After Action Report

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Family photo album from Halloween 2018:

Based on some actual weights and some estimated, the LL grandchildren harvested about eighty pounds of candy, collectively. 


Daughter – Emilie
Pirate and Ninja – hauling in the candy
Oz Team

Neighborhood Contest Winner (not family)
Costume: Mother

11 thoughts on “After Action Report

  1. I 2nd WSF and for a moment there I thought the Mother was one of the characters from the local pick 'n steal. Then I realized it was a costume. Scary.

  2. I thought that I saw her buying a short dog of Ripple and three packs of unfiltered Camels when I walked down to the Stop-and-Rob there on the main drag. But it could have been somebody else. Is it racist to say that they all look alike?

  3. Yes, Kelly did a great job at make-up. I'll have her do something to me next year and I'll scare kids or something.

  4. Kelly did a seriously good makeup job! I've seen tutorials on Pinterest that don't look that good.

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