Protests and Civil War

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Hong Kong Protests

If it was taking place in an American Inner City, the object to the protest would be to loot businesses and steal goods belonging to others. That’s not the way that it happens in Hong Kong. Not yet anyway.

JimI figured it was just a matter of time before something like this happened. The folks in Beijing don’t strike as the types to just give in.

And…neither do the protesters/rioters. That’s part of the problem in Hong Kong. If the police didn’t show up, there would be no theater with media coverage to make the protesters vandalize, and the thing would flop. (It reminds me of the title of a protest film in the sixties, “What if they Gave a War and Nobody Came?”)

LindaG Sadly, not unexpected.

History and human nature are very sadly predictable. Cause and effect is not difficult to watch and for anyone who reads history, these things are common. The Boston Massacre occurred on March 5, 1770. The British, who didn’t like to characterize it as a ‘massacre’, referred to it as The Incident on King Street.
British soldiers shot and killed several people while being harassed by a mob in Boston.
Amid tense relations between the civilians and the soldiers, a mob formed around a British sentry and verbally abused him. He was eventually supported by eight additional soldiers, who were hit by clubs, stones, and snowballs. They fired into the crowd without orders, instantly killing three people and wounding others, two of whom later died of their wounds.
That’s what happened in Hong Kong. Yes, the facts are a little different than that, but not so different that anyone could draw a vast distinction. It’s part of an escalation of mob behavior and police behavior. 

Paul L. QuandtPlease keep up the good work; I know I’m not going to get the truth from anyone on the idiot box.

The hysterical reaction of Democrats who read the writing on the wall that says, “Four more years of Trump with majorities in both legislatures” has driven them to find a message. They think that impeachment, the Green New Deal and turning the US into a communist state is a winning message. Their minions in the corrupt, lying, smug, sly, wicked mainstream media carry the message of division and hate. They can’t report the news rationally. However, the situation in Hong Kong is a powder keg for the world, clearly for China, but also for the US because of non-government organization meddling on the part of Americans.

WSF Our future if the (P)regressives win in 2020?

Some in the media and elsewhere reject the possibility, but should that happen, I don’t see a war between the States. I see military style surgical strikes by trained citizens to attempt to restore the Constitution. There are a lot of highly trained civilians in this nation. However, these things have a history of unintended consequences. People need to be careful of what they wish for.

JulesI have to say that the birthday bash in Beijing was a sight to behold. So over the top- such precision goose stepping from the soldiers- such a military showstopper. Creepily fascinating.

Everyone loves a parade. China has a big, modern, expensive military that they have never fully used. One day they will try it out. The last time was an invasion of Vietnam and it didn’t work well at all for the Chinese. (70K Vietnamese to 600K Chinese) The Chinese declared victory and fled.
Despite the desire to play with the new toy, wars are grievous things. Hong Kong is descending from a couple million people marching to a few hundred thousand fighting, and that never ends on a happy note.

6 thoughts on “Protests and Civil War

  1. I echo Paul's sentiments, I rely on you LL for the truth of what's happening in Hong Kong. My prayers are with the people of Hong Kong.

  2. I have a certain sympathy for a sentry besieged and bullied. Those doing the bullying ain't too smart.

    Hanau, Germany circa 1966 while staggering back to the Kaserne from the Bahnhof three young men jumped me. Didn't go well for them. They were thugs and I was a trained "killer", so to speak. I took some licks, they ended up in a hospital.

    The point is don't put an armed and trained man/woman in a situation they feel their life is in danger.

  3. Let me see… Hmmm, checking, checking, oh, yeah, Communist China hasn't won a war since… they took over Tibet. And that was mostly because of inside forces that sabotaged the Tibetans, else the ChiComs would have had a bitter struggle, and probably lost that one.

    They've declared victory in the couple of scraps against the Soviets. So have the Soviets. But the border didn't change shape at all, so at the best we can call any fight over that border (Soviet-Red China border) a draw.

    And, yes, the ChiComs got their asses handed to them in Korea and in Vietnam.

    Their military, so far, is very good at squashing internal issues, than outside issues.

    We'll see.

    Personally, even as good as they look, I suspect a lot of their goodness is standard commie maskrova.

  4. If the future does bring the need for "military style surgical strikes" the targets need to include not just the politicians who egregiously violate the Constitution and their oaths to it. Many of the talking heads in the communist propaganda system called the media need to be targeted. Without their willing complicity the American Communist Party nee Democrats would be very limited in their power and influence. Two of the very first things commies do when taking over is suborn, subvert and corrupt the media and academia…..which they successfully have done in America.

  5. The UK could do with an "Incident" in Parliament right about now. Speaking of civil war, I'll echo you, there's a lot of trained and armed citizens out there. I'm just a padre, obvs.

  6. As I recall, the reason the Chinese were defeated in their bid to take Vietnam in '75? was simple logistics.
    They could not supply their troops with enough water to sustain them.

    The re-supply missions our Huey's ran in Vietnam hauled a lot of water to our guys in some areas.

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