A Radical Notion for Serious Change

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This is for Republicans and Libertarians

We need to start thinking about the direction the country should take in 2010 and beyond. I personally believe that the Republican Party should lead the way by:

  • Change the branding. Get rid of the elephant and the “Grand Old Party”. Use an American Eagle (see above) to reflect the totem of the party.
  • Select a candidate that reflects solid leadership and makes the largest possible contrast to Barack Hussein Obama (mmm mmm mmm). I don’t know that Sarah Palin, even re-made and better schooled is that person. We have some great generals and admirals who serve the US today and they should be canvassed to see if they might be willing to enter the primaries to offer America a great range of potential candidates.
  • Look at Washington outsiders who have not been corrupted by the incestuous system for our next president. We don’t want anyone whose “turn” has come to run for president as a payback for favorable votes over the years. (no more McCains – or Bidens or anybody like that)
  • Draw on the manifest differences between the socialist/marxist/collectivist Obama Administration and a free market economy with less government, more freedom to the individual and a Constitutional approach to government. Americans are sick and tired of big government and to that extent, George W. Bush did not serve the Republic as faithfully as he could have.
  • Blend the values that the Republicans and Libertarians have to create a party that represents the great conservative tradition of America.
The old party is dead. The Republicans don’t have a leader today. It’s a disjunct organization that needs a facelift or IT-WILL-NOT-SURVIVE. If you don’t want a third party to split the vote, you need to fix it NOW.
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