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Crashing & High-Speed Bail Out


Darkstar Crash


The General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark used cabin ejection where both side-by-side seats were in a single 3000 lb (1360 kg) capsule. Three of the four Rockwell B-1A prototypes also used cabin ejection. They had a single capsule “roughly the size of a mini-van” for all four crew members. The Air Force pushed the aircraft into production before its problems were even known. It then rushed six to Southeast Asia before its unit had achieved even initial operational capability (IOC). By 55 missions, three had crashed, and four crew members had died. The three aircraft had not been lost in combat.


What will Russia look like post-Putin?

It’s a question worth asking. Their population declines despite their best efforts. Outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, it is a third-world country with a lot of nuclear weapons. The Russian people have followed a strong man (and woman in the case of Catherine) for centuries. Vladimir Putin is the last of the Old Soviet breed and politically, he is a dead man walking.

What will New Russia look like? They made a stab at “democracy” under Yeltsin and it collapsed. The last imperialistic gasp under Putin has ended in a dismal defeat that resembles a deadly farce. The Russian people will find a way forward as people always do, but how will it defend itself against an avaricious China looking longingly at the oil fields? How will it cobble together a tradition of manufacturing that will stoke the fires of capitalism?


Bullet Points:

* Technology that is discernable from magic is insufficiently advanced.

* The latest decline in Americans’ trust in the judicial branch of the federal government — to 47% — means this is the first time that none of the three branches is trusted by a majority of Americans.

Americans continue to name the government as the most important problem facing the country as leaders in Washington struggle to find solutions to address inflation, illegal immigration, climate change and gun violence.

Read the full Gallup survey analysis here.

* When you’re eating Chinese a lot – it can get expensive. A spending report from Rep. Eric Swalwell’s first nine months of 2022 is raising questions. Rob Pyers, research director for California Target Book, a nonpartisan group that provides information on congressional and state legislative election campaigns in the Golden State, recently posted a list showing Swalwell used proxy voting the second most out of all House Members while also spending more than $250,000 on travel expenses.

* Jill Brandon was booed by a huge crowd at the Philadelphia Eagles game Sunday.

The sort-of-a-doctor attended the game as an honorary captain for the Eagles in their game against the Dallas Cowboys, but the crowd appeared pretty displeased with her presence at the game, loudly booing her as she stepped onto the field, Fox News reported. Footage of the boos circulating around Lincoln Financial Field went viral on social media.

That’s strange for a woman whose husband is the most popular president in US history. Maybe they were offended at the news that she was in the house while her husband took showers with their teenage daughter.

* Climate News from the Doomsday Glacier – Forget coral reefs and polar bears – they are so yesterday’s climate scare stories. The real big one, the tipping point du jour, is the collapse of the West Antarctica ice shelf and the prospect of global flooding on a biblical scale last reported in the times of Noah. It’s in rapid retreat says every scaremonger from Sir David Attenborough to the BBC’s resident green activist Justin Rowlatt. It is in retreat – a natural process as the Earth slowly moves out of an ice age. But now, new scientific work has found the process at the huge Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica – nicknamed the ‘Doomsday Glacier‘ for the supposed approaching catastrophe of its swift demise – is much slower than in the recent past.

Will the disappointing results ever be reported by the MSM?

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  1. The XB-70 also had escape capsules and they had less than optimal results.

    “When you’re eating Chinese a lot – it can get expensive.” So swallowell is even more of an incompetent boob than we thought. The Chinese take him to dinner and HE pays.

    1. Swalwell is both corrupt and incompetent. It’s common to find that those two traits in politicians. FJB is his role model. I’m sure that Swalwell will be POTUS one day. Maybe a VEEP when Camela Harris ascends to the throne?

    2. The XB-70 crew were subjected to large g-loads and unusual attitudes. The capsule worked as advertised. White’s arm was caught in the doors because of the g-loads, but with effort he was able to pull it inside. That being said, he cleared the plane before it hit the ground. Cross’s capsule apparently was subjected to loads beyond what it was designed for.

      All out of control, high speed ejections have difficulty. It’s not always the seat’s problem.

  2. After the Soviet Union collapsed, a man-on-the-street interview in Russia had a resident saying that this democracy thing will work really great once we find a strong man to run it.
    “There’s some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.”

    1. That’s a very Russian way of thinking. It’s what they seem to want, really. They want a czar or a khan or a Ceasar or a king to tell them what to do even if they say that they don’t.

      1. If you think about it they’ve only really played with any sort of democracy in the last 30 years, Tsar was replaced by commies while the rest of the world tried something else.

        Guess they’re doing what works for them.

        1. I don’t think that it’s working for them now. They liked Putin but this Ukraine mess has soured a lot of Putin love.

          1. Read somewhere that, in theory, a benevolent dictatorship is one of the best forms of government. However, it requires wisdom, competence and benevolence – which tend to be in short supply among those seeking power. Their competence is usually in jostling for power, not leaving much for other endeavors.

  3. That is one way to play chess. I don’t think he gets asked for remaches very often.

    The Eagles booing? I hear FJB is going to be giving Don Henley a piece of his mind later tonight.

  4. Must be nice to be a reprobate scumbag (am I repeating myself?) on the public dole with such a large[ess] bank account. Johnny Dollar didn’t have it so good.

    Well, Philly fans are unabashed about showing their displeasure, they booed Santa Claus back in the 70’s. Guess the Philly folks didn’t get the memo that booing the _Resident’s Wife is now a felony…because…insurrection? Will the Fraternal Bum Interferer’s show up at o’dark to all those booing-ers homes with AR’s pointing?

    1. I saw it as an act of insurrection. Will the FBI be arresting all 45,000 fans? Are the camps ready for that sort of an influx?

      1. I’m sure they captured the cell data while spending inordinate amounts of taxpayers money to hunt them down.

    1. I thought that the democrats would have canceled his term a year ago, so my crystal ball is very cloudy. It might have gone that way had he picked somebody slightly competent as Veep.

      1. You need Fetterman’s Magic 8-Ball, might be more Democrat accurate. The Chinesium Special Sauce must be some good stuff keeping Mr. Swiss Cheese Brain semi-coherent.

  5. One of my cousins survived F111 crash in rural Australia during initial handover. A USAF captain was flying.

    He went onto fly them for years. He loved the ejection system

  6. I’ll believe the validity of a Gallup poll just as soon as you bring me a piece of green cheese from the moon, particularly in reference to “Americans’ trust in the judicial branch of the federal government.”
    “…defend itself against an avaricious China looking longingly at the oil fields?” against an avaricious Brussels, maybe?

  7. Good question, what will Russia look like. All kinds of answers, but let’s look to ourselves, if briefly.

    What will post Biden America look like?

    Terrifying, eh?

    1. Chatting with my PA brothers, both said most are not telling pollsters anything out of public retribution, but likely will be voting Oz/R in PA. Actual voter sampling is minuscule yet presented as accurate.

      Another observation given is Fetterman, if he were a reasonably decent person, would have bailed to get himself recovered and fit for office, come back later for a run… BUT, the common denominator with these types is they are shamelessly ENTITLED to be in office. It’s built into their DNA. It sways all they do, even if they look foolish and under normal honest voting circumstances wouldn’t get three votes.

  8. Damn…..Now I MUST see that movie! Missed it at the theater as SLW said “We always go to see what you want to…”, and that was after enduring a few chick flicks for her. Sigh….

    First bullet point made me chuckle!

  9. “When you’re eating Chinese a lot – it can get expensive.”
    Korean ain’t cheap either. Not a euphemism. PKG is IN the ROK as I type this. And she’s better with money than I am. I’m on the road and got bi bim bop from my “usual” Korean joint in this town. Two years ago it was 10.95 for beef, white rice, egg over easy on top. Today the exact same was $15.95. I’m not making 150% of my income two years ago.

    “in theory, a benevolent dictatorship is one of the best forms of government.”
    Frank beat me to it. As he notes, the practical problem is finding someone with all three of brains, brawn, and balls (to use Liddy’s phrase) who also is highly ethical, yet practical/realistic, but somehow still dumb enough to want the job. The quote I (sorta) remember is something like: The Swedes invited a Frenchman, General Bernadotte, to become their king. The problem with this is the extremely limited supply of Bernadottes. Might be a Heinleinism.

    Several of y’all mentioned entitlement. Yes! Spot on. We are ruled by persons whose motivations are, in order: 1) resentment (on account of all “their” suffering [1], you see); 2) entitlement (they are owed payback for all of “their” suffering); 3) greed.

    [1] Jonquavious is a 7th generation Slavery Survivor. It’s a Hate Crime to deny it. This applies to other versions of genetic survivorship also.

    “avaricious China”
    Fair enough. But they are external enemies to both the US and RUS, and Chinamen are easy to spot. The people we have to worry about are the “internal” ones that are firmly embedded in the governmental, economic, and academic/cultural power structures of the respective states. The US is triply pozzed. Magic 8-Ball says “Future looks bleak.” Yet, somehow Russia keeps slipping out from control, which is why They Must Be Punished.

    “enduring a few chick flicks for her.”
    Heh. So one day the Pretty Korean Girl texted me at work to the effect of “I was looking at last-minute tickets for plays, and we can get seats together for the Dirty Dancing musical tonight. Fifty bucks for both of us! We should go!” I was completely preoccupied with whatever problem I was dealing with, and somehow conflated Dirty Dancing with Roadhouse (apparently I can’t keep my sweaty, shirtless Patrick Swayze movies straight — um, no pun intended). Anyway, I was intrigued by the notion of a cartoonish slugfest turned musical, so I said “yes” out of morbid curiosity. Ooops. As it happened, I had a better time than PKG. She was annoyed the whole show by two matronly ladies behind us who would loudly complain (in their gravelley chain-smoking, Brooklynish-accented voices) “That’s not how it happened in the movie!” Poor PKG.

    1. “…eating Chinese a lot”
      At Christmastime the family gathered at Mom’s place. She would cook up a storm for the main meal: ham, turkey, lasagna, pies, the works. This was a big job for a little lady approaching her 90’s.
      After watching “A Christmas Story” I suggested we get Chinese instead of the traditional holiday feast.
      There was some trepidation the first time we did so, but it became a family tradition until she passed away two years ago.
      RIP, Mom.

  10. “That’s a very Russian way of thinking. It’s what they seem to want, really. They want a czar or a khan or a Ceasar or a king to tell them what to do even if they say that they don’t.” – LL

    It is a very human way of thinking just magnified in intensity by Russian DNA through centuries of natural selection.
    See 1Samuel 8 KJV and Aesop’s Fable re. “The Frog King”.

  11. I suspect the old Russian mafia and oligarchs will step into the breech. Worked after the collapse in 1990. There are still Russians who miss Stalin.

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