DNC is as hopelessly corrupt as their sponsored candidate is and people see it. But there are still many progs who love her because despite all of the above, she's a woman.

  12. I haven't watched any of the convention.

    I already take meds to control my blood pressure, and seeing the continual parade of lies, liars, and massive corruption would make it rise to unacceptable levels….

  13. I think she's been swimming in it!

    My mother told me today that she hopes Clinton wins because she doesn't like Trump.
    She's in her 80s and survived three strokes, so I forgive her for that.

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