You’re ONLY at the top of the food chain if you’re armed. Otherwise, you’ll make a delicious meal.

PS – the handgun is only useful if it’s loaded and in battery…


Bullet Points:

* I read this on the Internet on Instagram, while browsing in a bit of a haze and it struck me so I’m going to share it: “I’m Kevin. I like to take girls out for a massive plate of BBQ ribs on the first date. I judge them according to how many and how aggressively they consume them. Whoever defeats me in this porcine endeavor shall become my warrior bride. My Boudicca. I’ll set nations ablaze at her feet just to watch the flames dance in her eyes. Our love will be beautiful in its violence as is a tempest hitting the Bearing Strait. Should it die it will die as it began with a mound of bones between us.”

There are a lot of really weird people on the Internet.

I add – And that was it. That was all Karen needed to hear. It was a way out of her predicament that required no introspection or mature decision-making – two things the Karen hated.

* Breaking News: Biden WON’T meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman at the G20 leadership summit. I can only imagine how upset that will make the prince. Can you imagine having to sit through any meeting with FJB and his band of misfits? It would be worse if they brought sort-of-a-doctor Jill along.

* I was going to ask you to identify the tank referenced below but I thought, no, not today, I’m going to give them a freebee because they’re going to claim that it’s an STG III and it’s not. It’s a knockoff. It’s a Hungarian Army 43M Zrínyi II assault gun (1944).


Identify the Tank



Waffen-SS infantrymen fighting near Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, 1941. The Battle of Kiev was a massive victory for the German Army. The encirclement of Kiev trapped 452,700 Soviet soldiers, of which scarcely 15,000 had escaped from the encirclement by 2 October. The Southwestern Front suffered 700,544 casualties, including 616,304 killed, captured, or missing during the battle. Forty-three divisions were almost annihilated and the entire Southwestern Front had to be recreated almost from scratch.


This map interests me because I’ve encountered this oddity.


The denominations of the plastic bag in regional French.


When you’re bored during the Halloween Season



LSP has been visiting Edinburgh, a city where I lived for the better part of a year. I always liked the place. I lived on the featured street, in a house on the right.

I went to the church one Sunday and there were five people there. I expect that attendance has diminished further since the 1970’s.


Blue Peter

“The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite, she lay in Plymouth sound; Blue Peter on the foremast peak for we were outward bound. We were waiting there for orders to send us far from home; When the orders came for Rio, and then around Cape Horn.” ~ from The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite, a traditional sea shanty, 19th century

Who the heck is Blue Peter, some of you might ask? Well, to get it straight from the start, we are not dealing with one person here. We are dealing with a flag. It is a rectangular one with a blue ground and a white rectangle in the center.


The Collier Brig ‘Mary’ flying the Blue Peter, by John Scott 1885 

Blue Peter was the nickname of the international flag P or Papa. It was flown as a recall signal from the yardarm or the foremast in order to inform those on liberty ashore that the ship was preparing to get underway and that since 1777, the year in which the flag was first used by the British, but was probably in use much earlier because the Dutch East India Company seemed to have used it before.

Where the term Peter comes from is still being debated, but it is most likely from the French partir (leave or notice of departure).


Parting Shot


          • Obviously not a StuG III from the gun mantlet. The Stug had the mantle covering the opening, while the Zrinyi II has it behind the opening.

            Seems a weird thing to do. Makes quite a shell-catcher.

          • They were not well-known tanks, fewer made, and your point is well taken. It would tend to focus incoming rounds INTO the tank. Then again, the design and concept are that they’d lay in wait, take out the enemy, and scoot to another defensive position. While some of that designs (mainly German) were used offensively, they were at a great disadvantage when they did so.

          • They were certainly top-heavy, but getting one upside-down still seems like an indicator of poor driving skill.


  1. Medically speaking, a “blue peter” is a sign of some bad circulatory problems. Or an indicator of an embolus.

    OT: on the plane. A fellow in line told me, “i used to live in San Antonio. The last two years have really changed things. My buddies who work at the airport tell me that every night, between 2:30 and 3:30 AM up to 20 bus loads of illegals arrive. They get processed through special, and each is holding a brand new cell phone. Meanwhile the people who pay the bills have to put up with this.” (Sweeping the TSA checkpoint with his gaze.)

    • How did we get started on this? Two guys about my age were right in front of me in line. The San Antonio guy points at a sign that says “Why do you need to show ID? For your safety.” He’s laughing at the sign. I pipe up “Only for planes. Don’t need ID to cross the border.” Guy looks at me for a minute and then snorts and says, “Don’t need ID to vote either.” And then he tells me about the busloads of illegals.

      Yes, I was stirring up shit. While I wasn’t projecting, I sure wasn’t taking pains to be quiet either. Even in the blue hives, speak your mind. Because at least 50% of the people you meet agree with you (on at least something) but they’ve been gaslit into believing they are alone, and that they’re bad thinkers who will be punished if they speak up. Show them that’s not so. (Within reason of course. I try to minimize engagement with likely problems such as mask wearers or impulsive demographics. That’s just asking for trouble.)

      • Certainly. If the blue peter is a “priapism” you should seek medical aid immediately.

        ID to get on an airplane is only needed by schmucks like me (and you). Illegal aliens fly free and no ID is needed. It’s the new Amerika.

        I was flying armed at Chicago O’Hare (Glock 21 and 4 spare magazines) and nobody ever asked for ID to get through security. I found that odd. I just explained to the TSA guy that I was flying armed and he let passed me around the detector. I had the necessary credentials but they didn’t bother. My question to you is whether I look like an illegal alien?

          • I wouldn’t have expected that either. I wasn’t dressed for success, just an old comfortable shirt not tucked and levis – the way I always travel.

  2. “PS – the handgun is only useful if it’s loaded and in battery…”


    I am by no means a firearms expert, but 40+ years of regular firearms experience make me pretty knowledgeable on the subject. I have a friend that only carries occasionally. Not only is his firearm not in battery, the magazine is NOT in his firearm, it’s in his shirt pocket. He is convinced he will be able to effectively lock and load under duress if the need arises. I told him he will drop the magazine, have his gun taken away, he will be beaten to death with it, and the bad guy gets a new free gun. He is also a terrible shot, doing full mag dumps at 7 yards putting all rounds in a 12 inch scattered group. He can not hit a single 12″ plate at 25 yards, either. His stance and grip are poor, he has no draw skills only shooting from a range table, and his idea of defensive ammo is a 1000 round box of bulk FMJ target rounds. But he thinks he can make up for all that by buying stupid expensive handguns because he can afford them. His range performance says otherwise and he will not listen to suggestions or advice.

    • “Not only is his firearm not in battery, the magazine is NOT in his firearm”
      So effectively what he has is a talisman instead of a firearm. As a weapon, it’s essentially a piece of pipe with a grip. I think we all have a friend or two like that. In the cycling world, it’s the 250-lb guy with a gut who replaces all the steel bolts with titanium to save 50 grams, and spends $300 on an “aerodynamic” carbon fiber seatpost instead of the perfectly good round cross-section one. But he won’t lose weight.

      • He likely also wears spandex to save a few grams rather than taking the fork out of his mouth.

        Full disclosure, I tilt the scales close to that number so I’m not cracking on anyone, BUT I don’t wear spandex. And there is always a hot round in the chamber.

      • Somebody asked me once where the easiest place to get 20~30 lbs off his race car was. I looked at his gut and said “The Driver”.

        Yes, I had a few friends LL’s size with me when I said it…….

    • I had girlfriends that I took fishing. And I had girlfriends that I didn’t take fishing. The fishing girls were more fun.

  3. If you come across the elusive lion looking at you like that – at that range – you’re likely already in trouble. Some say to slowly back away but not make direct eye contact (my mode), others say to stand your ground, which I do not agree as that often signals a challenge to wild animals, and even some domesticated dogs.

    Like that guy video’ing himself shooting at a close-in advancing lion (and missing both shots). Filming?!! Really?! Have people lost their minds? (Uh, yeah…”Look!, a bull elk!…in the rut…just standing there…lemme back up to it for a selfie.”) It was pure luck Mr. Lousy Shot didn’t get dead and dragged off to be buried in a pile of duff (which his family would immediately blame on “the dangerous” lion and demand the DOW “do something”). Aanndd…like clockwork…he stupidly posts the video online as another “look at me!” thing. Oy vey.

    Head on a swivel when out in predator territory, especially this time of year. Reminds me I need a holster for the Ruger as it seems we have more lion activity this year, the last thing I need is to be out dumping the manure wagon and run into one unarmed. Any bad result would be on me.

    First Date- Out to the movies (when they were actually worth going to). Three indicators: 1) She got to pick (very telling) – 2) Did she request extra butter on the popcorn (righteous) – 3) If she talked through the movie then no bueno.

    Lucky for me MrsPaulM passed the test…this year she WANTED to go see Maverick – Win win!.

    • There are often TWO lions working in concert… Advance to contact and don’t be afraid to give them a warning shot, but the second one goes above the shoulders. In your neighborhood, when you consider that your little warrior dog was killed by a lion recently, I’d carry in a shoulder rig so that you can work and have the piece handy. Belt rigs if you’re working require suspenders if you’re to keep your trousers up… My Superalaskan Redhawk (.454) is a heavy beast but it will kill anything in North America.

      MANY years ago as a young man, I had a girlfriend who I took fishing. We went out for a year off and on. One day I arrived at her house to pick her up and her father met me at the door. He asked, “Why are you here?” (obviously angry) I replied that Fran and I were going out for the day. He gave me a strange look. I had no idea what was going on. He said, “Fran is getting married today.” Obviously not to me. So one must watch those fishing girlfriends closely. I was caught TOTALLY off guard because she and I had a good relationship…I thought.

      • Careful…yup. Maybe you dodged the proverbial bullet.

        One of favorite pictures of MrsPaulM is her fly-fishing in a checked flannel, coverall shorts, and thigh waders…with a wet spot (found a hole). Taken by a friend from shore. Told me everything.

        Two lions…hadn’t figured on that. But we have had more closer in kills this year (including the little guy – dang). Never thought about a shoulder harness, will look into it.

        • – Excellent shoulder rigs for the person who needs to work with their hands, remain active and be out there where the predators are. There are a lot of good holster rigs out there but for THIS sort of application (not concealed carry) Diamond D is my go-to.

          Maybe I dodged a bullet with that little girl so long ago, but I really liked her. I never did learn the backstory on that one. I just walked away.

    • My first date with a comely lass was a movie, and parameters much like you stated, second date was fishing and/or primitive camping. That was a way to winnow out posers and non serious companion material. I took a lot of girls home early from dates…

      • I was in my late teens, visiting my Dad who lived in LA. I took a girl on a date and we were on our way to Tommy’s burger joint at Rampart & Beverly. I noticed a motor officer behind me, then I looked at her and she was unbuttoning her blouse. She leaned out of the window and screamed RAPE!

        The officer pulled me over, spoke with the girl and then with me and said, “Son, she’s crazy as a shit house rat, you need to get rid of her.”

        “You mean dump her right here in the LA ghetto – a white chick (in the afternoon), here?”

        He said, “That’s what I’d do.”

        So that’s what I did. I got in my car, waved good-bye to them both, and drove to Tommy’s where I bought a chiliburger, then drove home (Orange County). I never saw her again (Either)

      • Our second “outing” was camping in late September. I was a seasoned backcountry trekker, she would camp by herself, pitching two tents to give the “more people” impression…while packing her pistol. I was smitten.

  4. PS – the handgun is only useful if it’s loaded and in battery…

    Why I have a revolver. Pull the trigger and it fires. No complications like racking the slide or taking off the safety. If I can’t get the job done with five rounds, I can use it like a sap.

  5. As the old mountain man said, “Don’t go bothering something that ain’t bothering you”. Fools learn the hard way.

    Many people don’t know mountain lions make a sound much like a bark. Their signal you are making them nervous. If they are stalking you as prey they are usually silent. Another tip. If your horses don’t want to go on a trail they are accustomed to traveling, don’t go on that trail.

    • A horse will always have better judgment than you have when you’re riding. So yes, watch the ears and live the partnership you have with your mount.

      When lions are in heat, they have a throaty yowl. I haven’t heard the bark, but I’ve been told that they do elsewhere. From my experience – and about 85% of that comes from living in the Arizona backcountry – They’re usually not after people. I’m not saying that they won’t, just that they have a standard prey (like PaulM’s plucky little warrior hound) that they’re more interested in. The last lion that I saw – over a month ago – was stalking a cat at a lady’s house about 3 miles from me. She feeds feral cats and the lions eat the cats. She knows this and it may be why she feeds the outdoor house cats – to watch the lions eat them. She didn’t own up to it. She’s 75, lives alone and when she needs help with chores, she calls MRSLL and I go over.

  6. The area in which I live is 2.5 to 10 acre properties in the Texas Hill Country. It is just a few square miles bordered by larger ranches. We have had a cougar come around on occasion. One had partially eaten a white tail deer on a neighbor’s property and there had been a sighting about a mile southwest of us in the same time frame. We have never seen it or any sign of it but think we have heard it once or twice with the throaty yowl. I will have to listen for unusual barking sounds now.

    Our other concern here is feral hogs. They will kill you and eat you. Not long after we had purchased our property and coming down for a few days to work on it, my wife had stayed behind while I went home to go to work. She was walking with our chihuahuas when some feral hogs started, from a distance, to come at her. She wasn’t carrying at the time because it was the first time, and made a mad dash back to the mobile home. After that, she carried a Colt Python in 375 Magnum when walking around the property. We have only had one incident since, and nothing in the last couple of years.

  7. I really LOVE Edinburgh, even though they’re godless heathen.

    What a great little city and Glasgow can just go home and bask in its “cutting edge IT and degenerate trans theater collectives.

  8. Second L-L’s recommendation for Simply Rugged.

    It was Thomas Sowell who said the first rule of pistol marksmanship is to shoot until it looks safe to stop. I assume, that he assumed, one would already have a loaded pistol, ready to go and close to hand at the time.


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