Let’s burn some books!


Fahrenheit 451

A study on the books written by Dr. Seuss, published in 2019 in the “Research on Diversity in Youth Literature” Journal, found 43 out of the 45 characters of color in 50 Dr. Seuss books are examples of offensive portals of Asia and the two “African” characters have anti-black characteristics, according to CNN.

The researchers also argue that most of the human characters in Dr. Seuss’ books are white, so his books perpetuate white supremacy.

If you look at the illustrations of “The Cat in the Hat”, the cat is colored black while the children are white, and the goldfish is gold. How much more hateful can you get than that?  In “Green Eggs and Ham” the primary character is yellow, suggesting that Asians eat gross food such as green eggs and ham. It’s just one more horrible stereotype. It is one more example of Hate Speech, indoctrinating children in the US. Additionally in Green Eggs and Ham there wasn’t a single black character.  If you watch TV these days a bit over half of all characters in commercials are now black, celebrating diversity. Why couldn’t Dr. Seuss have done that? Disney could have made Jiminy Cricket black instead of a green cricket or they could have made him Jiminy Cockroach (naturally brown), and Pinocchio a black Italian wooden doll? The tar baby should have been white. Much less hateful.

Don’t get me started on Swans and “The Ugly Duckling”.


Just say no, to whiteness.


    • I think that most of them would be grievance studies professors working on “studies” funded by the government, which is to say that they don’t have real jobs.

      • Exactly. No real job, and we’re paying them 6 figures.

        To intentionally destroy civilization.


        • No real job except to figure out new outrages in order to maintain their cushy jobs involving… outrages.

          • Celebrity Doctor Fauci is the highest paid Federal employee. Thus reinforcing Beans’ point.

          • Dr. Fauci — architect of this economic disaster with a flu that spares almost everyone under 80-90.

          • Out of the blue some government Svengali most of us never heard of before pops up from his “position of importance” to explain how we’re all going to live life going forward. For a year this hack has flip-flopped more times than a landed trout. Why anyone gives him credence is beyond rational…after three seconds of his evil-doing my brain starts screaming “Danger, danger, Will Robinson”.

  1. A sorta rhetorical question for the group…is a colorblind society a good thing? I always was under the impression that it would be…a society that didn’t discriminate on a persons ethnicity. The even playing field thing. You know, the thing…anyway
    I was listening to the radio while they debated Dr. Seuss today and one participant said a book encouraging colorblindness in a society would be racist and a detriment to everyone who would read it. Took me a while to wrap the ‘little gray cells’ around that one. I guess Up is down, etc…

    • War is Peace
      Freedom is Slavery
      Ignorance is Strength

      That’s all you need to know in the new Amerika. Add to that, al men need to become women and all women need to become men — oh, and hand in your firearms.

    • Colorblindness is bad because without it, how could you assign victimhood points at a glance?

      That said, it is clear what is at the top of the victimhood hierarchy, and anyone who questions that order is guilty of many many crimes.

      • Guilty enough that merely questioning merits the response that you need to be tortured in a camp until you think the way that they do.

  2. I’m looking forward to Michelle Obama’s apology to America for telling us how much she loved Dr. Seuss when her husband was president.

  3. “suggesting that Asians eat gross food such as green eggs”
    I’m sure you’ve seen a preserved “ten-thousand-year-old egg”. I.e. Asians *do* eat disgusting food such as green eggs. And other disgusting foods are considered delicacies. To wit:

    Bird’s nest soup: a mix of saliva and regurgitated fish puked up by swallows
    Sea cucumber [1]: a nasty-looking, primitive (rotationally rather than bilaterally symmetric) creature that literally vomits it own guts out to distract predators (much as some lizards can lose their tails).
    I could go on, but you get the point. Now to be fair, disgusting food is a wypipo thing too. My father was always grossed out by blue cheese. “Why would anyone eat not just spoiled milk, but moldy spoiled milk?” Finally one day in his late 80s when his vision was fairly shot, I fed him a “Tuscan pear salad” with blue cheese crumbles on it (plus bibb lettuce and, of course, pears). He loved it. I didn’t have the heart to tell him he had been eating blue cheese.

    [1] Sea cucumber: Not any less nasty if called by the French term “beche de mer”. Often sold dried, then reconstituted (by soaking in water) prior to cooking. We were walking around in Chinatown (something I really don’t like) one day when we spotted some dried sea cucumbers rehydrating in a small tub in front of a store, doubtless for the customer’s convenience. Girlfriend looked at the display and said, “I imagine that’s what a bowl of decomposing penises cut off of unfortunate Negros would look like.” That woman could turn a phrase.

    • There is a lot that is considered a delicacy in Asia from balut in the PI to various soups where you discover mystery protein parts while you eat that I tread softly there.

      • I knew someone would mention balut.

        But then again, we have Scrapple, Vienna Wieners in a can, Fake meat….

        • There is also a delicacy in China where they fry a carp in deep oil, but keep the head “alive” so that while you’re eating the fish, the mouth is still “breathing”. Of course it’s dead, but the autonomic responses remain. I was invited to a place in Beijing where they did that. It was very popular.

          Watching Chinese people devour a fish is something not to be missed.

    • Given the daily outrages of the past 30 days taken alone, you know that it will get a lot worse before the worm can turn.

    • Probably about the time that the Super-Anti-Gunz-r-Badz bill passes the House and Senate and gets signed by the animatron that Disney replaced Slo Jo with (the 1960’s era animatron is more lifelike than the current ‘alive’ Biden.)

      • An animatronic Jo/Ho team where you “meet Joe” at Disneyland would make me toss my cookies. “Clean up in the Jo/Ho exhibit”.

        • Might have odd height restrictions…sniffing height for one, kneeling height for the other. Could get weird.

  4. Soon Disney will shut down and pay all the cash from the liquidation to the mice, ducks, and all other species Disney made a profit from without consent. Shame on them. Stay woke.

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