Turks, The O’Bamas, and the Weather (again)

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Turks are Bad Neighbors

Turkey sent it’s army across the Syrian border to do a little more ethnic cleansing. It’s what the Turks do and the Kurds are presumably ready for it.

It’s not as if the Turks haven’t been threatening it for at least two years. And they’ve been invading off and on for centuries. As I’ve said before, and some of you disagree, “it’s not our fight.” Taking casualties in Syria, a Russian ally, in the political melange amid a civil war is not something that we should involve ourselves in. If Hillary was president, we’d have 100,000 troops in Syria being attacked from all sides. The Trump Doctrine is sound.
And its not as if Turkey (our NATO ally – hahaha), a caliphate in its own right won’t take casualties from the American trained and equipped Kurds. 
The Persians, Babylonians and Arabs have been fighting over this dirt patch for a very long time. Let them have it.

Another Obama?

(Link) Will the Party draft Michelle to save them? It’s an interesting article and the topic has been hashed out on this blog recently.

‘Also, it has been clear in recent months that President Obama‚Äôs star has faded. Numerous Democrat candidates have been quick to blast his TPP trade deal and even his signature Affordable Care Act, clearly convinced the Obama imprimatur no longer carries much weight with voters. As much as Biden clings to his relationship with the former president, the less it seems to matter.’

Some of you feel as if Obama would like to get back and pull strings. Many in the current Donkey ranks consider him far too conservative for their tastes even though he’s sexually ambiguous and half black. If sexual ambiguity and race mattered, Corey Booker wouldn’t be in last place. Today the credentials require you to be a Soviet style communist like Bernie or a total collectivist like Warren.

Weather, Arctic Cats and Nuclear Power

Geneticists need to work on bringing back the Saber Tooth Tiger. I know that you’re asking why I’m advocating for this. No reason. But it would be cool to have them roaming around during the coming ice age. 
Or in the alternative, they can dog-paddle around the lake that once was the Arctic ice cap.
However your conscience lets you slice it.
Why aren’t the scolds and freaks supporting  nuclear power, which has zero greenhouse emissions.

Whatever other dangers or drawbacks might be associated with nuclear power is as nothing compared to the obliteration of all human life on Earth in a decade (or 12 years if you’re getting picky).
Whether the Democrats and globalists are discussing global warming, cooling or climate change, their solution remains consistent: A totalitarian world government, with the donkeys at the helm. Yes, put the people who can’t figure out which restroom to use in charge of the planet. What could possibly go wrong?
Night Shift at the DNC
Isn’t it interesting how the media industrial complex (CNN, MSNBC, and the Democrat shills across all networks) manages to ALL share the same DNC talking points on any given day. There has to be a night shift at the DNC where a team of androgynous drones package the day’s news by 3 am (Eastern Time Zone). It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall to see whether they’re going with Russia, Racism, Ukraine or AOC on any given day. You know, there was a time when the people who read the news also had their own opinions. Not so much for the anti-Trump media.

Jim – A Danegeld cut for the “refugees?” Good! Now cut the rest and I imagine that problem will disappear or at least decline.

Maybe. Those Mohammedans involved in organized crime in Denmark are likely to remain because it is profitable to do so.  

Camperfixer – Cleveland: Gee, what a concept — people work, self-worth goes up,crime goes down. Who knew?
Denmark: Gotta love the Dane’s (I do, my wife is one…and brought up in a very Danish household.) I describe them as “anything for a party.” Been there…good people. 
A few years back the Danish leadership said “no more Muslim nation immigrants.” Wasn’t due to these “refugees” wanting risengrod or Aaquivit…they came as free-loaders, wouldn’t assimilate into Danish society or embrace strongly held traditions…simply not manageable. Solution: no more immigration. Problem solved. Locusts come in a variety of forms, not all are insects.

Bringing a hoard of barbarians into your country is never a good idea. It’s like going on vacation and leaving a pack of wolves in your house while you’re gone out on the town for the evening. The results are entirely predictable. Norway shipped almost all of their Mohammedans refugees out. They never had that many to begin with. The problem in Sweden is out of control. It seems as though the Danes are at least taking steps to remove the savages.  

MIke_C – “[Barack] needs to be buried in his native Kenya.”

Buried? Why not turned into nouvelle Swedish hors d’oeurves? All the fashionable people are doing it.

I’m sure that there are progressives who would find the appetizers to be delicious.

Speaking of things Swedish, my Swedish informant – she has lived in Copenhagen for the last 15+ years – tells me their Muslim problems began not with MENA and sub-Saharan ones, but when they (Danes) took in the (white) Kosovars after it all went to hell in former Yugoslavia. 
Useful idiots, er, Progressive Goodwhites get upset when I point out that SI’s experience suggests it’s not (or not JUST) a racial issue. In her case it was “merely” aggressive stalking by cabbies and similar [1]. What was fascinating and sad was that even though the two of us were alone when she told me this, she did the reflexive furtive over-both-shoulders 360-degree look, then leaned in and whispered rapidly. Apparently one can’t talk about this sort of thing in Dane-Mark either.
[1] anyone check out the recent Uber commercials on YouTube? Do the drivers depicted represent anyone’s experience with the vast majority of actual drivers? For that matter, does the Divine look-alike (q.v. Pink Flamingos) represent the typical (or atypical) passenger?

In the world I occupy, those caucasian scum were called YACs. (Yugoslavs, Armenians and Croats). I never did see much difference between them and the Syrians or the North Africans. The barbaric cultures of this world are not racial – they’re ‘cultural’. And the gulf between them and the polite societies that they invade is striking. Naturally that sort of talk would be considered to be politically incorrect. The feature film, “Taken” illustrated that, though I am not fond of Liam Neeson, the headliner. 

Uber Drivers 

Uber drivers in New York City appear as though they all just departed the Khyber Pass. In Northern Arizona, they all look like Mormon missionaries. That may be because in New York, they did just arrive from the Khyber Pass or from some Nigerian hell hole and in Northern Arizona they did just return from Mormon missions.

The Mistake-by-the-Lake
WSF – What else is down is my part time gig contacting delinquent mortgage payers. More money in the economy must be helping. I blame President Trump. Never had this problem with the Lightbringer.

The good economy is hurting people, or so the Democrats tell us. Now we hear from you that mortgage delinquencies are off, no need for bail-outs, courtesy of the taxpayers, for inner city people (buying votes). It is certainly a tragedy. 

Old NFO – Yay for Cleveland! Sadly, most of the ‘good’ people have already left and have NO desire to go back. A few friends up there are out in the ‘sticks’, and have been farmers for generations. They are doing okay, and have said there is a LOT less petty theft in the last couple of years. Re Denmark, that petard they hoisted themselves on must be finally hurting their posteriors… LOL

Anyone who could leave, did. That includes all of the bright young kids who might have otherwise stayed in the area and built it up.

LSP – I’ve never been to Cleveland but it sounds a lot like Detroit but maybe worse? The Motor City’s downtown’s been sort of fixed up as the rest empties.

I’ve only flown into Cleveland and conducted business at airport hotels (which have also seen better days). Detroit has had more billions dumped on it so that the very inner core of the city isn’t all that bad. As you point out, Detroit is mostly empty once you leave the developed core where there is police and fire service.

Beans – Glad you enjoyed the vent. Now let me go and start beating on the anti-gun pro-gun bloggers who don’t understand that whole “Shall not be infringed” stuff. 

Either you are for the 2A, all of it, everything, or you aren’t. Grrrr….
The Second Amendment is a hedge against tyranny. It is not and never was about hunting. That’s a stupid distraction. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog where we discuss the British move to remove points from every knife in the country (I’m serious). 
Then there is Hong Kong, where Taiwan and others have smuggled RPG-7’s into the Island gun-free zone as a hedge against tyranny…the Communist Chinese are trying to keep a lid on it — ooops, did I let something slip? 
Mike_C – “$700 bottle, of Pomerol, purchased by Soros, and then pour it over ice, mixed with 7-Up”
I’d long heard this about Chinese (both Hong Kong and Mainlanders) only it was Coca-Cola or orange juice (and no Soros). A few months ago PKG and I chanced to get a Lyft driver who was a sommelier [1], and she just happened to have worked on the west coast and dealt with a lot of Chinese clients. “Oh, it made you want to cry. Nearly impossible-to-get Grand cru Burgundies and 1er cru Bordeaux mixed with Diet Coke.” She went on, “The most expensive mixed case I ever personally handled was just under fifty thousand. Bringing it to the private room I kept saying to myself ‘don’t drop this, don’t drop this!'”
At this point PKG broke in to ask what denomination the 50k was. The sommelier/driver was nonplussed by the question. “US dollars, right?” said I. Sommelier basically said “Can confirm,” which made PKG sit back with big eyes. A fifty-buck bottle of wine is a treat and extravagance in my neck of the woods.
[1] I have no idea why a sommelier was driving Lyft. PKG assures me it was a very nice sedan, though I didn’t notice. I can confirm that the driver seemed to know her stuff. (But exceeding my wine knowledge is not all that difficult….)

I’ve seen it happen with JW Blue Label in Shanghai as well. 

Kle – I have never heard of mixing real wine with soft drinks, but de gustibus, I suppose.

Mike_C responds to Kle – “never heard of mixing real wine with soft drinks

And in a better world you never would have.

For those persons who commit that abomination, it’s not about appreciating the wine, it’s about conspicuous consumption and status. To be able to tell your business associates that you had both DRC La Tache and Cheval Blanc at the same dinner is a big thing. Now unfortunately you don’t like wine of any sort, so what’s a poor (well, super rich, but you get my meaning) Chinaman to do? Mix your USD$4000/750ml Burgundy with something you DO find palatable, namely a cola soft drink. Mmmmm, delicious! Can’t call me nekulturny now!

Sometimes culture takes a back seat to perceived status.

LindaG – Re, uniforms. Seems like damn tradition, full speed ahead. Whenever they get a good uniform, it never lasts. I do like Beans’ idea for uniforms.

The US Navy excels in uniform changes every two or three years. As LSP suggests (below), there may be a darker motive. Sort of like Fat Leonard  on steroids.

LSP – The rumor just won’t die, Michelle 2020. And you can see it — Biden blows up under the sheer weight of on the record corruption. The Screeching Pantsuit runs out of adrenachrome and… Michelle to the rescue. America’s first trans president.

I don’t like anything about this scenario.

And why all the weird uniform changes? Someone’s obviously making a lot of money.

Having a tranny president is impossibly progressive. Why not Michelle/Mitchel?

8 thoughts on “Turks, The O’Bamas, and the Weather (again)

  1. Moochelle Obama: her resume reads like this – black, angry, married to a Democratic/Socialist icon, black, angry, uh, there's more, give me a second….

    A shoo-in to the Oval Office. Americans love women who sing 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina' to ascend to the highest office in the land. Our new black Eva Peron, what could go wrong with Moochelle calling the shots? Huh? She's talented at….uh, …well nothing really. Other than being angry and black. That should be enough.

  2. I was just coming to ask you your thoughts on Syria, and there it is.
    Thank you, LL.

    Saber tooth tigers would be cool. As would Wooly Mammoths, I think. Maybe they'd step on a few progressive toes.

  3. If the sabertooths come back, I may have to keep that Browning .45-70 lever carbine stoked and handy full time. I might want something bigger.
    I have no experience with the Turks other than with some of their shotguns and pistols. They don't seem to innovate all that much, but they seem to be good at copying. Their CZ75 clones seem good to go and the TP9 striker fired pistol seemed to be well made.
    Some years ago I was talking to a guy from TriStar. They were considering marketing a clone of the 1887 Winchester lever shotgun, so they sent an old worn out copy to the factory in Turkey. Some time later they got back a brand new worn out shotgun. Bless their hearts.

  4. I'm generally not a big fan of "boots on the ground" in foreign countries by US forces unless it's TOTALLY DESTROY EVERYTHING as
    part of a REAL WAR. But I certainly don't want the Kurds to be
    destroyed by that asshole Erdogan….which he will attempt to do
    if not prevented. We practically GIVE away literally tons of
    modern weapons and ammo all over the globe. We need to insure the
    Kurds NEVER lack for the hardware to effectively defend themselves from the inevitable when Turkey starts to move on them.

  5. Ooh, Sabretooths! I like that, maybe they will eat some of the weak/stupid!

    If that turns out to include me.. well, fair's fair. I eat plenty of other animals, every chance I get.

    Besides, what could go wrong – Smilodon….
    what sounds friendlier than that?


  6. I'll be honest, I don't like leaving the Kurds.
    I don't like thinking Tucker Carlson directs foreign policy. I don't like the way Tucker spoke about it either.
    But it doesn't matter what I think.
    I thought the tweet I read from Trump about his "Magnificent Wisdom" was the Babylon Bee, but it was not.
    He's still the president I want and voted for.

  7. We were always going to have to betray the Kurds. Anybody with any bit of sense knew that from the get-go.

    I really wish we would stop making friends with people we inevitably have to betray.


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