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A Trip to Whataburger

So there I was in Mesa, Arizona, yesterday, and I drove past a Whataburger location at lunchtime. I reflected on Fredd’s comments on this blog some time past and thought I’d test something. So I parked and walked in. There was a pimple-faced youth at the counter, waiting for my order. 
I said, “Fredd sent me.” He looked perplexed. 
I explained, “Fredd sent me and I guess that means that I get a discount. I’d like a #1 combo (burger, medium fries and a diet coke).”
“I can give you a senior citizen discount, sir.” 
I saw immediately that he must have had me confused with an old person. “I’m sure you know Fredd, he’s eaten his share of Whataburgers and I’m riding his coattails. I would think that you can give me a larger than senior citizen discount for that reason alone.”
I didn’t get the discount that I was after and I put a buck in the tip jar before I left.
It’s obvious that Fredd’s legend doesn’t extend much beyond Texas.

38 thoughts on “Fast Food Adventure

  1. No Whataburger around here for me to fish for a discount, just the clown outfit and the creepy king. Fortunately there's a local outfit that does a decent burger. I'll have to see if they give the Fredd discount. One can hope. In the meantime, I'll take any that I'm offered. If you have to be old, at least take advantage of the perks.

  2. Haven't had a Whataburger since I left Texas. I go back to the original one in Houston that was little more than a shack. Back then they were wonderful.

  3. Not that we have Whataburger, or that I've ever used Fredd's name, but the senior discount is what I often get, too.

    Was it a good burger?

  4. We have one here and it's popular with kids. Now I know about the Fredd discount it'll be popular with me.

  5. I'll have to have a word with that pimply faced customer service representative, he likely needs to be sent to a re-training facility for a few months until he gets his head right.

    Every Whataburger knows that if Fredd sent you, you should get the red carpet treatment.

    My Aunt Sally's hubby says that Whataburger sucks. What does he know, anyhow. They have actually fallen off in quality since I had my first double meat with cheese burger at a Whataburger facility in Santa Fe, NM in December of 1975. Still, the burger is yooge (Trumpian for 'huge'), and relatively tasty.

    Not to worry, LL. I'll have that pimply faced guy straightened out when you stop by next time.

  6. Well, how was it? Invoking the exceptional "Fredd Discount" requires a proper Yelp-style review follow up.

    Did it meet/exceed/or fall below expectations (sorta like the Sham-Peachment, depending on your personal world viewpoint)?

    I'll have to try the "Fredd Discount" next time I'm in Illinois, maybe only works there as his influence may not have yet reached the deplorable flyover hinterland.

  7. Uh, meant Texas…how could I possibly substitute bankrupt Illinois for Tejas. Sorry Fredd.

  8. Camper: yes, the Land of Lincoln is in a sorry state. Mostly because they do not yet have any Whataburger franchises here. Or Chic-Fil-A (recall then-mayor Rahm Emanuel barring them a business permit because they did not reflect 'Chicago Values.' Values like being a bankdrupt, crime-ridden frozen hell hole that loves frauds like Jussie Smollett but hates Chic-Fil-A).

  9. The Fredd discount should work at all of them, but maybe it requires the Fredd discount AND A GUN? I shouldn't say more.

  10. They are better than the other chains, but there are mom and pop joints that crank out really good hamburgers that chains can't match IMHO. However, I haven't heard that they offer the Fredd discount.

  11. They make a good hamburger, which Fredd asserts as well. I had hoped to do better than a senior discount.

    As an aside, I received my first senior discount from a Burger King when I was 45 years old (white hair). I took it, rogue that I am. I've never asked for the discount, not even at Whataburger – where all I wanted was the 70% Fredd discount. Is that too much to ask? Apparently, it is.

  12. See, now that makes sense. Any Dem run [into the ground] state only needs Whataburger and Chic-Fil-A franchises to right the heeled-over ship…altho likely the bureaucrats will tax them to death anyway so what's the point in trying with these types. I say, leave them to their pigsty wallowing and the rest of us will have the Large (32oz soda!) combo meal.

  13. Ask for it, and if they don't give it, raise a cross and threaten to cast Satan out of the joint if they don't go with the program. I am not sure whether or not that will work. However if you have Blue Hell Hound (who I know likes burgers) with you with his bulging eyes, it will scare them more than the cross.

  14. I had thought about mentioning Aunt Sally when your name didn't work – but didn't. The thought of half-defrosted Costco corn dogs would scare anyone.

  15. No Chick-Fil-A's? None of that delicious chicken noodle soup? How do you survive in the arctic wastes of Illinois, Fredd? Camperfixer, there will be only tiny 8 oz sodas if Bloomberg is elected. So you'll need to buy six of them to make one decent sized beverage.

  16. No Whataburgers in this town but Fredd's influence is present.

    Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

    Decent burgers and sandwiches but those skinny fries are not my favorite.

  17. The clown outfit gives you lots of napkins when you use the drive-up, that alone makes it worthwhile.

    It's been some time since I stopped at Whataburger, I'm looking forward to getting back to that part of the world!

  18. For me, a toss up between Whataburger and Wendy's. Here is my hands down favorite–

    May have mentioned them here before. Am not aware of any discount, don't care. Fresh ground beef every day.

  19. Yes, the clowns do offer both napkins and larger diameter straws, and the french fries are world class – but the burgers just don't deliver. And what happened to the fried cherry and apple pies that they offered once-upon-a-time? Gone. The pies made up for a multitude of sins.

  20. It's a three-day drive to the nearest one, RHT477. And whenever I'm in Texas, I end up gorging on Karen's brisket burritos in Itasca (TX) and the fried pies in Hillsboro (TX). I'll have to make a run for Kincaid's just so I can ask them confidently, "Where is my RHT447 discount?"

    Fort Worth isn't that far from Hillsboro. Just a short drive down the Highway of Death, and a small price to pay for a world class burger.

  21. +1 on the chicken noodle soup. With a side of chicken strips and Chick-Fil-A sauce. And always service with a smile.

  22. I like the frozen custard. We have one in Flagstaff, a mere hour's drive to the north down Lake Mary Road (dodging elk). And the great horned owl that smashed into the front of the Raptor. And the occasional wolf or bear. A small price to pay for frozen custard.

  23. EXACTLY, RHT447. I either get the strips or a Chick-Fil-A sandwich on the side. I've heard that their cobb salad is good, but I don't go to a Chick-Fil-A for the salad. The soup is first rate.

  24. Freddy's is a Kansas company based in Wichita. Sadly the nearest to me is about 30 miles away, but I do try to stop by when I go by. The skinny fries are fine by me especially with the dipping sauce they have.

  25. I don't think I've ever seen a fast-food-chain joint w/a tip jar! I mean real food, not a coffee joint. Those places are just crackhouses, you gotta expect the 360 degree shakedown. I think that's why Rhode Island likes them so much, it feels all homey and familiar.

    I like The Clown, not that we have them here anymore. I especially like the tacos filled with whatever the hell that quasi-food-based goo is.

    Don't get me wrong, they aren't really tacos. They might not even really be food. I still LOVE THEM. Sometimes King Plastic Head (not Clinton, the other one) has a version of these things, but it's not as "good".

    I also like it that for some inexplicable reason you can get egg rolls there, and bowls of rice with microwaved "stir fry" on top.

    Never had the opportune chance to try Whattaburger, but it'll happen.

  26. Brisket burritos and fried pies are on my short list, along with a TBA rendezvous with LSP to meet, greet, and burn some ammo. Indeed, the Highway of Death is a small price, and I shall fear no evil because I have my LTC, and this Texas. It's the Fid's you have to watch out for (f–ing idiots).

  27. The greasy tacos, filled with mystery meat, processed cheese best used for fishing bait and wilted lettuce are also among my favorites, but I can't explain why. Two for a buck.

  28. No Whattaburgers around here. My favorite is Killer Burger, they have real meat, cheese, big fries, and a tasty stout on tap! Haven't asked for the Fredd discount, will give that I try. Though I go with someone else that pays…lol

  29. If you are not careful, Blue Avenger will steal your cherry pie. Take it from me, he's a professional.

  30. LL – Well Bloomberg can say he is helping the economy selling mini sodas because the already huge profit margin on multiple 8oz vs. 32oz sodas would be greater. Vote Lil' Mikey!

    Great line in a movie (Ironman, after his stint in the caves of Afghanistan): "I want an all-American cheeseburger…: Nuf said.

    Chic-Fil-A – Never had the soup…hard to eat while driving amongst the Rec-Med public, but will give it a go next chance I'm in town.

  31. +2 for Freddy's!

    Being a burger aficiando, I've tried all the burger-specific places around here, as well as a few sit-down type restaurants. Culver's is "OK", as is Good Times. Smashburger comes close to Freddy's, and they're nearby, so extra points for them. Larkburger was "OK", great fries and friendly staff, but the one in town closed up, and I'm not driving to Boulderia for a burger.

    And I still say for sit-down, hole-in-the-wall kind of place, Vern's in Laporte has the best.

  32. The Fatburger chain is about my favorite – as far as chains go. Hole-in-the-Wall joints have the potential to be the best.

  33. Steak and Shake never disappoints.
    But Wendy's is my fall back position.
    Junior bacon cheeseburger, hold the mayo, add catsup, ketchup, whatever.

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