Impeach – Again?

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The Notorious
Photo of Corn Pop and Vice President Biden
President Trump has taken out Slow Joe Biden at the knees. From now until the Democrat Convention, the Biden narrative will be all about Ukraine, China, and corrupt behavior. The mere idea that Hunter Biden was hired by a Moscow leaning oligarch in order to demonstrate that he had juice with the United States will keep surfacing. I haven’t seen the transcript of the telephone call between President Trump and the leader of Ukraine, but my sense is that it will only serve to throw more mud on Biden, who deserves it.
We will all see what revelations the conversation’s transcript brings. The Ukraine hoax is going to be simply another example of the witch hunt that President Trump has endured since he took office.

LindaG – History  is no longer taught in any form, which means we are likely doomed to repeat it.

Yes indeed.

Camperfixer – re: Greta Thunberg — Seems Earth’s inhabitants have been saying the same old “the world is coming to an end” Chicken Little baloney for a millennia (pick an era). And it always has to do with “when times are good” there are a few nitwits among us (“out there among the English”…h/t Witness) that clearly have nothing to do in their daily doings so have to generate fear and self-loathing )that the rest of us normal’s get the share whether we like it or not.)
Who gives a rip what this child thinks or says (or more likely, parroting someone else’s script), anyone giving her any platform is a fool and playing into the court Jester’s who will profit by this power grab ruse. 
It is obvious Miss Thunberg is being handled…being used by those who believe they have a better line to God than the rest of us and somehow know for sure the world will NOW end…for sure…maybe. We shall see. In the mean time I’ll get up each day and do what I do all the while ignoring the moronic among us English (as it were). Oh, and in Northern Colorado the climate is changing..for the better…love this time of year.

The leaves have not turned yet at the White Wolf Mine, but soon. Yes, and I don’t know what we can do about it except eat Soylent Green in the hopes that it makes a difference.

raven waxes cynically – On disarming- it seems like a really bad idea to go collecting items with cavities in them, pre-announced, from people who have experience and attitude. Especially if they smile while handing them over.
Also seems questionable to have a bunch of people in a long line , getting ready to hand over their items at some designated spot.
These people are not just left in their politics, they are on the left end of the intellectual bell curve. One really regretful thing about the poor education they have is the destruction of the ability to infer consequences. In the idiom, it is the “what could possibly go wrong” factor. Particularly prevalent in issues of taxation, for example the 10% “luxury tax” which immediately ricocheted around every yacht builder in the country, flushing all those “living wage” jobs down the shitter. Takes fifty or so well paid people AKA skilled trades a couple of years to build a nice yacht. Poof- have a nice can of job-be-gone.
A really cynical person could make the argument the entire point of the tax was to destroy middle class (kulak) jobs. That thinking is passe- the communists are just not that smart anymore. They used to be- their screeds from the 30’s indicates some ability to reason, but no more. The fatal mistake was allowing themselves to be infected with the same PC virus they inflicted on the rest of us. Some famous person once made the comment, it is OK to lie to your enemy, and to expect your enemy to lie to you, but it is fatal to lie to yourself. Sort of goes along with the old German military axiom of the worst possible officer being the one who is both stupid, yet energetic.

The liberals are most completely defined as busy bodies of limited wit and understanding who want to run everyone’s life based on a set of new rules that do not apply to them (because they are our betters.

Steve SeptemberPeter Schweizer was a guest on Fox last night. They briefly discussed his book that is mentioned above. He’s scheduled to be on Life, Liberty and Levin this weekend.

I’ll check it out this weekend and will set the DVR to record.

Jim – Some years back Credence Clearwater Revival released a song called Fortunate Son. I recall a couple of lines ran

“It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no senator’s son, son
It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one, no”

I’ve wondered in the past, given his four month tour, if that wasn’t a reference to Al Gores Senior and Junior. It might apply today to ol’ Hunter and his dad.

The Hunter situation with a waiver for drug abuse and over age, only to have a dirty piss test as soon as he’s commissioned takes the whole fortunate son scenario to a new low.

Old NFO – NONE of those acorns fell very far from the tree of corruption.

Not everyone turns out to be the man that he hoped that one day he might be, but Hunter Biden is in a universe all his own. Joe, the good old boy, is going to have to eat a lot of crow on that one.

Mike_C – Greta Thunberg resembles David Hogg in that both have a habitual peevish, pinch-faced, perpetually constipated facial expression. Both appear to be a case of you really can tell by the cover what’s in the book.

And it’s really ugly.

WSF – All that comes to mind is the old country saying, “Ain’t had no proper fetchings”.

I’m not sure that I know what that means.

6 thoughts on “Impeach – Again?

  1. "Ain't had no proper fetchings"

    Sorry. Upbringing, way children were raised, values taught, etc. i.e. parenting.

  2. Aren't there ANY decent liberals/progressives left anywhere in this country? You know, those we used to call the 'loyal opposition,' those with whom we could disagree without being disagreeable? I can't name any, other than perhaps Howard Schultz, maybe Mark Cuban?

    The modern-day Democrat wants nothing less than to demonize and ultimately incarcerate any conservative opponent, and characterize the difference between them and their adversaries as good vs evil (they being the good, of course).

    Joe Biden is the slimiest slimebag to ever blow in from Slime Town. This scuzz bucket is so corrupt, he gives corruption a bad name. And his little boy Hunter hasn't fallen far from the tree, he's a damn criminal to put a happy face on his dealings with China and Ukraine.

    Now we are facing Pocahontas, who considers everybody in the country who has a few nickels to rub together as evil capitalists who should have all of their ill-gotten gains confiscated.

    This upcoming general election should be awfully interesting, if the brain dead electorate is paying any attention at all to any of this.

  3. You'd think they'd want to stop people looking into their corruption but apparently not.

    The Bidens must be cursing the Squad right about now.

  4. Let's see…

    Fixing the election didn't work, the" Insurance Plan" didn't work, Russia Collusion and the 42 million dollar Meuller investigation and report didn't work, entrapping various administration members didn't work, Stormy Daniels and the Creepy Porn Lawyer didn't work, smearing Justice Kavanaugh didn't work, and a host of "other" nefarious lies and deceitful garbage didn't work. BUT…when the president calls another country's leader to discuss important matters – as he is lawfully able to do – an unknown "whistle blower" who wasn't actually there but after being promised his mortgage would be paid off, we have Camilla DeVille Pelosi looking into her smudgy political mirror on the wall which tells her to trot out the impeachment "inquiry" because THIS WILL NOW WORK. They got him now…not.

    The Dem's – thinking they are vastly more savvy and smarter than this President…are toast. This scum is so delusional on their own self-importance – having gotten beyond desperate so will try ANYTHING – that they cannot see the President has sold them the very rope they will hang themselves. Stupid is what stupid does….which – for a change – is good for America.

  5. Well, I can't see how the Impeachment is going to accomplish anything but to hand 2020 to Trump. It's not as if the Senate is likely to proceed on any sort of consequence, even if the House can somehow actually impeach. Running failed Impeachments (the only kind, essentially) has always been a disaster for the instigators' political ilk.

    So, hooray for that, I guess. Also, while they are having their big Impeachment group-wank, they won;t have any time for passing bad Bills, so win / win.

    I'm wondering what the Dems (the saner ones) see in the effort, though. Is virtue-signalling at the expense of Power really worth it to the Dem Old Political Hack Guard? More interestingly, are Pelosi et al hoping that the double failure might sweep away the New Frothing Revolutionary wing of the party?

    I do kinda get a kick out of all the Dems and Press (Dem Minions) trying to say "it's Patriotism when I do it, but it's Treason when you do it" with a straight face…


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