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President Barack Obama is not happy with the way the American Government works. He’s very comfortable telling his constituents that and expressing his intent to go around the system to rule by personal fiat rather than by working through Congress.  I think that’s going to become far more difficult for him if the Senate goes Republican. We’ll see what happens at the end of this year.
The Constitution was designed to lay out a system of divided government that would limit the power of a central government, because the Founding Fathers clearly understood that strong centralized power was almost universally bad in the long run.
Then, because it they had not gone far enough, they amended the Constitution with the Bill of Rights to limit government further, allowing more personal sovereignty to exist in the domain of the people. The Bill of Rights protects the people from the government. 
  • Free Speech in a Constitutional sense means that the GOVERNMENT can’t curtail your right to speak. It doesn’t mean that if one private person uses “codewords” in his speech toward another that they are violating Constitutional legal protections. The Constitution does not address “politically correct language” between private citizens.
  • The Right to Keep and Bare Arms has nothing to do with hunting. It has to do with the citizen’s right to protect themselves from government overreach. 
  • The Constitution does not give the government authority to take any segment of the private economy captive to distribute wealth under the guise of “affordable healthcare’.  They do have the right to tax, though. ObamaCare is a tax – but the provisions of the tax are toxic and destructive politically. That President Obama lent his name to the disaster that ObamaCare has become – is forcing him to change the law on a weekly basis without consulting Congress, confusing the healthcare and insurance providers and the public. And the Republicans are sitting back (eating popcorn) and watching the circus.
Barack Obama will have a legacy – and it will read much the same way as Jimmy Carter’s has. Not at all flattering. Tags like, “greatest firearms salesman in American history”, “Red Lines”, “Putin’s Bitch” and “ObamaCare” will wrap him like anchor chain.

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  1. I think what bothers me more, is the Dems WILLINGNESS to go along with him, rather than follow the rule of law…

  2. They're politicians – and they want access to DNC money, which means that they'd follow the fork tailed devil into hell to get a penny and say anything to get there.

  3. I have seen that many times – with people such as Jack H. who we both count as a friend. And I think that it's a species of insanity.

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