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President Trump took his case to the American people today and the corrupt, progressive, elite, smug, nasty, deceptive, hostile, mainstream media was forced to be his punk, and broadcast it live. Officially paid for by Trump 2020 as a campaign rally, the President took his case to the public, explaining what he’s been doing and outlining his successful first month in office. 
Usually, in less adversarial situations, the press feels the Obama tingle running up their legs. That’s not true now and rather than letting the press offer up outright lie-after-lie, the President decided to do it his way.
It was a good day to pop some popcorn and watch the event. Note if you will the difference in demeanor between the Trump supporters and the ‘nasty’ protestors. I’ve seen this at Trump rallies that I attended – similar to Tea Party rallies. People are decent, polite, respectful, and pick up after themselves on the conservative side. The filthy, smug, elitists on the other side are an interesting contrast.

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  1. So I just watched Central Intelligence and sitting through the credits as I always do, I noticed the Executive Producer was Steve Mnuchin,
    Donald Trumps nominee for Secretary of the Treasury brought you all of these favorite movies:

  2. I heard that on one or other show on TV – maybe two weeks ago, but never noticed that. The world is nothing if not ironic. Donald Trump, host of The Apprentice, now in DC telling those who run the swamp that "they're fired"…

    Good observation!!

  3. The interesting thing as to the media reaction is this could all have been predicted. As you know LL, I have in the past commented on the "co-opted" media in my blog (Thank you for hanging in there BTW: I just wish I had more time to work on it)

    Propaganda or "brainwashing" requires not only the schools and so called leaders, etc, bit also a co-opted media to spew out the lies and so forth needed to put forth the "party lne". No different then Pravda or whatever.And as you know, I used the example of when Gingrich became speaker and made his speech. Anyone watching the talking heads inform us peons as to "what he actually said" as compared to what we saw and heard should have back then realized the media was hopelessly slanted to the left and worse overtly lying to forward a certain agenda. It has gotten worse since.

    what's really interesting is the fact that these idiots are doubling down on this, talking down to people who have had enough of the lies and hate and even more so have rediscovered their own ability to to make decisions on their own based on their convictions and beliefs in our country's basic ideals.

    One has to wonder how long before the left finds the co-opted media is failing to get us peons to follow as the lemmings they want us to be. As history shows, once a co-opted media outlives it's usefulness, the so called heads of the ideology they are pushing will go after them first and foremost as they work to shift the blame for their own faiilures away from themselves

  4. There are now two political parties in America:

    The Republican Party (also known as the Grand Old Party of the Republic)

    The American Mainstream Media

    The Media Party runs its own candidates, supports them with propaganda, fund-raises for them with advertising dollars and expects its candidates to do its bidding.

    Before Trump the Republican Party and the American Mainstream Media party (the smug, elites) were one and the same. But things changed and they are not one bit happy about it.

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