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Spoiled, entitled, elitist, sexist, racist, xenophobic students at Yale University are working full time to try and delegitimize  and marginalize gender and racial choice on campus. I for one am offended. This is your Sunday Sermonette
What ever happened to “my body-my choice”. If you want to be black, or Asian, it should be your right to become that in the same way as people transition back and forth in their gender identification. I thought that people who could afford to pay $75K per year for a quality education would be more enlightened, but apparently not. They will make piss poor members of the Illuminati, should they ever be inducted. They’re clearly not Skull and Bones material.
Bigots at Yale University recently made this statement regarding the new RADM Grace Hopper building: “It is incoherent to offer gender as a substitute for race. Race, gender and class are not interchangeable. Changing Calhoun to Hopper did not provide an answer to the demand of students of color: For Yale to recognize its complicity in white supremacy.” Come on Yale, it’s not 2010 anymore and things have moved on. It’s time for you to move on too.

Rachel Anne Dolezal is an American 
civil rights activist. She was president 
of the National Association for the 
Advancement of Colored People.

I thought that we were past this. Since gender is merely a construct of convenience (we are all male – or we are all female based on the whim of the moment) and race follows that (we are all negroes if we want to be so identified). Rachel Dolezal led the way to empower white women to embrace their blackness, to find their inner Africana. 
Ebony Magazine makes their point that Dolezal isn’t really a negro, or at any rate is nowhere near African enough. But is it only DNA that makes you Asian, an American Indian, Caucasian or a Negro?
If Bruce Jenner can be the woman of the year and a spokesperson for women in America even though his male courting tackle remains intact, who are we to say that he can’t be a black woman if he so identifies?
(The College Fix) It’s not enough for the Yale Women’s Center that the university took the name of a slaveholding vice president off a building. 
It criticized the school for renaming Calhoun College after an accomplished alumna, computer-science pioneer and Rear Adm. Grace Murray Hopper, because she was white. 
The Yale Daily News reports: 
However, while the renaming may represent an affirmation of the power of both student and New Haven activists to enact change, the Yale Women’s Center has argued that more remains to be done. In a Facebook post last weekend, the Women’s Center wrote that the decision to “change the name from a white supremacist to a white woman, as amazing as she may be, is an act of whitewashing.”
Shaun King – born white, but always wanted to be black.
Helped form and lead Black Lives Matter
There are a number of black privilege people out there who bitterly cling to race as a construct of birth rather than merely an artifact of self-identification. That’s particularly true of the black lives matter group and their white leader, Shaun King.  King transitioned to being a negro at some point in his life and still wants people to regard him in that way.
Does all of this make the students at Yale a bit suspect when they persecute Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper USN, because she currently identifies as being white and a woman? I think that it does. The smug, bigoted, xenophobic, entitled, spoiled, racist and sexist students at Yale are trying to enforce colonial style structures by maintaining that race and gender are absolute and can not be re-imagined (and then re-re-identified as needed) based on personal choice.

My body – My Choice…

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  1. Their ignorance is stunning! Those who do not read and understand history are going to repeat it and in this case I believe the repeat is not going to be something they like!

  2. Sorry, I'm not investing any time in trying to understanding their bat shit crazy world view. Perhaps I should. That institution and similar ones has been a historical source of national leadership. Weep for future generations.

  3. For me, it's grist for satire. I like mocking the progs because their view of the world is so seriously skewed from reality. What I find amazing is that people actually pander to that hogwash that they put out.

  4. I don't blame the students as much as I do the Administration at Yale. Right now they are letting the prisoners run the prison. The administraton could could put a stop but just saying, STFU and get back to class. But daddy's money means too much to them. The weakness in the the leaders, not the minds of KIDS.

  5. A lot of these kids heard this same bullsh*t at home. Some of them go to Yale to be brainwashed by twisted professors and forced into complicit lock step by their peers. In any event, we're in complete agreement.

  6. I'm with you…except when you are part of the problem, Woodsterman. I mean, who really knows what you put inside of those wooden boxes? Wooden heads?

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