Recommendations for Australia (nobody asked for them)

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The map, left is marked for comedic effect to compare it to American states in climate. Some say that it’s generally accurate.
All the coastal regions that aren’t desert meets ocean are used for agriculture and mining so between the lack of land that can be built on and the land needed for other purposes Australia finds itself without a lot of commercially useful land.
Aussies will proudly point out that they produced 22 million tons of wheat, 2.1 million tons of beef and 0.5 million tons of carrots last year. Australia is also rich in mineral wealth and mining is big business for Australian companies both in Australia and elsewhere. But as we are now learning, most of its raw materials have gone to China and with the outbreak of the plague (2019-n-CoV, or Wuhan Virus), exports are off and the currency is taking a serious beating. Australia has tied itself to China in a way that has proved to be unhealthy. Instead of embracing industrialization as an ALTERNATIVE to China, it’s gone another way.
Australia doesn’t have to be an isolated spot on the planet, struggling to export goods and being forced to import because its capacity for production is currently challenged. 
Enterprise zones may be the answer, but the real solution is a change of culture, and love of capitalism – and a reduction in socialism and the trend toward income redistribution.  You can’t have wealth creation in a a meaningful way while trying to create socialist environment. 
If everyone is entitled to the labors of others, the others will either move or will not be motivated to do the work that is necessary to pull Australia out of its current (dismal) situation.

14 thoughts on “Recommendations for Australia (nobody asked for them)

  1. I don't know. Maybe the monsoon has arrived?

    Have they learned the lesson of small controlled burns (California learned that lesson the hard way)? I realize that it's not progressive to do that, but Australia won't have enough to burn to do controlled burns for some time.

  2. I always thought of Australia as a kind of Brit Texas but it seems to lean more towards Sweden, and China.

  3. They've partnered with China and to some extent, cast their future with that of China. And with the current plague, they are suffering. They need to craft a manufacturing future for themselves, but it's nearly impossible to do when the profit is taken by the government for the purpose of redistribution.

  4. It started as a penal colony, and prisons are the ultimate expression of Socialism, so it's all their Founders knew.


  5. If they learned the lesson that arsonists need to be staked out in the soon-to-be-burned zone, then there will be a lot less arsonists. As Australia has discovered that most 'wildfires' are arson-started. Aided, of course, by 'green' laws.

    Still need to do controlled burns. As there are always arsonists. And pedophiles. And false-rape claimers. And environmentalists. And politicians.

    Funny, but last year there was a report from the Minister in charge of the programs supposedly set up to stop reef deaths. Seriously. So she went and dove on all the reefs under her control. And talked to non-government scientists. And read the journals and articles that the 'greens' won't/don't support. Her analysis? Yeah, some reefs are dying, but most around Australia are growing or maintaining. And those reefs that are dying? It's more because coral species have a die-off cycle, like some species of bamboo, measured in 10's to 100's of years.

    Bah. Stupid eco-fascists.

  6. Well, part of it is Australia thinks it, well at least the intelligensia and the politicians, is part of Europe.

    So what seems like right-wing politics to them we'd see as squishy RINO or outright Dem politics here in the States.

    Like the 'far right' parties in Sweden and Germany. They look just like the old-school Dem party, the one that is being pushed away by the race to socialism/communism.

  7. When I was born, Australia made pretty much everything we needed. Somewhere along the line our "leadership" bought into the globalization rubbish and now economic growth is pretty much driven by importing half of china and India.
    Now Australia makes almost nothing, and I reckon real Aussies (vs. the number who hold a bit of paper saying they're Australian), are now outnumbered. I personally don't see a way out of this mess without bloodshed, especially seeing the younger generations appear to have bought into globalist left wing politics hook line and sinker.
    I could cry at the difference.

  8. Some of my best friends/mates, are Aussies, and they tell the same bad story. The globalist approach is destroying Australia and it is a real shame. The US was headed down the same path as was the UK but sanity prevailed. That's not to say that it will continue to prevail, but there is hope.

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