Buttigieg and US Intelligence

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It doesn’t really matter how you feel about the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. The question is what sort of relationship he’s had with US Intelligence Agencies and to what extent it counts in the current primary season.
Alex from ammo.com offers this perspective on Mayor Pete’s background.
Having rubbed shoulders with elements of various alphabet agencies all of my adult life, and that extends to my immediate family – my children primarily, I may be able to offer some insight. The kids grew up around SEALs, spies, some few recruited assets, mercenaries and so forth. They know the difference between an ‘agent’ and a ‘case officer’, and it’s useful to make that distinction because calling Mayor Pete (Butt Guy) Buttigieg an “asset”, is to call him an “agent”, and he clearly isn’t. There are specific legal requirements for an agent, or asset to be that. Lest you want to quibble, those are important requirements. 
Based on my best guess, I suspect that during his service in the US Navy as a reserve intelligence officer (deployed) that he rubbed shoulders with employees of various intelligence services of the US Government. It would be surprising if he didn’t. He’s a personable guy, and we know that he likes guys – a lot, and he’s outwardly charming enough to become a politician. One may argue the extent to which he has been successful, but he’s currently leading the Democrat Party’s field in terms of delegates to the national convention. Many including me believe that he will fade, but that’s where he is now.
In the off chance that Mayor Pete will become President Buttigieg and his darling husband will become first man, various and sundry people he’s met in his journey through the Byzantine world of American intelligence, have endorsed him. They all have a motive in doing do. There is no down-side for them, and a considerable up-side if he wins. 
I guarantee you that corrupt, sleepy, creepy, old, Slow Joe Biden knows a lot more people in the intelligence community than Mayor Pete does, having been a senator for 200 years and vice president for 8. Did that propel him beyond fifth place in the New Hampshire Primary? Not hardly.
So what does Pete’s rubbing shoulders with people he worked with as a deployed reserve naval intelligence officer have to do with his candidacy? Nothing significant. If he becomes president, he may end up rewarding people who endorsed him (as they would hope) by giving them better positions in government. That’s sort of how the patronage game works.

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  1. Who would have thought that a mere seven years after the Muslim attack on the US in 2001 that Barack Hussein Obama would have been president?

  2. Yeah. Obama didn't move to his ancestral home of Kenya. He's still hanging out, being cool. But frankly it would have made a lot of people happy if he'd simply gone home. I'm sure that his love of Kenya would have made the lives of the Kenyans so much better.

  3. Interesting take however. I've spent almost 32 years as a commissioned officer (Army) and deployed with the 12 legion into Gaul, or so it seems. I've ran into these Navy Reserve intelligence types many times and they do not match the job job description. Most of the time they are not read on to the SAP/STO/ACCM items and just wind up riding a desk and doing general situational awareness briefings. More of a hindrance than a help. Unless you're in an active component of any given service conducting intelligence, you just get coffee. His creds are as bad as Blumenthal's from CT. He talks a good game, all lip service…pun intended. FOBIT patchfinder. I've also known hard charger reservists and National Guard types that volunteer for back to back tours, etc and are in the game. I don't see this in this kid's situation. Reminds me of the Eddie Murphy segment in Trading Places. Yeah, agent orange that was me, in bang bong, ding dong, airborne special unit battalions. Great movie.

  4. why doesn't anybody talk about his bio between Navel Reserve and Mayor?
    that is what i really want the info on. i have read some reports about his employer specializing in contracts with authoritarians and dictators? he and his employer won't talk about it?

  5. Well written. Yes, you're on the inside or you fetch coffee and make doughnut runs. I expect that he made more than his share of coffee. He was there to puff his credentials and to some extent, it worked. He boasts of his 'veteran' status to the largely uninformed public and they buy that he was a 'warrior'.

  6. He bounced between various political campaigns, worked for McKinsey, which charges a lot for a little. They specialize in hiring recent graduates rather than people with experience. McKinsey had "nation building" consulting gigs, and Butt Guy may have worked on some of that. USGOV specializes in contracts (of a sort) with authoritarians and dictators. And they don't talk about it. I doubt that Butt Guy had the gravitas to do much besides hang out and talk big.

    When he was in Afghanistan for the Navy, he was a duty driver primarily for senior officers, and has been pointed out by Jim M, he fetched coffee and made doughnut runs. More interesting would be his involvement with the Truman National Security Project. But based on everything that I've come across, he's a little man in a big hurry and bounces from project to political campaign to project to political campaign in an effort to enhance his credentials. You have to admit that it has worked.

  7. Who the heck is he related to?

    Nobody gets to be a Direct Commission Naval Reserve Officer w/o having pull… that's the whole damn point of the program.

    Thanks for the info, I had zero knowledge of this point.

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