Another Manic Monday in the Middle East

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It’s not all that difficult to figure out which way to place the Claymore mine (a metaphor “Front Toward Enemy”) in the Middle East. A trained chimp could do it. But the White House, which continues with the mantra that radical Islamic terrorists are not really terrorists, seems so confused. 
However, it’s not really confusion. They don’t want to admit that they swapped five terrorist kingpins for one deserter, bound for the military penitentiary at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.
The fish rots from the head down…

8 thoughts on “Another Manic Monday in the Middle East

  1. I believe, we can't blame them, unless we are them.
    For us to point a finger we have to know where we went wrong.

    Similarly, I've seen this Ted Talk about Fundamentalism, amongst Muslims, it talks about how for the wrongs of some, all are being blamed.

  2. Fundamentalism isn't wrong. When you apply that to hurting others, it is. Muslim nations need to focus on rooting out those groups bent on injuring. I realize that happens, but it needs to become more widespread and strident for them to gain credibility.

  3. Don't Palestinians make rockets and tunnels under in the ground? One is negative space and the other creates a blast-wave, so they cancel each other out.

  4. These are [sad yet] hilarious! I love the Wheel of Fortune one.

    A religion that fosters these radicals through direct reading of the Quran, is fundamentally to blame.

  5. There are a lot of arguments of who should be blamed. As with all things, people make decisions to harm others. Those people must be held accountable. Much of the Middle East is so broken that I can't see it returning to "normal" as any modern person would use the word, within two or three generations. Surprisingly Beruit, Lebanon has. The war there stopped short of genocide. And it's a lesson that could be taken by others — except that they seem to enjoy what they're doing.

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