The Wolf Sleeps

Don’t rouse a sleeping wolf…


It’s true that I like the Swedish K 

And I also like the Czech Skorpion in 9 mm Kurtz (.380)

The Škorpion Vz61,

They are both “old school” firearms and yes, the newer SMGs are better. But it doesn’t change the fact that these classics worked and worked well – and still work.


To turn a blind eye to–

-to refuse to see or recognize something-

Credited to the famous British Admiral Horatio Nelson whose naval exploits during the Napoleonic Wars are the stuff of seafaring legend. Nelson was injured early in his naval career, leaving him allegedly completely blind (which he was not, he only had very limited vision after the injury, which even improved somewhat over the years) in his right eye.


During the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801, the fiery Nelson was serving under a much more reserved and cautious Admiral Sir Hyde Parker. With the tide of battle seeming to turn against them, Parker raised the signal flag, ordering retreat at the discretion of the captains. When Nelson was notified by his signal lieutenant of the signal, he replied, “You know, Foley, I have only one eye — I have a right to be blind sometimes.” Calmly raising his telescope to his right eye and aiming it in the direction of the signal to withdraw, he continued, “I really do not see the signal.” Thus, having turned a blind eye to the signal of retreat, he continued to fight, and within an hour had secured victory.


Vax ~ Death


The Last Kill

USS Barb rams a Japanese trawler north of Hokkaido, after crippling the boat with gunfire, in June 1945. This was Barb’s last naval kill of the war.

Note: The bow diving planes are up and locked…


Won’t Share Investigation Findings

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said Sweden won’t share the findings of the explosions at the Nordstream Pipelines that took place in the Swedish economic zone, with Russian authorities.

“In Sweden, our preliminary investigations are confidential, and that, of course, also applies in this case,” she told reporters.

However, Swedish officials have announced that the investigation shows evidence of “gross sabotage.” “After completing the crime scene investigation, the Swedish Security Service can conclude that there have been detonations at Nord Stream 1 and 2 in the Swedish economic zone,” it said.


In France

October 2022 – Scenes of police having run out of petrol across France, as a large strike by workers at French refineries and fuel depots has crippled the petrol supply. Workers are demanding a pay raise, paid from the record-high profits of the oil companies. Macron is trying to force the workers back to their jobs with the threat of fines and jail time. It’s not a happy time in France and their Muslim ‘guests’ complicate everything – as they are want to do.



  1. Are the French criminals running out of gas? I’m reminded of a YouTube video of Mounties pushing their stuck car four car lengths behind fleeing criminals pushing their stuck car.

    • The world is devolving, WSF, and we are watching it in real-time. The RCMP became villains as surely as the FBI is and each elitist cabal needs its willing dupes, its brown shirts, its Tonton Makut thugs. Supply chains struggle where once there was confidence, the shouters and marchers draw their sustenance from the coffers of the taxpaying public and there is always a plague or global warming or some unstated foe.

      • “The RCMP became villains as surely as the FBI is …”

        The RCMP lowered their physical requirements to enlist women and minorities. Also:

        “Starting this month, the RCMP is dropping its requirement that applicants must be Canadian citizens. It will now accept permanent residents. An internal RCMP document said credit checks, the criminal background ban, the two-hour aptitude test and long stints at the training depot were potential barriers during the recruitment process.”

        I look forward to the, uh… confusion when Muslim Mounties show up at domestic abuse complaints.

        And just today, ‘Tragic and horrific’: Burnaby RCMP officer stabbed to death at homeless camp.
        The female Mountie was stabbed and killed while assisting bylaw officers in the area, and a suspect was shot and wounded.

        Female. Assisting bylaw officers.

  2. Old school smgs just feel right in one’s hands. Have held (but not fired) a Kraut smg, a Soviet one, a Thompson and a Grease gun. All feel… good and right, even the kludgie Soviet brick.

    Also got to feel an MP5. Kraut space magic, but not the same amount of ‘soul’ if you get me.

    Then again, I also like wood-stocked rifles. But plastic stock multi-position shotgun works well.

    As to the pipeline, I still think it’s damage caused by the Russians. Whether it’s frustrated pipeline workers getting drafted or just Russian levels of maintenance, well, yeah, Russians.

    And if you’re gonna use a sub as a bronze-age galley, you’d better have the dive planes up and locked. Those things are prone to damage, so if you ever want to dive, you have to keep them functional. After all, we learned that from watching Irwin Allen’s “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.” (enthralled with it as a kid, watched it a couple years ago and, damned, that was some lame-arsed poop, wasn’t it? I mean, don’t let the crazy scientist on-board, don’t let some European idiot on-board, don’t let someone you got promoted over on-board, don’t bring that mysterious hunk of underwater blob on-board…)

    • If the Russians were going to blow it up, why did they do so in the Swedish Economic Exclusion Zone? Why not something they were better able to control?

      • At this point, I consider the RUS-UKR conflict as a Rorschach Test. What one sees in it is a reflection of what’s already in one’s head. (Admittedly, everything is that way, certainly figuratively, and to some extent literally. But this is much more so.)

        Personally I have nothing against either the Russians or the (actual) Ukrainians. But I want to see the people who engineered and implemented this massive grift dead. (That won’t happen unfortunately, but one can hope.) I would prefer that Russia prevail, because that would be a massive thumb in the eye of the masters of “let’s you and him fight” and of the “we’re the Real Victims here! Only OUR suffering matters, and you can never make it up to us.” (But we’ll keep extorting your money while berating and guilt-tripping you. NB there is more than one group acting in this way.)

        Finally, if the Commedian-in-Chief gig doesn’t work out, I’m sure there’s another career ahead of our plucky always-with-the-OD-green head of state. Maybe he will settle in his Miami (?) mansion and re-invent himself as a rapper. He could go by “Zillion$kyy”.

        • The comedian can always pimp himself the way he did during his gay life or he could do stand-up, which is where his talent seemed to be. Being plucky and playing for the woke who want to tour the battlezone (for a price, of course) is working well for him too. You have to hand it to him. Knowing where the American skeletons are buried has worked out well for him.

          As to the Russians, I think that they have a lot to think about going forward.

          • “ou have to hand it to him. Knowing where the American skeletons are buried has worked out well for him.”

            As I’ve grown older I’m realizing just how much this drives politics. Blackmail is the real currency that drives the world.

      • LawDog has, on his website, an interesting and plausible reason why the pipelines went kablooie.

        All about how the pipelines most likely weren’t maintained properly by the Russians, and poor quality control in Russian-made components, and so forth.

        The breaks occurred where the pipelines had bends in them.

        • They conveniently burst in the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone. Maybe that’s where maintenance was less scrupulously applied. I read the LawDog piece and I’m not disputing this theory. There is a lot of convenient timing on the maintenance failure, the location of the maintenance failure, etc.

  3. When I hear that authorities are not sharing findings, it makes me wonder why they need time to massage the data and put a spin on the results.

  4. A Australian platoon commander I met just as the war finished carried a Swedish K in Vietnam when doctrine said he should have the FN FAL that most Australian soldiers carried. He argued that if they enemy got that close he was doing something wrong with artillery and all he needed was the K.

    Fired an original Scorpion many years back. Fun gun and would have been very handy in a few urban trips compared to the F1 9mm we had in Australian army then.

    • MikeW who comments here (memoirs out soon in a book) preferred the Sterling to the K in Vietnam. He was AUS SAS in that timeframe. We’ve had a few heated (but friendly) debates on the subject. Much of it comes down to a preferred style.

      The Skorpion was a much better spray-and-pray assassination weapon than the Mac 10 or 11. Much easier to control.

      • Larry. I logged in early yesterday morning (well yesterday in Thailand anyway) my good friend, before anyone else had posted, and deliberately, with great restraint on my part I must say, refrained from commenting. As you so rightly say, it comes down to a personal preference, as both were/are good weapons.

  5. I believe the Swedes are not releasing their finding’s because they were told to keep their mouths shut. Probably has something to do with getting into NATO I’m guessing.

  6. The Swedish K looks like something a fairly basic home machine shop could crank out. Hmmm…wonder if that got me on (another) list?

    Wonder how many people worldwide have been murdered by the vax? I’ll bet it’s way more than they’re letting on to….

    Talked to the guys on the USS Cod last week. Got a nice certificate and museum brochure from them. Tells a lot about like on a Gato class boat.

    France is having strikes? Gee, who’d thunk it. Wonder what FJB will do if/when the railroads strike here….

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